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Face It

Face down = Bottoms up

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Proper Etiquette

(At least it doesn't try to tell you to "Keep Calm"....)

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Alphabet Soup -- W

Double W, actually--"W" is for Wonder Woman

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Celebrity Spankables

These ladies might look familiar to you--or, at the very least, one of them probably does...

The lady on the left is actress/singer/songwriter Stephanie Hunt (Friday Night Lights).  And the lady on the right is actress/singer/former talk show host Megan Mullally, probably best known for her role as Karen Walker on the hit TV show Will and Grace.

The two met on the set of a movie they were shooting some years back.  They discovered a mutual love of music and found they enjoyed singing together.  This led to their forming a music duo, an act they named  Nancy And Beth.  You can find some clips of them on YouTube, doing songs such as Please, Mr. Jailer.

They also, apparently, have a mutual problem with the concept of chairs--

...but I digress.

They recently released their first album.  So, what do you these days for an album cover?  Here's a hint--

Each lady went in separately  for her photo shoot, and the photographer made a composite of the photos.  The group name, Nancy And Beth, was then strategically placed over the photo to make the finished product.  Here's the front of the album cover, the Intro, if you will --

And since this post is title "Celebrity Spankables", you can probably guess what comes next.  Here's the slightly less strategic back side of the album, the Outro--

And here's a closer look, just to save you all the trouble of having to do it yourselves--

All I can say is, very nice!

Both ladies should be justifiably proud of these photos.  In fact, when Megan posted about the album's release, guess which photo she used for the announcement--

If these two lovely ladies ever bring their act to Minnesota, you know I'll be in the audience.  Bravo, Megan and Stephanie!

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