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A Place For Everything...


...and every naughty girl in her place!

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Stumbled Across This


I really can't tell you too much about this.  I just happened to see it on YouTube and gave it a look.

I've no idea what the language is, or what country it's from, or what the story is.  The lady being spanked has several videos up.  This is probably the only one with a spanking.  She seems to usually play all the characters herself--her own mother, and a younger sister (or maybe her own daughter--not knowing the language, it's hard to tell).  For the above, she obviously couldn't film herself as spanker and spankee, so "mama" is a man in a truly horrible wig.  Overall, more comedic than a "serious" spanking.

Here are some screen grabs--

An attractive lady, a very nice spankable bottom, and no clue as to what the heck it's all about!  Enjoy it for it is....

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Smile For The Camera


(Hey, with that lady over my knee, I'd probably be smiling, too...)

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