Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mary Worth

Mary Worth was a daily comic strip that ran for years, starting way back in 1939. For all I know, It might still be running today.

The strip was created by writer Allen Saunders and artist Dale Conner, although it reached its heyday when Ken Ernst took over the drawing duties.

Mary Worth might best be described as a soap opera. The main character, of course, was Mary, a former school teacher and the widow of a Wall Street tycoon. Mary originally lived in New York, but then later on moved into a condominium complex in California.

Interestingly enough, the stories--at least originally--never centered around Mary, but were developed around her fellow residents at the complex and other people she met. The stories would evolve and develop with Mary mostly an observer, making brief appearances at best, and then at some point she would step in to give a good dose of matronly advice to one or more of the participants.

Each story work was independent of the next. There was little attempt at continuity in that regard. Once a story was over, it was over, and it was on to the next. In later years, the stories began to center a little more around Mary and her friends.

And for what it's worth--Mary supposedly made a mean tuna casserole.

Being the old-fashioned sort, I'm sure Mary was no stranger to spanking, and had probably had more than her share during her life. So, in the example below, it should come as no surprise that Mary reacts very matter-of-factly to the scene she encounters. Wise lady that she is, she knows that sometimes the best way to deal with a naughty young lady--or a lady of any age, for that matter--is to turn her bottoms up and get to the seat of the problem.

The following are probably actually two days worth of strips, and shows what happens when a foolish young girl interferes in someone's love life. That's Mary Worth holding the dry cleaning in the final panel. Click on it to enlarge for a better view.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spankable Celebrities -- #6

This isn't the post I was originally going to put it, but it suddenly became sort of "timely", so I decided to go with it.

Number Six on my fantasy list of Spankable Celebrities is Anne Hathaway.

This is the first time she's made the list. I blame myself for that. The first time I saw her was in The Princess Diaries, and I think that's the image that stuck with me and always whispered, "She's too young to be on the list."

It wasn't until the film Valentine's Day that I saw the light, so to speak. In her first scene in that film, she's in her bedroom, dressed and getting ready to leave for work. She jumps from one side of the bed to the other, and in the process, her somewhat long skirt flies up. It does so for only a nanosecond (thank heavens for the "pause" and "zoom" features on a DVR), but it was enough for me to take notice and go, "Hmmmmmm".

A screen capture from her latest film, Love and Other Drugs, was enough to make me include her on this list. Unfortunately, I believe the picture was "unauthorized" and was quickly taken down, so I can't show it to you here. I'm left with a couple of paparazzi shots--one of her goofing around on a beach, and the other the old reliable actress-in-a-bikini picture.

As for why her being picked for this list is timely, it was announced this week that Anne Hathaway had been cast to play Selena Kyle, aka Catwoman, in the next Batman movie. Anne Hathaway in a skintight leather outfit.........


Can you say, "Spank the naughty kitty?"

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Changing Of The Guard

One thing I've always done on the anniversary of my blog is change my profile photo. It's the little picture off on the right hand side of the screen where it professes to tell you "About Me".

Last year I posted two pictures and put it up to a vote. The winner was the first picture that I have posted at the bottom of this post. For someone named "Dr. Ken", I thought it appropriate.

A lot of the people who were kind enough to express an opinion, however, told me, "I kind of liked the picture you originally had on the blog." After hearing that a few times, I told them that I would change back to that picture the next time my blogiversary rolled around.

Well, here we are at the next anniversary of Spanking Minnesota. And, since I'm a man of my word--just ask some of the ladies that I've promised spankings to--the change has been made.

I've posted last year's photo below. It's still going to be my photo on FetLife and SpankoLife. And below that is the "new" profile picture for this year. I thought you might enjoy seeing the drawings in a larger size.

Goodbye, Doctor Of Spanking Therapy. And welcome back to the original!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Three-Year Blogiversary!!!

Today's post is brought to you by the number Three. Can you count the three beautiful ladies in each picture?

Why "three", you ask?

Because January 16th marked the Three-Year Blogiversary of Spanking Minnesota!

That's right, three years ago I sat down in front of my computer and said to myself, "I should write a spanking blog." And every year after that, when the anniversary of that date rolls around, I stop, take a deep breath, and ask myself the same question: "What the hell was I thinking???"

It probably took the first year alone for me to figure out what I wanted the blog to be. I started out rather pedantic. I quickly realized that there wasn't much need for yet another spanking blog telling people to use safewords. It took time, but I finally found the formula that I liked, that was closest to my own personality--I've always thought of spanking as something fun between two consenting adults, therefore the blog should try to reflect that fun.

(And yes, even a serious discipline scene can be "fun" as long as it's consensual and both spanker and spankee are getting what they want and/or need from the scene. "Fun" does not necessarily mean that you're just playing pattycake back there, or spanking in a more sensual manner, or limiting yourself to "mock discipline" sessions.)

So here's to three years of song parodies, humorous photo captions, and reports of spanking in the media. Here's to movie and TV reviews of full-blown spanking scenes or the occasional one-whacker.

Grab a party hat and a noisemaker. Cake and ice cream will be served. And for any ladies wishing to receive three swats in celebration of the day, the line forms on my right.

Let the spankings continue!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Radio Spanko Back On The Air

My favorite radio program to listen to while I'm at work (The Lori and Julia Show) on my favorite radio station in Minnesota (MyTalk 107.1 FM) was at it again on Thursday, January 13. I wish I could have recorded the segment, since there's no way I can recreate it from memory. The best I can do is paraphrase a lot and give you at least a taste of it.

First, let me give you a quick rundown of the participants.

Lori is the lady I've long suspected of being a secret Spanko. If anyone is going to bring up the subject or make a spanking reference, it's Lori. She tends to be the more uncensored of the group, the most likely to turn a conversation to sexual innuendo. Definitely the Wild Child of the program. She has no children of her own, but is married to one of Julia's brothers who had two children from a previous marriage.

Julia can be just as boisterous and raunchy, but often comes off as the more conservative of the two. I think because she has two boys of her own, she's mindful that part of their radio audience could be made up of mothers in cars with their children, so at times becomes very careful in regard to what she says and what directions she takes the conversation in. She usually says her boys don't listen to the show, but watches what she says just in case.

Donny is the producer of the show. He runs the board and handles the phone calls, along with participating in the on-air conversation. He provides the checks and balances, often responding when Lori gets a little inappropriate with, "Now, why'd you have to say that?" or, "You had to go there." Because he's the one who has to field the calls if listeners call in with complaints, I think he tries to head off any complaints by voicing protest for the audience, although in reality he probably isn't bothered by what's being said.

About 50 minutes into the first hour of the show, the conversation turned to the pending divorce between Kelsey Grammer and Camille Grammer. Allegedly, Camille has a sex tape of her and Kelsey, featuring Kelsey dressed in womens clothing, speaking in a baby-like voice, and saying, "Spank me, Mommy." Again, I stress the word allegedly. The feeling is that the tape will "go away" if Camille gets the monetary settlement she wants.

Lori got the ball rolling by asking Julia if she'd ever had a man ask her to do that--spank him while he called her mommy.

Julia didn't really answer the question, instead remarking that it was sort of a "creepy image", explaining that it falls outside of most people's normal experiences and most people aren't comfortable with anything that they view as not normal. Then she sai, "Let me turn the question on you. Have you ever done that?"

Lori replied, "Yes! But not the "mommy" part."

Donny chimed in with, "Oh, really?" and Lori affirmed it again, adding, "'Besides, a little spanking is good for you."

Donny started laughing and sounded incredulous as he repeated that statement, and Lori insisted, "Yes!", adding, "I'm not talking about turning them over your knee like a child."

(Note to Lori: ain't nothing wrong with that. It puts the bottom in an excellent position. Whether you're giving or receiving, try it sometime.)

She then tried to go on by saying, "There's nothing wrong with a good brisk......" She never finished the thought, probably taking a moment to try and think of how to say what she wanted without running into trouble with the radio bosses. She abandoned the sentence, and instead said, "It brings a nice rosy glow to........everything." And then she laughed.

Donny put on his producer hat at this point, probably thinking they'd gone far enough with the bit, and called them back to order by telling Lori to "Stop. Stop it."

Myself, I would have been perfectly happy to let them go on as long as they wanted. And I can't wait for "Radio Spanko" to make another appearance.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Famous Last Words

"Some people have no sense of humor....."

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Spankable Celebrities -- # 5

We reach the halfway point of my fantasy Top Ten Spankable Celebrities list with a lady who, until this past summer, wasn't even on my radar.

When my regular shows go into hiatus or reruns, I like to take a look at other programs that I've heard good things about. You never know when you might stumble upon a new "favorite" show. The prime example of that, for me, was Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I didn't watch it all the first year it was on, but watched many of the summer reruns and enjoyed it immensely. Come the next TV season, I tried to go back to my old viewing habits, but discovered that I'd rather be watching the goings on in Sunnydale of Buffy, Willow and the gang.

That's exactly what happened here. All I kept hearing was what a wonderful new program this show called Glee was. I finally saw some reruns, and then I got the first season on DVD and watched it straight through. I didn't take long before I was a certifiable "Gleek". Consequently, Spankable Celeb number five is the show's "Rachel Berry"--Lea Michelle.

Her inclusion on the list has very little to do with her. Like Emma Watson, it has more to do with the character that she plays. I knew more than a few "Rachels" in high school and, believe me, if I'd had the courage every one of them would spent some time with their skirt up and over my knee. Lea's portrayal hits all the right notes and brings back memories of those high school ladies, so it should come as no surprise that she makes the list.

Lea and two other of her Glee castmates got in a bit of trouble recently for a somewhat racy photoshoot they did for GQ Magazine. Lea especially had on fewer clothes than normal, and apparently many parents thought it set a bad example for the children who watched the show.

My own reaction is that it's much ado about nothing, and also more than a little ridiculous.. These are actors playing high schoolers. Most of them are over 21, and a few are probably closer to 30. The entire cast could appear nude in Playboy if they felt so included. They're not going to be on Glee forever. They have their future careers to think of, and for some that may very well mean more adult and sexier roles. Photoshoots a re a good method of showing future casting agents what the actor or actress is capable of and can bring to a role.

Bottom line--Characters on TV shows make lousy role models, and parents should not be holding them up as examples. The parent is the best role model a kid could have. Mom and Dad should try to live up to those demands, and stop expecting the TV to do it for them.

In the article that accompanied the pictures, Lea took a, "Gee, I'm not sure how that happened" innocent attitude toward the pictures. Maybe she just got caught up in the moment. Maybe the photographer said, "Okay, let's lose some clothing" and two out of the three actors ignored him. Who knows? I'd like to believe her--but then I take a look at the third photo, the Rolling Stone magazine cover from the first season of the show. Let's see, of all the characters on the cover, which one has her skirt flying up exposing her panty-clad bottom?

Yeah, Lea deserves a spanking, all right--and that's why she's #5.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Spankable Celebs -- # 4

It's time to continue with my current Top Ten list of spankable female celebrities. (I say "current" list, because these things are always in flux. A new TV show or movie can come along, the lead actress can capture my imagination, and the next thing you know her name is on the list and someone else has been dropped. I think it's safe to say that, if I were to redo this list in April, you'd find that half of the names have been changed.)

Spankable celeb number four is Amy Adams.

She was adorable in "Enchanted", and turned in a solid performance in "Sunshine Cleaning". She makes the list, though, on the basis of one movie--which is why this post has only one picture. That one picture, however, is plenty. The role is that of Amelia Earheart, and the movie was Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.

The actress jokingly referred to the movie as "the Amy Adams Butt show", and one look at her costume explains why. She wore a leather jacket over a blouse, and an absolute skintight pair of pants. Word is that, the pants were so skintight, she had to be sewn into them at the start of the day and then cut out of them later. And because of the unforgiving nature of those pants, she couldn't wear any underwear beneath. Add to that the fact that the trousers were somewhat of a flesh tone in color, and the result is eyecatching, to say the least.

It's also enough to make a spanker's palm start to itch. And that's more than enough reason to put Amy Adams on the list.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Out With The Old, Spank In The New

"!! For my birthday party next year, I'm either

banning birthday spankings......or I'm going to invite fewer friends!"


It's "next year".

Happy 2011!

May the spankings continue........