Thursday, February 28, 2013

Valuable Coupon

Ladies, you might want to print this out and keep a copy with you to present to the spanker of your choice later on.....

Or, if you happen to be at the same spanking party that I am--such as the Chicago Crimson Moon spanking party coming up later this year in July--feel free to present it to me, and I'll be more than happy to redeem it for you.  That's just the kind of guy I am.....

Monday, February 25, 2013

Hanky Spanky MN--Next Munch Tuesday, Feb. 26

Minnesota's own spanking group, Hanky Spanky MN., is having it's next munch on Tuesday, Feb. 26th, from 7 to 9 p.m. at a restaurant in the St. Paul area.

The munch is a low-key meet-and-greet in a public setting. No spanking takes place at the munch. Although talk about spanking most certainly will.

We have the private room at the restaurant. It's at the back on the right. There's no charge for the munch, but do buy something to eat and/or drink, and treat the servers well.  They take very good care of us.

New folks are particularly encouraged to come to the munch. It's a great first step. You'll find a friendly bunch of people who share your interest. And if you want to come to one of our spanking-only parties, you have to first meet a Hanky Spanky moderator. That usually happens at a munch.

So whether you're an old hand at This Thing We Do, or someone brand new to the idea of spanking or being spanked, we hope to see you  Tuesday!  For location details, please go to Yahoo groups and look for the Hanky Spanky MN page and check the recent messages.  For that matter, while you're there, why not join the group?  If you're looking for spanking in Minnesota--this is the place!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Also Dr. Ken's Spankable Bottom Of The Week

I don't usually do two of these in one week, but as I said in the previous post, I'm sort of making up for lost time.  So, why not?

"Spankable bottom" is kind of a strange term.  I mean, technically, every bottom is "spankable".  Photos of spanking models, or models in general, are idealized visions of what a spankable bottom could be, and are designed to make the spanker's palm itch.  But not all spankees look like spanking models.  In fact, if you're a spanker and are only considering women who look like the models you see on the pay sites--boy, are you going to be waiting a long time to find someone to spank!

Spankable women come in all shapes and sizes.  They're not all models.  They're the girl next door, the lady working next to you or in the cubicle two rows down.  They're the woman on the bus, the lady ahead of you in the grocery store, and they look very much like your average, everyday person.  I've said this before, sure, but it's still true.  They're short, they're tall, they're petite, they carry some extra pounds.  It's not how they look that makes them spankable.  It's more of a mind set, an attitude--a look and a glint in their eye that's says there's a naughty girl bubbling under the surface, and what are you gonna do about it?

Wherever you are right now, look around you.  Three of the women who just walked past you are secretly wishing they had a boyfriend/husband that would turn them bottom side up and give them a good spanking.  And if you're only looking for someone resembling a spanking model--you missed them, and you missed out.  What's more important--that they look like a spanking model, or are actually interested in being spanked?  If you're a spanker looking for a spankee, I should think the answer to that one is obvious.

I'm still going to post a "Spankable Bottom" of the week, and yes, it'll be a model.  They're the ones who pose for the pictures, after all.  But keep in mind what I just said.  You just might manage to have more fun in the future if you do.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dr. Ken's Spankable Bottom Of The Week

Because of the recent Blogiversary posts, this feature went on hiatus for a little while.  It's time to bring it back, I think, and this seems like a nice photo to use for Dr. Ken's Spankable Bottom Of The Week.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Remember, the color for the day is "red".

Just sayin'......

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spanking Kathy Griffin

++++++++Selected as a Chross "Spanking Of The Week"++++++++

Kathy Griffin seems to be one of "those" people.  You either like her or you can't stand her.  There seems to be no middle ground.

I happen to be one of the people who likes her.  I find her funny, and it takes a good deal of courage and daring to say and do some of the things she's done.  She seemingly would do anything for a laugh or for publicity.

More recently, she seems to be getting in touch with her "spanky" side.  You know how it is with those redheaded brats--they just keep pushing the envelope until their bottoms wind up red, too.

If the lady does, indeed, harbor an inner spanko trying to get out, it maybe made it's first appearance on one of her Bravo appearances.  I seem to recall a shot of her trying on clothes, checking her butt out in a pair of pants, and giving herself a few swats on the bottom (probably to see how it looked and how her bottom reacted in that outfit).  This was either during one of her comedy specials, or during an episode of her show, "Life On The D-List".  It could very easily have just been a case of her playing up for the cameras.

Then, of course, came this picture from a photo shoot, a spanking pose staged for comic effect.

Then, of course, came her guest spot on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson (my favorite talk show host) back on January 28.  Kathy wound up taking a few smacks from Craig, and the last one certainly seemed like a pretty good one.  You can find it on YouTube here....

Click on the link, or cut and paste it into your browser to see her guest spot.

Was her spanking journey over?  Not quite yet, because the following week, on her talk show Kathy, her guests were none other than Larry King and Craig Ferguson!  Kathy greeted her guests as they came out, and when she and Craig hugged, he reached down and gave her bottom 3 or 4 smacks.  Then, as they were starting to sit down, Kathy turned her back to Craig much as she had done on his show, and he took a few warm-up swings and then landed a good whack to her backside and eliciting an exclamation of, "Jesus Christ!" from her.  I daresay that, too, was done more for comic effect than any actual discomfort.

Next, just to be fair, she went and assumed the same position in front of Larry King--and he gave a pretty good shot, too!  (I don't have the link for this, but I'm sure you can find it on YouTube or elsewhere on the web.)

So, is Kathy Griffin really a spanko and finally letting that side of her nature out?  Probably not.  As I mentioned earlier, the lady will do anything for a laugh or publicity.  With all the recent hype surrounding 50 Shades Of Gray, she probably thought of the whole spanking thing as a good comedy target.

That's my take on it, anyway.  Although, if I'm wrong......Hey, Kathy, the next time you're on tour in Minneapolis and want a spanking.....drop me a note!  :-)

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Last 5-Year Blogiversary Special -- pt. 8

I do wish Endart still had his site up and running.  I can't help but think about all the missed opportunities for drawings based on current or fairly recent TV shows.  Just think of what he could have done with the undeservedly short-lived show, "Firefly".....Wash spanking his wife, Zoe;  Simon spanking Kaylee;  Captain Tightpants spanking Inara.  Any one of those drawings would have been wonderful.

Or maybe an Endart take on "NCIS".  Tony finally getting a chance to spank Ziva, for example.  And Gibbs and Abby always have had an almost father/daughter relationship.  Maybe he'd find reason to give her one of his famous headslaps....except, of course, that it wouldn't be on her head.

And consider the double possibilities with Emily and Zooey Deschanel.  A spanking combining "Bones" with "The New Girl" would be interesting.  And then we could have shows like, "How I Spanked Your Mother", featuring spankings for both Lily and Robin.......

Oh, well.  A man can dream, I guess.

I have four Endart drawings to bring this celebration to a close.  The last three are favorites--not so much favorite drawings, but based on some of my favorite TV shows.  And when I say "favorites" , I'm talking I-have-every-season-on-DVD-type favorites.  Before I get to those, though, let's kick this last collection off with a drawing from "Bespanked", I mean, "Bewitched".

I watched this show for years hoping for a scene like this.  The problem, of course, is, "How do you spank a witch who can just twitch her nose, cast a spell, and disappear?"  The answer just might be there in the background--Darren's boss, Larry Tate, is looking on.  Samantha's got her hand up to her face so that Larry couldn't see the nose twitch--but how would she explain vanishing from view?  She can't--so until Larry looks away, she's stuck!  And judging from the determined look on Darren's face, "Sam's Spanking" is going to be one she'll remember for a while!

From witches, we go to vampires and demons and other assorted ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties and things that go bump in the night, along with the one person born into each generation who can handle them all.....namely, "Buffy The Vampire Slayer".

I'm a little surprised that the spanker isn't Angel, the love of Buffy's life.  Then again, maybe spanking Buffy would give Angel that one moment of perfect happiness that would release his other side, Angelus, into the worled.  So, instead of Angel, it's the Big Bad himself, Spike, whose giving Buffy a good bottom-warming in, "Slayer Spanked".  All her martial arts moves aren't going to help her much in this position!  In the background, Willow and Buffy's sister Dawn look on, horrified.  I don't think it's Buffy getting spanked that has them so worried.  I think they realize that once Spike has finished with Buffy--they're next!

From a Slayer, we go to a Warrior.  This is another example of Endart's attention to detail and his ability to capture someone's likeness.  In this case, it's Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor from "Xena:  Warrior Princess".  Xena is a fighter without equal, and Gabrielle....well, she's training and learning  Eventually she'll be almost as adept as Xena, but until then......maybe feeling "A Warrior's Hand" is part of the training.

We come at last to the final drawing, and it really is a favorite of mine.  We all have that fantasy list in our heads.  You know the one--"If you could spank or be spanked by a celebrity, who would you choose?"  My  list inevitably turned into a Top Ten list.  I couldn't pick just one!  However, year after year, there was one name that was always at the top of the list, and had been there from the first year of "Friends".  That's right--Jennifer Aniston has long been my leading fantasy spankee.  That explains why I like this drawing so much, because here Endart has Monica doing to Rachel what I've wanted to do to Jennifer Aniston for years!
Courtney Cox proves she's a "Friend To The End".

And "the end" is finally where we are.  I want to thank everyone who dropped by to visit and view the posts.  A special "thank you" to everyone who left a comment or may leave a comment in the future.  I hope you come back to this blog often to look around, and with any luck at all, we can all meet back here for my 6th blogiversary in 2014.

Happy spanking!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

5-Year Blogiversary Special -- pt. 7

++++++++Selected as a Chross "Spanking Of The Week"++++++++

Welcome back for the penultimate anniversary post and four more Endart drawings based on and inspired by TV shows and casts.

"Charlie's Angels" was nothing short of a Television phenomenon, and a lot of that was due to the presence of Farrah Fawcett ("Jill" in the tv show)..  Her beauty, that flowing mane of blonde hair....and, of course, there was that poster of her in the red bathing suit that probably sold a bajillion copies.  The other "Angels" probably had mixed feelings about the whole thing.  On the one hand, it was all good publicity for the show.  At the same time, it meant that all the media attention was being focused on one person.  Maybe Farrah started believing the media hype--or maybe someone was telling her to believe it.  She made the decision to leave the show after the first year to focus on a movie career and other pursuits.    Endart makes a pretty good guess in regard to how her co-stars probably felt about it in his drawing, "Jill Pays The Price".

Take a show about a man who is clearly a bigot, then throw in plot lines addressing such issues as race, politics, and even rape.  It hardly sounds like a laugh riot, does it?  Yet "All In The Family" managed to do it all and be a top-rated and highly regarded show year after year.  Credit goes to the writing and the incredible cast, especially the work of Carroll O'Connor as Archie Bunker  Let's not overlook Jean Stapleton, Sally Struthers, and Rob Reiner, though.  This was the first television program that saw Emmy wins for all of it's main characters.

Wringing laughs from debates about serious issues was no easy task, and sometimes those debates could get quite heated.  Archie wasn't used to having someone stand up to him, and it probably was a shock everytime his wife, Edith, or his daughter, Gloria, took up the opposite viewpoint.  As we see in the Endart drawing, Gloria has maybe gone a bit too far on some subject, and Archie feels the need to remind her that she's still his "Little Goil".

Next, we go to the suburbs and the seemingly idyllic streets of Wisteria Lane.  For eight seasons, "Desperate Housewives" gave us a look at all the usual problems or raising a family or maintaining a relationship in suburbia, as well as some of the more serious problems, like addiction, alcoholism, murder.  In other words, just your average, everyday neighborhood and the four friends--Bree, Gabrielle, Lynette, and Susan--who happen to live there.  There's nothing some good food, good wine, and a weekly poker game can't fix.  And when it comes to one of the ladies fooling around behind her husband's back with the gardner?  Well, Bree knows how to take care of that, too, in "Naughty Gabrielle".

In the last picture, there's nothing in the title--"She Is Shocked"--to suggest that the drawing is a take on a TV show.  There's no background that can be used for identification.  No flags, no badges, no pencils stuck in ceiling tiles.  No posters proclaiming, "I want to believe".  No one whistling to spooky music.  Still, based on the likenesses, I do believe that we have FBI agent Fox Mulder applying his palm to the posterior of Dana Scully in a representation of "The X-Files".  The truth is out there.....and in this case, the truth looks like it hurts.

Friday, February 1, 2013

5-Year Blogiversary Special -- pt. 6

Four more Endart drawings today, and then another two posts in the days ahead, and the Blogiversary Special will come to a close.  I hope you've been having as much fun as I am.  I'm holding out some of my favorite "TV by Endart" illustrations for the final post.  Which ones, I wonder, have been your favorites?

On to today's pictures........

Creepy?  Sure.  Kooky?  Undoubtedly.  Mysterious and spooky?  No question.  But what the heck is "all together ooky"?  I'm not sure anyone knows the answer to that.  Perhaps they meant "all togther spanky".  That might be more fitting for "The Addams Family".

The title here is "Lucky Thing".  Perhaps this is what happens to Morticia when she doesn't speak French to Gomez!    Although instead of the trademark phrase, "Thank you, Thing", perhaps this time she is saying, "Thank you, Thing.....may I have another?"

Of course, we can't visit the Addams's without then dropping by for some "Fun At 1313".  That's 1313 Mockingbird Lane, the home of Herman and Lily Munster. I love the Endart characterization of Herman in this one.  You can almost hear Fred Gwynne's big, booming laugh!  Lily, on the other hand, doesn't seem to be enjoying it quite as much.

The TV show, "Cheers", was one of the most successful and popular television series to ever be broadcast, so it should probably come as no surprise that it inspired two Endart drawings.  Dr. Frasier Crane first appeared in Season 3 of the series. and then went on to a very long run on his own in the TV show, "Frasier".  Judging by the length of his hair in the drawing, though, this is definitely Frasier from his days of hanging around that Boston Bar with his friends Sam, Norm, Cliff, Carla, Woody--and yes, even Diane.  Here, Frasier has clearly moved on from his days as a love interest for Diane Chambers and is involved with the women he would eventually marry, Lilith Sternin.  You could say that Frasier and Lilith were the Amy Farrah Fowler and Dr. Sheldon Cooper ("The Big Bang Theory") of their day.

The drawing is called, "Her Therapy", and--given Lilith's nature and personality--I'd say that Dr. Crane had better schedule her for at least three sessions a week for an indefinite period of time.

I would have thought that Endart would naturally choose to do a drawing of bartender and Cheers owner Sam Malone with Diane Chambers.....but no, he went with a depiction of Sam and new bar manager, Rebecca Howe (Kirstie Alley).  I'm glad to see that Sam is taking the time to teach Rebecca the rules of the bar.  It's moments like this that truly make you want to go "Where Everybody Knows Your Name".