Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Devlin O'Neill's 3rd Blogiversary

One of the best blogs out there is celebrating it's 3-year anniversary, and since I often go there and leave comments I wanted to be sure to send them my best wishes. Devlin O'Neill's Weblog is celebrating three glorious years, and the blog's popularity is well-deserved.

If you've spent time over there reading, you know ti's much more than a blog. It's really more of a forum. The posts tend to be more like the start of a thread, and the comments that people leave in reaction to the post tend to take on a life of their own. Sometimes it leads to an intelligent discussion. Other times, it turns into a Bratfest. No matter which way it turns, it's always fun to read--and even more fun to join in and participate.

The post on Weblog regarding the 3-year celebration is a perfect example of what makes the blog so good. The post is actually written by Season, a regular contributor to the site. Posts are very often "highjacked" so that Dev doesn't have to write every single word that gets posted. He has plenty of help from wonderful authors such as Season, Michael, Poppy (of the blog, Poppy's Submissions) and others. In this case, Season chronicles the development of Devlin's blog, and notes some of the first appearances of many of the main contributors (and yes, I'm proud to say that the name "Dr. Ken" appears in there somewhere. I haven't contributed any posts, but I've certainly left a comment from time to time, adding to the fun and the chaos).

Once the post is up, the comments begin flying. If you read a lot of blogs, you know that the number of comments can fluctuate a great deal. I get anywhere from 0 to a dozen comments on some of my posts. Pixie, of Spanking Pixie fame, regularly gets 30 to 50 or more comments on what she writes. Devlin's blog, on the other hand--well, the post regarding the anniversary currently has over 200 responses. It's that willingness to jump in that sets Dev's blog apart, whether the discussion is serious or just silly fun.

While you will find many of the same people commenting time after time, new contributors are always welcome. If you have something you'd like to say about any of the posts you find there, don't be shy--jump on in. It's a very welcoming atmosphere at the ol' Weblog, and you just might find yourself with some new friends.

So, happy anniversary, Devlin et al! May the next year be just as exciting and interesting and filled with fun!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Something To Look Forward To

Fans of spanking in movies and on TV may have a little something to look forward to.

First, there appears to be a bit of spanking going on in an episode of Jersey Shore (or as I like to call it, "I Was So Drunk Last Night That I......") The first episode of the second season concluded with a montage of scenes from future episodes, and in one of them, one of the girls wearing tight white shorts (Angelina, I think, although I could be wrong--I don't watch the show that often to be sure) is being hoisted up over somebody's shoulder. Pauly D steps forward and gives her bottom a couple of smacks. The clip ends there, so I have no idea what's going on or if there is more to the scene than that, or if those two swats are all there is. I guess I'll just have to keep watching in order to find out.

Second, if you can wait until December 25th or so, the Coen Brothers remake of the John Wayne film, True Grit, hits the big screen. This is the film which saw La Boeuf (Glen Campbell) take a switch to Mattie Ross (actress Kim Darby). At first, John Wayne (as Rooster Cogburn) approves--helped, in fact, to set the whole thing up--but he then steps in to stop things because La Boeuf is "enjoyin' it too much."

In the remake, Rooster Cogburn will be played by Jeff Bridges. The character of La Boeuf will be portrayed by Matt Damon. Mattie Ross will be played by an unknown actress, 13-year old Hailee Stanfield. As much as I enjoy spankings in mainstream movies, the fact that Mattie will be portrayed by a 13-year old makes me lose interest right there. (I don't know how old Mattie was supposed to be in the original version of the film, but Kim Darby certainly looked older than that.)

There's no way of knowing at this point (unless you worked on the film) if the spanking scene is even going to be in the remake. The Coen Brothers may have found some other way to portray this incident. On the one hand, it is an important scene. It's the moment when Rooster Cogburn stops considering her to be a pest and lands firmly on her side. On the other hand.....well, it's like I said. She's thirteen. I prefer my spankees to be of legal age, both in film and in reality.

I'm guessing the scene actually will be in the film, based solely on the fact that they picked an unknown actress for the part. Some actresses in the past, knowing Hollywood's proclivity for this sort of thing, actually used to have "no spanking" clauses in their contracts. I don't know if such clauses still exist today, but an unknown in her first film probably wouldn't have one in her contract. But again, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Anyone else have any "spankings in movies or TV" news?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Special Message For Someone On August 23rd


(You know who you are.....)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Photo Caption Fun

"Finally I'm getting what I've always wanted for my birthday!!"

Monday, August 16, 2010

Close, But Not Quite

I've seen a lot of spanking pictures over the years.

That's not bragging, it's just a fact. Between drawings in early comic books, to more "adult" drawings in magazines like Playboy, to the mags you could only buy in Adult bookstores--things like "The Spanker's Monthly", for example--and finally the flood of images available on the Internet, I've seen thousands upon thousands of spanking photos. Some of them have been amazingly good. Others have been horrendously bad--the sort of photo that you look at and say to yourself, "These people have never seen a spanking in their lives!"

Thankfully, there have been far more that I've enjoyed. And on some very rare occasions, I've looked at a photo and thought, "Y'know, she reminds me of someone......"

It really should come as no surprise. When you think of the number of models who pose every year, whether it's for spanking pics or just the standard nude photo, there's bound to be a case or two of a model who vaguely resembles somebody you know, or somebody famous.

I'm not talking about an exact match. This isn't somebody's clone or identical twin. Only that there's something--perhaps even only one feature--that brings another, better known person to mind.

Case in point: the photos below.

Whenever I see the first one, I look at the wide eyes of the spankee, the round cheeks of her face, and the fact that she appears to be smiling even while getting her bottom whacked, and even though it very obviously isn't her, I always see this picture and say, "Hey, it's Rachael Ray!"

Maybe it's the shape of the face or the eyes in the next one--it might even just be the hair--but when I see it, I'm always reminded of Flo from those Progressive commercials--

Again, it really doesn't look like her, but there's just something that pulls my mind in that direction.

Maybe you see it--maybe you don't. Maybe you have your own pictures that remind you of someone else. Even if it isn't really them, it still gives the photo a little extra kick when you look at it.

Now, let's find that Progressive paddle from the commercial and get that girl in the last photo "initiated"!

Friday, August 13, 2010

This Butt's For You

Somebody--I never did learn who, but I think it's a safe bet to say it was some mens magazine like Maxim or FHM--recently took a poll on a subject near and dear to every spankos heart--namely, bottoms. Butts. Derrieres. Sit-upons. (I could go on, but I'd like to finish this post today.....)

This very thorough (I assume) and very scientific (I have no doubt) poll asked those participating to name the best female celebrity bottoms, the sort of bottoms that you can't help but stare at and watch, the round, gently swaying, hypnotically bouncing, "jello on springs" type of backside that is very watchable and, therefore, by this blog's standards, very spankable.

(Don't let that last sentence fool you. This blog's standards are actually quite low. I'm under no illusions, here. And really, isn't every bottom "spankable"?)

The responses were, for the most part, very predictable. In fact, if I gave you 5 guesses to come up with the names of the top 3 ladies, I wager the majority of you would guess correctly. In fact, just for fun, don't read any further and jot down your guesses, then continue reading and see how you did. Here's one quick hint: there were no "blasts from the past" here. All of the ladies are alive and well. There was one surprise in that there was a tie for third place, and it was a name I probably would have overlooked. In retrospect, though, it's a good pick and makes perfect sense.

Go ahead. Make your guesses. I'll wait.


Okay, time's up.

Number One of the bottom watchers list--even after all these years--Jennifer Lopez.

Number 2--Beyonce Knowles.

Number 3--as I said, there was a tie. Here's the name that most people probably could have guessed--Kim Kardashian.

The lady who tied Kim at Number 3? If you've seen her perform or seen her videos, you'll probably smack yourself on the forehead and say, "Yeah, that's actually a very good pick." Her hips don't lie, and I'm guessing her bottom is well acquainted with the truth, too. Shakira ties for 3rd place.

Naturally, any "list" like this is pretty subjective. I can see why those polled named these ladies, but if I were making up my own list, it would probably be totally different. Leave a comment and tell me what YOUR top 3 selections would be.

Oh, and ladies--if any magazine runs a similar poll about male celebrities, I'll be sure to give you equal time in a future post!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chicago Crimson Moon Summer Spanktacular

Chicago Crimson Moon, one of the best spanking groups around, held their latest party the last weekend of July, and it was quite wonderful.

As i mentioned in a previous post, this party was a little different for me. For one thing, I knew going in that it just might be the only party I attended this year. Money--or the lack of it--has been plaguing me all year, and so I had to make a practical decision to keep the parties down to a minimum.

Another difference was that I didn't fly into O'Hare airport as I've done so many times in the past. I was fortunate enough to be offered a ride by a lovely Minnesota lady who was also attending the party, as I mentioned in a previous post. Not having to buy an airplane ticket was huge, and probably made the difference between attending the party or staying at home. So, once again, a big "thank you" to her for doing that. (And yes, I still have a lot of the music from the trip running through my head. It's good music, don't get me wrong--but it doesn't appear to be dropping out of memory anytime soon.)

We got there early enough that there was time to rest up a little before the actual party began. There was also an orientation held for the "newbies" in the group--those attending their first ever spanking party, or at the very least, their first Crimson Moon spanking party. Our fearless leaders take the time to go over the general rules of conduct with them, let them know what they can expect (or what not to expect, as the case may be). While that was going on inside the party space, a number of party veterans were congregating in the halls saying hello to old friends. Finally the doors were opened, a meal was served, and the party got underway.

This was a 3-day party. Usually the first day, Thursday, sees a very light turnout, the majority of people opting to wait until Friday or even Saturday to show up. Not this year! It was the most people we've ever had on a Thursday, which was great to see. (I never heard any official numbers, but I'd say there were about 60 spankos there on Thursday, with another 40 or so showing up over the next couple of days.)

There were some other nice innovations at the party that evening. First, for those who wanted to use them, there were little "ice breaker" devices at each of the tables. These took the form of pieces of paper cut into a hand shape, and if you flipped them over, the back carried instructions, such as, "Find someone wearing a schoolgirl uniform! 30 spanks by hand". You would then mingle, looking for someone who fit the description, introduce yourself if they were new to you, and then carry out the spanking instructions if they were agreeable to it. (People did have the right to say, "No, thank you", but even if they did, you still got to meet and talk to them.)

Another thing that I liked was the presence of a message board. Every person at the party had their name written on a small envelope, which in turn was taped to a large series of boards. Pens and paper were made available, and if you wanted to communicate with somebody, you could write them a note and leave it inside their envelope. For instance, I received a very nice note saying, "Looking forward to playing with you", and then signed with the lady's name. Sadly, I never got the chance to take her up on her note, but maybe next time.

Someone went to a lot of time and trouble to put all that together, and she definitely deserves a big hand! (That's "a big hand" as in "a round of applause", and not "a big hand" as in "applied where it will do her the most good". Although now that I think of it......)

The nights were filled with spanking, spanking, and more spanking. Saturday also saw the Vendors Fair, which featured a number of people selling implements, some looking interesting, some looking quite wicked, all of them of excellent quality. I didn't buy an implements this time, but I did make some other stops. Tasha Lee and Yoni from Bum Rap Productions were there, selling DVDs and Tasha's book, "Spanking 101: Hot Crossed Buns". I bought a DVD from Lily Starr, which featured highlights from many of her productions. I even watched her table for a few moments while she went to the front desk to get change--sadly, I wasn't able to seel anything for her.

I bought a copy of the book, "It's Supposed To Hurt! The Best of the Corporal Consultant" from Ms. Cassandra Park, who was nice enough to sign it for me. Sarah Gregory was there, being her usual delightful self, and I purchased a DVD from her, as well, featuing several vignettes with her and Stephanie Locke. And last, but certainly not least, I got a DVD from Kat St. James and Kyle Johnson called, "Girl Trouble", featuring F/F spankings. It was a blast getting to meet so many people who are so well known in the spanking community.

The most fun item I bought was from Kat and Kyle. It was a Spanking Lottery scratch-off ticket (I bought two, actually), and the prize was Kat St. James herself! Each ticket had six spaces. Beneath each space were spanking instructions--anywhere from 1 to 7 whacks with a paddle, for example, or a certain number of spanks by hand. You scratched off one space on each ticket, and whatever it said, you got to carry out with Kat. Top prize was a 2 minute spanking by hand.

I scratched off my tickets, and while the first only yielded "1-paddle", the second ticket revealed "1 minute hand spanking". I got to select a paddle from several they had on their vendors table, Kat found on open space, pulled her skirt up and lowered her panties, and I gave her a paddle whack. I figured she would probably be selling a lot of these tickets, so I kept the swat fairly light, which she noticed and said, "That wasn't so bad." I just smiled and said, "Well, yeah, I'm not trying to kill you." (I'm long past the point where I need to be the hardest spanker on the block.) She then got over my knee, started a little stop watch, and I delivered the hand spanking. She has a great little bottom, and it was a lot of fun. Again, I wasn't trying to knock her into the next county--I even used part of my minute to do some soothing bottom rubbing. (What can I say? I'm a considerate guy.....) All in all, the lottery ticket was a very clever idea, and I wouldn't be surprised to see other vendors do something similar at future events.

Saturday finally ended, the party was over, and--just like every party--there were people I wanted to play with but somehow never got around to them. For that matter, there were some people (such as the "Doublemint Twins") that I never even got to introduce myself to! But that happens at every party, and gives me a good excuse to come back for the next one.

"The next one", for me, might wind up being Crimson Moon's July party of 2011. I'll have to see how things go. If things work out, the stars align, and the creek don't rise, I might be back sooner than I think.

Until then, kudos to Crimson Moon for another excellent event! If you've never attended a spanking party, but think you would be interested, give a Crimson Moon party a try. I'm biased, I must admit, but I think they're one of the best groups around!

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Long And Winding Road

Chicago Crimson Moon held their Summer Spanking Spectacular last weekend (I'll write more about that in another post), and I was able to attend in large part because a lovely lady I know offered me a ride. Money has been so tight for me lately that, if I'd had to buy a plane ticket to get to Chicago, I may very well have decided not to attend at all. But she was going as well, and when she made the offer to ride with her, I jumped at it. Pitching in for gas was a much better deal than paying for airfare. Plus, rather than travelling alone, I got to enjoy the trip with good company, good conversation (I'm not a sparkling conversationalist by any means, but I certainly enjoyed the talks we had), and, of course, music.

Lots of music. A whole lot of music CDs, in fact--which is fine, I enjoy a wide variety of music.

The only music I don't like is Country Western, and--thankfully--there was none of that in her travelling CD collection.

So why do I mention the music?

Because here it is, almost a week later, and a number of the songs that got played as we drove to Chicago are still running through my head. You' d be surprised at some of the looks you get from the people at work when you walk around whistling "The Teddy Bears Picnic".

Heck, one day I even found myself humming "The Beer Barrel Polka", and I know for a fact that song was never even played during the trip! Maybe it was because we drove through Wisconsin....

So, that's the dilemma. On the one hand, I've very grateful for the ride. On the other hand, I've still an odd assortment of tunes firing across my brain.

I don't know whether to thank her or spank her!

I think...probably.... both. (WEG)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Found On The Net

Would you want to be the one to explain to the owner of this arts and crafts store why they might want to change the name of the shop?