Thursday, August 31, 2017

Top Ten Posts -- # 2

The fact that this was the second most popular post came as a surprise.  It came from another Top Ten list that I ran, Top Ten Spankable Celebrities.  This lady was # 7 on that year's list, and it speaks to her popularity that this is the 2nd most popular post ever on Spanking Minnesota:

Spankable Celebrities -- # 7

It's time once again to add another name to my Top 10 Spankable Celebrities fantasy wishlist. (Bet you thought I'd forgotten about it, didn't you?)

When I started this list, I said there would be dead movie stars, and no so-called "reality" stars. However, I said nothing about singers.

And no, number 7 isn't Lady Gaga--although, considering the revealing nature of much of what she wears onstage, that's not a bad guess.

But no, Spankable Celebrity number 7 is the lovely and talented performer Katy Perry.

It should only take two pictures to convince you that Katy Perry belongs on this "Spankable" list. The first photo below is obviously shot on the set of the filming of her video for the song, "California Girls". And in the second photo, Katy unintentionally moons the audience when she slips onstage after a cake fight. If these pictures don't make your spanko motor start racing--check your pulse!

An on-stage cake fight? Someone should be spanked for that--and Katy is obviously displaying the right assets!

The words "Katy Perry" and "spanking" are, as has been reported elsewhere, clearly not strangers to each other. When Katy got married in India to Russell Brand, her friend Rihanna couldn't attend because of work commitments. When asked if she was upset about this, Katy first said she wasn't, then jokingly added that she bent Rihanna over and smacked her ass--and then forgave her and told her, "I love you, bitch!"

At least, I think she was joking. But maybe not. Check out the two photos below, first with Katy and Ke$ha, and then Katy and Eva Longoria.

At this point, you might be thinking, "Well, the first two pictures were great, but the rest of it makes it seem like Katy is more of a Top." However, consider the last photo--

Maybe Katy's a Switch?

In the long run, it doesn't matter. This is just a Fantasy Top Ten list, after all, and I think Katy has definitely earned her spot on it.

I don't necessarily wish that they all could be "California Girls", but I certainly wish they all could be as fun-loving and spank-happy as Katy Perry!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Top Ten Posts -- # 3

The next one is the first of four post I did covering a favorite photo set.  It's from August 9, 2011 and is called, oddly enough--

A Favorite Photo Set

When you have as many photos archived as I have--not a lot compared to others, perhaps, but still a great number--it's hard to point to a few and call them "favorites". They're all favorites, actually, or else I wouldn't have bothered to download them and keep them. Stiil, there are some photos or photo sets that I tend to like more than others.

One of those sets starts below. I doubt that it's a complete set--I almost never have complete sets--but there's still a good number of pictures. I'll try to post all I have of the set as the week goes on.

A beautiful blonde, a beautiful bare bottom being spanked--definitely the sort of photos that get to me.


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Top Ten Posts -- # 4

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Top Ten Posts -- # 5

Welcome back to this look back at the most popular posts on Spanking Minnesota!  The fifth most popular post--no surprise on the popularity of this one--was from October 11, 2012 and is called Rosaleen Young:

You can blame this post on The Cherry Red Report.

It was a few posts ago when Dave--Mr. Cherry Red himself--did a short piece on Rosaleen Young, a bondage, fetish and spanking model of a few years back.  That piece, along with the photos he ran, reminded me of just how enticing she was.  Dark hair, often done in pigtails.  Expressive face, large eyes.  A lovely round bottom that may as well have had the words, "Spank me" tattooed across it.  Then add in her British accent.  It's easy to understand why, when she looked into the camera and said, "Please....spank my bottom", people who weren't even into spanking might start looking around for a hairbrush and a straight-backed chair.

Rosaleen retired after too short a time on the scene, or at least it seemed that way to me.  A lot of her work is still archived on the site,Spank My Bottom (  Gone, but most definitely not forgotten.  She also left behind a book, Fantasies of a Young Submissive, which you can still order through  It's also available on Kindle.

I told Dave that if I had a wish list, the top two items on it would be that the artist known as Endart was still making his fabulous spanking drawings, and that Rosaleen Young was still making spanking videos and photo sets.  (Winning the lottery, oddly enough, comes third on that list.  Some day I might have to re-think that....)

I'll end this post with some photos of Rosaleen.  The last three, of course, are the way we remember her best:

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Top Ten Posts -- # 6

Top Ten post # 6 is from February 18 2011 and is called Girls Who Wear Glasses --

There's an old poem that's been around for a long time. It goes something like, "Men seldom make passes / At girls who wear glasses."

Quite frankly, I don't believe that for one minute, but for brief, pithy poetry it ranks right up there with "Candy is dandy / But liquor's quicker".

I think it's time to do away with that old rhyme and replace it with something closer to the truth. It's not a poem, true, but I think the new saying should be, "Girls who wear glasses....

........are so very, very spankable!"

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Top Ten Posts -- # 7

Top Ten post # 7 was from January 7 2013 and was called The Headmaster's Daughter --

*** Selected as a Chross "Spanking Of The Week" ***

Time to once again dive into the archives and post another favorite set of photos.

I'm not sure, exactly, what qualifies a photo (or series of photos) as one of my "favorites".  It's just an immediate reaction upon seeing the picture--I either like it or I don't like it, and then it gains "favorite" status after a few more viewings.  There's no particular criteria.

All things considered, I probably shouldn't like this photo-set as much as I do.  For one thing, there isn't a bare bottom in sight, and you'd think that would be one of the things I would definitely want.  Practically all of the photos are a side-view, camera positioned in front of the spanker.  There's almost no loving, lingering pictures from behind the spankee focusing on her bottom, another thing you'd think I'd absolutely want to have. 

There's almost a certain innocence here, as well as plausibility.  The participants are age appropriate for their roles.  He certainly looks old enough to be her father, doling out some paternal discipline to a young lady for some bad behavior.  We get to see all of the spanker and spankee in almost every picture.  There are no cropped photos of just body parts.  The girl's reactions are good, not over-the-top, and she certainly looks contrite as she receives a stern lecture at the end of it.  The only thing that's off?  The title in the first photo, which labels the set as "The Headmasters Daughter".  Going by that, she apparently has more than one father, and all of them are headmasters.  As you can see from the title on this post, I've corrected that.  But hey, what do you want--correct punctuation or some nice spanking photos?


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Top 10 Posts -- # 8

The eighth most popular post is from April 12 2016 and was called, If Only Disney --

*** Selected as a Chross "Spanking Of The Week" ***

It's no secret--one of my favorite vacation spots is DisneyWorld.  Yes, even at my advanced age.  (Be careful what jokes you make, ladies.  I'm not so old that I can't still put you over my knee!)  I can't really explain it.  Maybe it just awakens my inner child and takes me back to a simpler place and time.  I always feel a sense of peace and serenity when I'm there.

That is, of course, unless I happen to be on a ride that breaks down while I'm on it.  That's bound to happen now and again.  Just my luck, it happened to me once in the middle of "Small World".  The ride and animatronic figures stopped--but the song that accompanies you on the ride kept playing over and over.  "It's A Small World, After All" is pretty much an earworm by itself.  Now add in having it repeated over and over and over while you wait for the ride to resume.  I had that damn song stuck in my head for weeks!  And by the time I did get out of there, I was certainly in a mood to spank someone!

Maybe there should be a DisneyWorld for adults that caters to some of the things we like. Animatronic figures involved in OTK activity should be easy for Disney to pull off. And as far as a song to tie it all together?  How about:

It's a world of paddles
A world of canes
It's a hairbrush world  
Filled with stinging pain
Every bad girl can see
When she's over a knee
It's a Spank-o world.

I'm a Spank-o, after all
I'm a Spank-o, after all
I'm a Spank-o, after all
It's a Spank-o World.

As for what the spanking figures along the course of the ride would look like, maybe the following drawings from various artists will give the Imagineers some ideas.....

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Top Ten Posts -- # 9

The ninth most popular post on this blog was on February 13 2013 and was called Spanking Kathy Griffin--

++++++++Selected as a Chross "Spanking Of The Week"++++++++

Kathy Griffin seems to be one of "those" people.  You either like her or you can't stand her.  There seems to be no middle ground. 

I happen to be one of the people who likes her.  I find her funny, and it takes a good deal of courage and daring to say and do some of the things she's done.  She seemingly would do anything for a laugh or for publicity.

More recently, she seems to be getting in touch with her "spanky" side.  You know how it is with those redheaded brats--they just keep pushing the envelope until their bottoms wind up red, too.

If the lady does, indeed, harbor an inner spanko trying to get out, it maybe made it's first appearance on one of her Bravo appearances.  I seem to recall a shot of her trying on clothes, checking her butt out in a pair of pants, and giving herself a few swats on the bottom (probably to see how it looked and how her bottom reacted in that outfit).  This was either during one of her comedy specials, or during an episode of her show, "Life On The D-List".  It could very easily have just been a case of her playing up for the cameras.

Then, of course, came this picture from a photo shoot, a spanking pose staged for comic effect.

Then, of course, came her guest spot on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson (my favorite talk show host) back on January 28.  Kathy wound up taking a few smacks from Craig, and the last one certainly seemed like a pretty good one.  You can find it on YouTube here....

Click on the link, or cut and paste it into your browser to see her guest spot.

Was her spanking journey over?  Not quite yet, because the following week, on her talk show Kathy, her guests were none other than Larry King and Craig Ferguson!  Kathy greeted her guests as they came out, and when she and Craig hugged, he reached down and gave her bottom 3 or 4 smacks.  Then, as they were starting to sit down, Kathy turned her back to Craig much as she had done on his show, and he took a few warm-up swings and then landed a good whack to her backside and eliciting an exclamation of, "Jesus Christ!" from her.  I daresay that, too, was done more for comic effect than any actual discomfort.

Next, just to be fair, she went and assumed the same position in front of Larry King--and he gave a pretty good shot, too!  (I don't have the link for this, but I'm sure you can find it on YouTube or elsewhere on the web.)

So, is Kathy Griffin really a spanko and finally letting that side of her nature out?  Probably not.  As I mentioned earlier, the lady will do anything for a laugh or publicity.  With all the recent hype surrounding50 Shades Of Gray, she probably thought of the whole spanking thing as a good comedy target.

That's my take on it, anyway.  Although, if I'm wrong......Hey, Kathy, the next time you're on tour in Minneapolis and want a spanking.....drop me a note!  :-)