Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thank You, Chross!

Chross's Blog is second to none. I think everyone in the spanking world knows of it, has seen it, and visits it regularly. Or if they don't--they should! The work that goes into it, the comprehensive compiling of spank-related material is just amazing. It's also fun to read and--let's be honest--it's a good resource for those of us who are spank-inclined. It's listed on my blog roll--if you (for some reason) have never checked it out, do yourselves a favor, click on the link, and go there.

After you finish reading my blog, of course..... :-)

You may be wondering why I'm bragging on Chross. Here's the story:

You're probably aware (heaven knows I mention it often enough) that I have a stat counter on this blog to keep track of the number of hits I get. It's been in place for 10 months, so I've got a pretty good idea of what to expect in terms of visitors. I know an average day sees between 500 and 600 visitors. A good day will approach 700, and a really good day will be 700 plus. These are the normal numbers.

Now that you have that context, you can understand why I was so happy when I celebrated the 1-year anniversary of Spanking Minnesota back on January 16th and got a 1-day record total of 1,318 visitors! The more people who know about and visit my blog, the better and that kind of traffic--especially for my blogiversary--was wonderfully overwhelming. I felt quite honored by that number of visitors. For that matter, I still do.

A few days ago it occurred to me that I hadn't checked the blog stats for a while, so I pulled them up. I was browsing through the closing days of January, seeing a couple of 700+ days which was very nice--and then I looked at the visitor total for January 31st.


2,225?!?!?!? In one day?!?!?!?

Oh my giddy aunt!!!

I'm pretty sure I just sat in front of my computer and stared at that number. I then glanced at the readings for February 1st and 2nd, and they reported over 1,400 visitors each day. To say that I was blown away would be understating things just a tad.

I went to another stat section and noticed that a lot of people were making their way over here from Chross's blog. That was a first--usually the majority of people come here after reading Spanking Pixie. I went to Chross's site to check it out, and that's where I got the next big shock of the night.

One of my posts--"Smile", from January 13th--had been selected by Chross for inclusion on his Spankings Of The Week post of January 31st! That's the first time one of my posts has been picked. And that, of course, explains the huge spike in the number of visitors I got.

So, "Thank you, Chross" for picking one of my posts to mention on your fantastic blog, and for helping me set a new record for daily visitors. I hope, in the future, you'll find other worthy posts here that will make your list.

In the meantime, I'm so excited, I could just spank someone......

Yeah....she'll do..... :-)


Hermione said...

Dr. Ken,

Pick me! Pick me!

At the risk of being accused of blowing my own horn, I submitted that post to Chross for his consideration.

I have been "Chrossed" three times, and the stats have been more amazing with each mention. I don't know how I got there each time, but I wanted to "pay it forward". So, when I see a post that I especially like, I send the link to Chross. And I thought "Smile" was a hoot!

Leather, if you please!


Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--Bend over, young lady!
It's amazing how enjoyable it is to see a jump in the numbers like that. I'm still basking in the afterglow. Lucky you to have it happen three times. That's excellent!
And, of course, I"m glad you enjoyed "Smile" and a big "Thank you!" for submitting the post to Chross.
For obvious reasons, I hand the pleasure of spanking you over to Ron. I'm sure he'll do a great job as my proxy... :-)

Radha said...

Let me see if I can do this again...Congrats, Dr. Ken! The amount of hits your receive is amazing, not surprising because your blog is so wonderful!

See, I can follow directions! Nonetheless, Krishna's going to tan my hide tonight because I must confess my mistake. This time i really was a bad, bad girl...

Thanks for everything,

Dr. Ken said...

Radha--you're welcome, and I'm glad you (and others) feel that way about my blog.
And yes, you did good on the directions. Still, Lord Krishna is likely to toast your bottom to a crisp. This is what happens to naughty girls....

Dr. Ken

Bonnie said...

Dr. Ken,

Congratulations! An endorsement from Chross is a fine accomplishment. I too get a huge boost in visitors when he features one of my posts.


Dr. Ken said...

Bonnie--just goes to show the power of the Internet, doesn't it? It also speaks volumes as to the popularity of Chross's blog--a popularity that's well deserved, I might add!