Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Christmas Spirit

Christmas Day may have come and gone, but the Christmas spirit lingers on.....

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all from Dr. Ken at "Spanking Minnesota"!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

December 24th is a very busy time for Santa Claus.  There are always those last minute touches that need doing, and Santa has to pay attention to each and every detail.

For instance, he has to finish taking care of the "Naughty" list.  As you can imagine, this can take some time--

And, even though their work is almost done, he still has to make sure that the elves stay motivated.

While Santa can't keep tabs on all the elves that he lends out to department stores and shopping malls, he does make sure that each store manager has explicit instructions and how to deal with any naughty elves.  You can say what you want about him, but Santa knows how to delegate.....

I've just received word that Santa is finally ready to start his deliveries.  He's in the sleigh and is picking up the reins.  I hope he comes to see you very soon!  There he goes!

On, Thrasher!  On, Spanker!......

Monday, December 23, 2013

Thursday, December 19, 2013

I Feel A Song Coming On

Another little song parody for you.  Not the entire song, just a few verses.  This is to the tune of, "Santa, Baby":

Spanko, baby,
Kindly put me over your knees
Yes, please
Been an awfully bad girl
Spanko, baby
So spank my naughty bottom tonight

Spanko, baby
Just pull my panties down if you dare
Quite bare
Really got this coming
Spanko, baby
So spank my naughty bottom tonight

Spanko, baby
The wooden paddle's waiting for you
Aim true
Don't forget the sit-spot
Spanko, baby
And spank my naughty bottom tonight

Friday, December 13, 2013

Taylor Swift--Maybe....?

Singer/songwriter Taylor Swift is not one to sit back and rest on her laurels.

Making albums, touring, making guest appearances here and there to promote her songs, writing and creating new material...she seems like the sort of person who has several plans in the air and is always looking to the next new project.

It was mentioned recently that one of those possible future projects might have her starring in a biopic of Joni Mitchell.

This is of interest to us, of course, because in his recent book, Graham Nash told of turning Joni over his knee and giving her a spanking.  It sounds, in fact, like it may have happened more than once.

So, if the biopic does get made, and if Taylor Swift does in fact play the starring role--might there be a mainstream on-screen spanking scene in Taylor's future?

We can only hope....

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Oh, Holy Crap

This blog doesn't have many recurring features, but it does have a few.  "Dr. Ken's Spankable Bottom Of The Week" is the latest.  There's also "Photo Caption Fun" where I'll take a spanking picture from the net and try to think of something funny to add in the way of dialogue or a description.  There's also a long-standing tradition of song parodies.  (And when I say, "long-standing", I mean I just made that part up.)

Since it's the Christmas season and Christmas songs are everywhere, the idea for a parody popped into my head the other day.  It's not a complete song--no multiple verses and choruses.  It was originally just a phrase that popped into my head, and I expanded it to a verse from a Christmas carol.  I hope you enjoy it.

(to the tune of, "O Holy Night")

Oh, holy crap

I'm gonna get a spanking

This is the night that he said that I would

I screwed up bad

Forgot to do the banking

Hubby's not pleased

And I'm gonna get it good

There is no hope

He's reaching for the hairbrush

He calls my name

I know what happens next

Over his knees

He starts to spank me soundly

Oh gawd that hurts

It really stings, my butt's on fire

No!  Stop!  I'm SOR-RY!

Oh crap!

Oww holy crap!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Spankable Wonder Bottom Of The Week

It was announced this past week that the next Superman movie would not only include Batman, played by Ben Affleck, but would also have Wonder Woman as well!

If it were up to me, the casting here would be a no-brainer.  I've always thought that actress Daniela Ruah of the CBS show, "NCIS: LOS ANGELES" would make a great Wonder Woman.

I mean, seriously--tell me she wouldn't be a perfect fit for the Wonder Woman head band and a pair of star-spangled hot pants.

However, Hollywood seldom, if ever, consults with me when it comes to the casting of movies.  The role of Wonder Woman went to actress Gal Gadot.  Here's a photo:

Needless to say, she automatically becomes Dr. Ken's Spankable Bottom Of The Week.  Granted, it seems a little odd to do that.  I mean, who'd want to spank Wonder Woman?

Oh, yeah....those guys......

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pixie's Got A Brand New Blog

Remember this woman?

Of course you do.  It's everybody's favorite punished brat, Amber "Pixie" Wells.  And I'm happy to announce that she's started a brand new blog!

It's called, Amber Pixie Wells, and the subheading reads, Pixie's Thoughts On Spanking....And Everything Else.  The plan is for the blog to be a place where she can discuss whatever she wants to discuss.  Naturally, a lot of that will be spanking related, but she reserves the right to post about whatever she wants--for instance, the pies she baked for Thanksgiving dinner,  If you've read my profile (and if you have, thank you!) it's the same idea as I had for this blog.  I didn't want to be limited as to what I posted.  If I wanted to talk spanking, fine, I did that.  But if I wanted to talk about the Minnesota Vikings football season, I could do that, too.  By not limiting myself, I'm able to share more and let people get to know me a bit better.  The same goes for Pixie.

She's not abandoning her old blog, btw.  It's still there, but now it'll be an extension of what she does on the Punished Brats  site with Pixie's Archives.

I've added a link to her new site in the blog roll under the heading, "Blogs I Read Daily".  Be sure to drop by and tell her what you think of the new blog.  Also, while you're there, read some of the older posts and especially those about "Cause For Paws".  Pixie and Lilly Anna are trying to raise money for the animal shelter they've supported in the past.  Read up on it, and if you feel so inclined, you can read all about how you can make a donation.  It's well worth it.

Welcome back, Pixie!