Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sometimes Spellcheck Doesn't Help

What follows is a supposedly true story.

Spellcheck is a wonderful thing. I don't use it often enough, truth to tell. I'm sure you could go through my previous posts and find several spelling errors, if you were so inclined.

There are times when Spellcheck won't save you, however. If you type in the wrong word, and have spelled it correctly, Spellcheck won't point out your mistake. For example, if you're typing, "He tried to teach the students", but were thinking about the laundry you're going to do later, you could type, "He tried to bleach the students" by accident and Spellcheck will look at it and tell you there's no problem with the sentence since everything is spelled properly.

Likewise, if you transpose a couple of letters, Spellcheck will offer up the nearest equivalents to what it thinks you're trying to type. If you just assume that what's being offered is right and don't look at it too closely, you might just replace your word with something totally inappropiate. In both cases, after using Spellcheck, you do really need to go back and proofread what you've written with your own eyes.

One church secretary did, indeed, make one of the mistakes mentioned above as she was typing up the programs and the words to the hymns for an upcoming Sunday service. Who knows what she was thinking that may have distracted her (oh, who am I kidding? I think we ALL know what she must have been daydreaming about!).

Consequently, instead of the word, "speaking", puzzled parishoners that Sunday found themselves singing, "Teach us, O Lord, the art of spanking."

It probably didn't help that the next verse began with the words, "You release us from our bondage."

I think we all know what came next for the church secretary......

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Worth Paying For

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day

This is Fort Snelling National Cemetery. It's where my father is buried. He was a World War II veteran.
While we enjoy this holiday weekend, let's all be sure to put a little time aside and honor the memory of those who served--or are serving--their country. It is their service and sacrifice that made our Nation what it was, and what it is.
A blessed Memorial Day to you all.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Public Spanking

The hot topic a few weeks back was Public Spanking. Michael wrote an excellent post about it for Devlin O'Neill's Weblog. Pest of Pest's World wrote up her experience, and so did Cheryl of Positively Spanking. All these accounts make excellent reading. In fact, you should go to all the blogs I mentioned--I have links to all of them on the right-hand side of the screen--find these posts, and read them. Maybe leave a comment and let the authors know how much you enjoyed their tales. Go ahead. Do it now. I'll wait here for you until you get back.

(whistling quietly to myself)


("...da da dah da, the girl from Ip-a-nema goes walkin'.....")

Oh! You're back? Good.

So now, three or four weeks later, it's my turn to add my experiences to the list. (I never claimed to be punctual.) There are two tales that I can recall.

The first one happened while I was in Chicago attending a Crimson Moon spanking party. Now, I must admit, when I go to Chicago for these parties, I never really see anything of Chicago. I go from O'Hare airport to the hotel to my room to the hospitality suite where the party takes place. The weekend is spent in the hotel. Maybe I'll walk across the street to a restaurant, but that's the extent of my sightseeing. When the event is over, I take a cab back to O'Hare.

This time, some of us decided to get out of the hotel and see a little bit of the city. We were led by a few of our members who lived in Chicago and knew the town well. We went down by the Navy Pier, did some browsing, some people did some shopping and then we had reservations to eat lunch at this charming place:

The description one of our Chicago people gave to me for Dick's Last Resort is that it's a place where the waiters (and waitresses) are deliberately rude to the guests. Not rude in a nasty way, mind you--it's done with a sense of humor. On their website, Dick's describes the waitstaff as "energetic and surly". Ask for a menu, and your waiter will be only to happy to point to where they are and tell you to be sure to get enough for everyone at your table. Leave your chair for a minute, and when you come back your waiter might be sitting there and nibbling on one of your french fries. Dick's aspires to be a dive, and I imagine one day they'll get there. And the food is quite good, in case you were wondering. There's a Dick's Last Resort in, oh, about 7 cities nationwide. If there's one near you, give them a try.

Apparently one of our gabby group leaders informed our waiter exactly what Chicago Crimson Moon was all about. The next thing we knew, the P.A. system was activated with the announcement, "Ladies and gentlemen, dining here with us this afternoon is the Chicago Crimson Moon group, a group specializing in adult spanking. So everybody behave yourselves, or we're going to turn them loose." This prompted a few laughs, along with some questions from folks at nearby tables. Two of the ladies sitting near us were from Minnesota, and sounded rather intrigued. I should have gotten their names and numbers!

We finished the meal and were getting ready to leave. Chris--the lady sitting across from me--put on her coat. In doing so, the bottom of the coat swung across the table, colliding with her half-filled tumbler of Coke. The glass tipped over and the liquid started flowing in my direction. Luckily, I saw it happen and quickly pushed my chair back from the table. A couple of us threw our napkins at the mess, hoping to stem the tide....and it worked. The napkins did what napkins are supposed to do, and no one got liquid spilled on them.

Chris came around to my side of the table, leaned down, and said she was sorry for spilling her drink. Well, I was already pushed away from the table, so I said, "Not good enough", grabbed her arm. Pulling her over my knee, I gave her bottom about 10 swats right there in the restaurant! (She later told me that had always been a fantasy of hers, and she thanked me for making it come true.)

She stood back up--and then our waiter came over, grabbed her around the waist, and added a few swats of his own! It was all done with exaggerated facial expression and arm movement, played for comic effect, but he did get in a decent swat or two! We all laughed, and I don't think Chris minded in the least. I believe one of our group leaders gave the waiter our card and invited him to attend one of our parties, although I don't believe he ever did.

(photo from the former MSN group Public Spanking)

The second story happened during summer many years ago. I had been exchanging some e-mails with a lady who lived in Northern Minnesota, and she and a friend had made plans to come down to the Twin Cities and see the Mall of America. They were going to stay at a hotel near the Mall, and she suggested that we get together for a cup of coffee and maybe some spanking play.

Her friend was going to meet up with someone she'd been talking to on-line, as well. They planned to have dinner and take in a movie before heading back to the hotel, which would leave the room free for us to play in. At least, it was supposed to work that way.

I met the lady, we had a beverage or two and talked for a bit, and then decided it was time for her to be spanked. We went back to the hotel room--and discovered that her friend had hit it off really well with the man she met, and they had decided to skip dinner and the movie and were back in the hotel enjoying each other's company. The room was not available. They did offer to share the space, but frankly, the idea made me uncomfortable. We decided to go somewhere else.

This was easier said than done. The obvious solution would have been to go to my apartment, but I was worried about nosy neighbors--I'd never done any spanking in my apartment before, and didn't know if they would ignore the sounds, or call the cops, or what. So my apartment was out. And that left......what?

Have you ever just driven around aimlessly in a city that you're not familiar with and look for someplace private enough for a spanking session? I have to admit, I don't have a lot of nerve when it comes to something like that. I know a lovely couple in Texas who are absolutely fearless when it comes to Public Spanking--anywhere, anytime is pretty much their motto. I don't know how they do it, but more power to them!

So we drove.....and drove.....and drove. Every place I could think of had way too many people around. I found a park with a small lake that I hoped would have an empty bench or two that we could put to use, but there were bicyclists, roller skaters, people out walking. No good.

It was starting to get dark, and I was about ready to give up and head for my apartment when passed a small parking area by a place called Shingle Creek. There were no other cars parked there, and it looked like there was a path that lead to some privacy. I parked the car, we got out and started walking toward the water.

This, too, turned out to be a disappointment. We went over a small rise and were still within sight of the car when the path ended abruptly. Beyond was a small stretch of dirt and mud that led down to the shore of a fairly good-sized pond. Houses lined either side of the water in the distance. It wasn't the best of circumstances, but we decided it was probably the best we were going to do. I told her to turn around and put her hands on her knees. I scolded her briefly for a few things that had come up in our e-mails, and then I started to spank her.

The sound of my hand connecting with her bottom carried out over the water with a bit of an echo-y effect. I think one of us commented on it, and then we just concentrated on the spanking. After the warm-up, I pulled her sweatpants down and started laying the swats on a little harder. Then her panties came down, and my palm landed with a with a resounding whack! And then we both heard it--probably the one sound no spanker or spankee wants to hear......


We both immediately got the giggles. There was a duck on the pond, somewhere!

I gave her bottom another spank, and again we heard, "Quack!" Everytime I swatted her bottom, the sound echoed over the water, and the duck answered. It was just like a call and response: "Whack" "Quack" "Whack" "Quack" "Whack" "Quack"

That's when I noticed something else--the sound was getting closer! Can a bottom being smacked sound like a duck mating call? I decided it might be a good idea to bring the session to a close.

There were a few more swats, a few more quacks, and then came the sound of flapping wings. Apparently our aquatic friend had figured out that, whatever was causing the noise, it wasn't a potential mate, and it was time to get the heck out of Dodge! One final salvo of spanks, and we decided to do the same.

She pulled her panties and sweatpants back up and we started walking back to the car, laughing amongst ourselves. As we topped the rise, someone in a white shirt went by on a bicycle. He didn't stop, didn't even look our way, but my first impression was that it was a cop on Park patrol. We had finished up just in the nick of time.

Maybe the duck had called in a complaint.....?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

The following is absolutely true. It's not spanking related, but then, I warned you at the very beginning of my blog that not every post would be. Spanking will be the subject the majority of the time, but I do reserve the right to go off on whatever tangents I see fit.

Also, my apologies in advance to any who may be offended by this, but if you think about it in it's proper context, you shouldn't be. You'll see what I mean.

Anyway, this past Friday, the Minnesota Valley Humane Society held a fundraiser. It's the fifth year for this event. It's primarily a tribute show to the music of David Bowie--although they don't advertise it as such-- but it's also a cat-shelter benefit.

Interestingly enough, the musical coordinator (for lack of a better job description) is actually allergic to cats. And in it's five-year history, nobody at the event has ever picked the song "Cat People" to perform.

The name of this event?

Rock For Pussy

I kid you not.....

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Richard Windsor Is A Very Busy Man

In my last post I talked about Dave's excellent other site, The Daisy Dukes Report. I hope that everyone who read about it here clicked the link on the right side of the page and went to check it out. And if you did, I also hope that some of you left a comment telling him how much you enjoyed your visit.

Now, since I'm spreading some joy and blog love around, let me ask this: What do you get when those ladies take their Daisy Dukes off?

Beautiful Panties, of course--Richard Windsor's new blog!

The House Of Richard Windsor is another of my favorite blogs, and if I've learned anything from reading it, it's that Richard has a very large collection of pictures saved on numerous hard drives. which he's only too happy to share with us. I've been looking at spanking pictures for a long time, and after a while, you feel like you've seen all the old photos. Yet he constantly comes up with vintage shots from his collection that I've never seen before. I'll admit it, I'm in awe.

Richard has decided to "open the vault", so to speak, and is going to share his collection of photos with all of us. And to do this, he's created a new blog--Beautiful Panties. The name says it all--the site is full of photos of lovely young ladies showing off their pantied bottoms. Here are a couple of samples. Both photos are from Richard Windsor's Beautiful Panties:

The "Hello Kitty" panties are just too adorable for words. I don't know if I could bring myself to lay a single spank across the seat of those panties--which means, I guess, I'd have to pull them down first, and then spank her!

So there you have it--cute girls with their cute bottoms encased in cute panties. What's not to like? And because many of the people visiting the site will be coming from his other blog, Richard has said that he'll mix in some spanking photos amongst the panty-clad young ladies.

As if that isn't enough, Richard has taken over the Spanking Pics And Video blog, keeping it alive. And he's most recently started Richard Windsor's Vintage Spanking, a place to post some of those older photo sets that he has safely stored away.

I have links to all of these sites on the right-hand side of my blog. Go check them out--I think they'll all make your "favorites" list. And leave Richard a note to let him know you appreciate his efforts!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Daisy Dukes Report

I suspect a lot of you know about The Cherry Red Report. It's one of my favorite blogs, fun to read and and with some great pictures, too. The driving force behind the blog is Dave, who is a Boston Red Sox fan--but hey, we all have our flaws. (I figured I'd get that joke out of the way now, because the Minnesota Twins and the Red Sox are in the middle of playing a 4-game series against each other, and currently each team has won 1 game. I'm hoping each team wins two games, so that neither of us wind up with bragging rights.)

If you don't read The Cherry Red Report regularly, then you may not be aware that Dave has another site--The Daisy Dukes Report. As the name implies, it's dedicated to great photos of women wearing those extremely short and form-fitting cut-off jeans made ever so popular by Catherine Bach on the TV show, The Dukes of Hazard--sort of like what this lady is wearing:

Or in this lady's case, sort of like what she's not quite wearing:

But it's not just limited to ladies wearing denim shorts. Any good, skin-tight pair of short-shorts will do:

(all photos courtesy of The Daisy Dukes Report)

It's definitely a feast for the eyes. And if you happen to like looking at women wearing clothing like this--and wearing it well--then I strongly suggest you make The Daisy Dukes Report a regular on-line stop. For your convenience, I have links to both of Dave's sites over to the right of the screen.

Monday, May 5, 2008

A little May cleaning

I've been kept somewhat busy of late, so this is my first post in about a week. However, I have tried to do some general housekeeping.

For one thing, I've continued to update the Roll Call post, adding in the names of the countries that have been kind enough to come visit. The most recent entry is Brazil. Lovely country, Brazil. Lots of beautiful women there, too, with wonderfully round, spankable bottoms--like this girl:

(photo from

Don't know about the Brazil part, but the round spankable bottom--check!

I've added a new blog to my list. It's called So I'm A Spanko, and it's just started up very recently. Drop by and say hello, and tell Michelle that Dr. Ken sent you.

I've also added a new category--Picture Blogs, sites that are primarily devoted to photos. I'll talk a little bit more about them as the week goes on.

That's all for now. I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still out here, still alive and planning on doing some more posting soon. What's a blog without new posts, after all?

Hang loose!