Friday, December 28, 2012

Dr. Ken's Spankable Bottom Of The Week

The Spankable Bottom for this week belongs to supermodel Kate Upton......

(photo courtesy of

She could crawl across my lap for a spanking anytime!

And, since 'tis the Season, here's a bonus bottom.  Don't say I never gave you anything for Christmas!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Did you ever wonder how Santa maintains such a high rate of productivity in his Workshop?

Apparently, even the female worker elves are not exempt from the "Naughty" list.....

So, tell me, all female readers of this blog......which list are you on?  Naughty or Nice?

You get a spanking either way.....just in case you hadn't already figured that out.  So, leave a comment and let me know.  And while you do that, I'll go get the Dr. Ken Spankmobile ready......

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dr. Ken's Spankable Bottom Of The Week

It's time once again for Dr. Ken's Spankable Bottom of the Week.  The only question is:  Which week?

I never put up a post on this subject last week, so it certainly could be a post for that time period.  On the other hand, it's already Wednesday, and since my schedule has been busier than usual lately, it should probably serve as the post for this week.

So which is it?  The answer, of course, is......both.

And since the post is covering two different weeks, I think it's only logical that this post be Dr. Ken's Spankable Bottoms of the Week.  And I can think of no better duo to nominate for the owner than the lovely Amber "Pixie" Wells, one of the driving forces behind the aptly named Punished Brats site.......

And her friend, the equally lovely (and equally bratty) Lily Anna.....

I've never had the pleasure of meeting these two ladies.  I'm sure it would be one of my fondest memories if I ever had.  I've had some correspondence with Pixie in the past, and I found her to be a warm, charming, friendly and very witty young lady.  To be all that and still have the ability to make you want to throw her over your knee and paddle her bottom is no mean feat.  And I have no doubt Lily Anna has the exact same qualities.

You can just tell these two are real close friends, can't you?

So there you have it.  Two spankable bottoms to cover last week and this week, and I cannot imagine two better representatives of the genre.  And that brings us to "The End" of this blog entry.

Or maybe that should be, "The Ends"?

(All photos courtesy of Amber "Pixie" Wells and Punished Brats)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

That Old Combination

I remember the first time I saw this photo.  I thought it was pretty cool.

I had never seen it before, and with all the web browsing that I do, that's saying something!  It seemed like a nice, old-timey photo.  It seems to me that there was also supposed to be a story behind it, that the gentleman was someone important, like a Japanese Prime Minister or Cabinet member or a General or Emperor or something like that.  And the lady was either supposed to be his wife or his mistress.  Alas, the details of that story are lost in the passages of Time.

Still, I thought it was an interesting photo find.  And then, I saw this:

Yep.  It's the exact same photo.  The heads of the spanker and spankee were switched out to create the first picture..  It's that old combination of someone having PhotoShop and too much time on their hands. And I confess I totally bought it.

Oh, well.  Odd thing is, I still like the first photo....but you know the old saying:  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, and you'll get a really good spanking, young lady!

(That is how the old saying goes, right?)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Big Bang Theory

A lovely member of Hanky Spanky MN alerted me to this past Thursday's episode of CBS's The Big Bang Theory, and I would be remiss in my blogging duties if I didn't cover it--even though practically everybody else has seen it, commented on it, blogged about, and--in Chross's case--put up a clip of it.  But I say, "Why should they have all the fun?"

The show focuses on four friends--all of them brilliant scientists and teachers, and all of them card-carrying members of the Geek and Nerd brigade.  While the main thrust of the plot is on the relationship of Leonard and Penny (she's a waitress who lives in the apartment next door and is street-smart as opposed to Leonard's scientific genius), in most recent years some of the other men have gotten into relationships, as well.  Probably the one that stands out is the pairing of Dr. Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons) with the equally brilliant Amy Farrah Fowler (played by Mayim Bialik).  Sheldon isn't asexual, it's just that sex isn't important to him.  He has better things to do.  On the other hand, ever since becoming Sheldon's girlfriend, Amy has found her sexual needs blossoming.  (Yes, that's a bad pun--Mayim Bialik starred in the TV show Blossom many years ago.)

On this past Thursday's episode, Amy is sick and insists that Sheldon--as per their relationship agreement--take care of her.  Sheldon proves up to the task--he's so good, in fact, that even though becomes well after about a day, she continues to play sick so that Sheldon will continue to look after her.  It isn't long before Sheldon discovers the ruse and is rather upset.  Amy apologizes, but Sheldon believes that there should be some sort of penalty involved so as to discourage this type of behavior in the future.  After discussing a rejecting an idea or two, Sheldon admits that--although it's a bit "old school"--his father was never one to "spare the rod" when his brother got into trouble.

With a slight tremor in her voice, Amy says, "Are you saying that you want to spank me?"

Sheldon replies that he doesn't WANT to, it's just that he feels she has left him no choice.  (Any of this sounding familiar to any of you spankos out there?)

Amy nods and agrees, and then says the words every spanker likes to hear--"I've been a very bad girl."

Before they get started, Amy asks if she can put some music on so that the neighbors won't be disturbed by the sound of him disciplining her.  She hits the remote, and music starts to play--not surprising, it's sort of a Barry White-type background music.  You can tell Amy is already miles ahead of Sheldon as it pertains to the situation.

Sheldon has her get over his knees.  When the first swat lands, Amy's reaction is laughter and an excited, "Oh, my!"

Sheldon says, "Excuse me!  You're not supposed to be enjoying this!"

To which Amy replies with a perfectly straight face, "Then perhaps you should spank me harder."

Sheldon agrees, and as the next swat lands, the picture fades to black and to the credits, although we do hear a "Woo hoo!" from Amy in the background.

The whole scene is cute and adorable (or "adorkable", if you prefer).  Mayim's performance as Amy is nicely nuanced and cleverly done.  Ordinarily, I would accuse Hollywood of "faking" the spanking.  The robe Amy is wearing is floor length, and it would have been easy for them to give her some padding under there to protect her backside.  However, I've looked a few times at her reaction to the second swat.  She screws up her face in anticipation of it, just like most people do.  That's either very good acting and attention to detail, or she really did take a couple of swats for the team.

All in all, a wonderful and unexpected spanking moment.  The CBS site has a clip of the scene, and, as mentioned, it's available on Chross's blog, too--and probably a few other blogs, as well.  If your cable has an "On Demand" feature, I urge you to go and watch the entire episode, or view it online if that's your preference.

Let's hear it for Amy and Sheldon!

(Amy and Sheldon playing "Doctor" on a past episode of The Big Bang Theory)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dr. Ken's Spankable Bottom Of The Week

Is it just my imagination, or has Lady Gaga been a naughty girl and gotten a spanking?

I could be wrong, of course, but it sure looks like there's some color in those cheeks......

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Blog Rolling....

One of these days I've got to go through the Blog Roll and clean it out.

I'm sure there are some defunct Blogs in there, blogs that haven't seen a new post since 2006 and that the Blogger long ago abandoned.  The problem, of course, is that going through the Roll takes time.  And time has been in short supply the last few weeks--a fact that probably won't change until after the New Year.
In fact, I strongly considered shutting the blog down for the month of December, putting up a post that read, "Closed Until 2013".  Thankfully, I talked myself out of it.  (What can I say?  I'm easy....)

Anyway, I did do some poking around on the Blog Roll, and I deleted a couple of blogs for various reasons.  As we all know, Nature abhors a vacuum. (I'm like Nature in that regard, although in my case it's more a matter of "I abhor TO vacuum".)  So I've added a couple of blogs to the list.

Remember LOVE OUR LURKERS day not too long ago?  The nice thing about that day is you get comments from people you never knew were out there, and in many instances, they have blogs, too.  If they're kind enough to visit my blog and leave a little note, I'm more than happy to return the favor, and have a look around their blog in the process.  If I like it, you can bet it's going to wind up as an entry on my Blog Roll.

Consequently we welcome two blogs into the ranks.  The first is MrBBSpanker's blog, "A Domestic Discipline Society."  The second blog was going to be from a lovely lady named Chelsea called, "Knowing Your Roles", but she and her husband are in the process of opening a new site, and she notes that starting January 1st, 2013, all traffic will be redirected to the new location.  So I'm going to jump the gun a little and add it to the blog roll now.  It's called, "Learning DD".

As you can easily tell, both blogs deal with the subject of Domestic Discipline.  As more and more people consider this as an option for their relationships, these blogs should both prove to be a wonderful source of information and a valuable resource.

Links to both sites have been added to the blog roll.  Just click the link.  Happy reading!