Monday, April 28, 2008

I Love Sarah Gregory!

Okay, "I love Sarah Gregory" is very much an overstatement--and by a ridiculous margin, too. I've never met the girl, nor am I likely to. The only place I've ever "seen" her is in the videos that she's done for Punished Brats. And there's about a 30-year (maybe more like 30-plus) age difference between us. (Now, if it was only 20-something years--look out!) But the point is, "love" is far too strong a term.

Maybe we could call it a "severe case of like"? Naw, that's probably not right, either. Let's stick to the one statement that I know is absolutely, positively accurate.

I'm a fan. Pure and simple. That's really all it amounts to.

Punished Brats has long been a favorite site of mine. I've enjoyed their approach to spanking videos, and have always found them well-acted, well-photographed, well-lit--all the things you want from a video production. Like the majority of people, I immediately became a fan of Amber Pixie Wells, who is the face of and one of the driving forces behind Punished Brats. Other ladies soon joined that list of favorites--Beverly Bacci and Juliet Valentina, to name two--and then along came Sarah Gregory in a video called "Unexcused Absences". You might guess from the title that she played a schoolgirl who got spanked, and you'd be right. I put her on my "favorites" list after viewing her first video, and she's been clawing her way to the top of that list ever since.

It's an over-used phrase, but Sarah Gregory strikes me as that "girl-next-door"--check out some of the photos of Chloe Elise and her at Disney on the blog Chloe Elise's Spanking Adventures (there's a link on the right under "More blogs I read"). I direct your attention to the photo of Sarah in the Mickey Mouse ears. This is about as cute and wholesome as you can get. At first glance, she looks sweet and smart, friendly and approachable. However, if you look a little closer, you may catch an impish gleam in her eye that clearly says, "Spank me."

If good reactions make a good spanking video, than Sarah Gregory gives good reaction. Watch her in any of the Punished Brat productions. As the spanking progresses, the legs kick, her hand slaps the floor or her fist pounds the sofa in reaction to the swats, and her head is in motion like a bobblehead on steroids. You know she's feeling the spanking only too well, and she's not shy about letting you know how she feels about it. In the video "Summer With Cousin", when Mom Veronica pulls Sarah's panties down to continue the spanking on the bare, Sarah's cry of "M-o-m!" is a very authentic and plaintive wail of embarrassment at the indignity of being spanked, being spanked in front of her cousin, and being spanked on the bare bottom!

If you go to the Punished Brats site-- the site and click on "Pixie's Previews" for more pictures of Sarah Gregory. Better yet, join the site, and then you can have access to all her videos and all the photos in the Members section, including the photo Gallery. I think Sarah Gregory will become one of your favorites, too.

And if she ever moves to Minnesota, I know of an apartment for rent. I wouldn't mind her being the "Girl-Next-Door" for real.

(All photos are courtesy of The first photo comes from the Members picture Gallery, the second photo is from the video "Sassy Sophomore", and the last photo is currently in the Pixie's Previews section)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Musical Interlude

This post has it's origins over on Devlin O'Neill's Weblog.

After listening to my rant about those catchy jingles from Free Credit Report, Devlin felt the muse hit him, and he composed a song parody to try and drive the ad away from my thoughts (and, I presume, from his thoughts, too). The result was "Spank The Naughty Maid", sung to the Beatle's tune, "Yellow Submarine". It's quite wonderful, and I urge you to go to Devlin's blog and check it out for yourself.

This unleashed a spurt of creativity in the Comments section of that post. Sir Trent took Roger Miller's song, "Dang Me" and wrote a great spanking related verse. And then I pitched in with a one-verse take-off of the Beatle's version of "Act Naturally".

I originally simply said that my verse was a song for Gwen to sing (Gwen is the "Serene Highness of Computer Graphics"--along with a few hundred other titles--for Dev's blog). Gwen, however, started referring to it as her "theme song". As a few days passed, the verse I had written stayed with me, and I decided that I had to go back to it and finish a parody of the whole song. I rewrote the original verse a little, and went on from there.

So here it is for Gwen--and for any other young lady to whom it might apply.......

(Sung to the tune of the Beatle's "Act Naturally")

He's gonna put me in the corner

He's gonna spank the daylights out of me

He's gonna say that I've been bad and naughty

And all I really did was act naturally

Well I'll bet you I'm gonna get a spanking

Probably a good one--you can never tell

He might just use his hand if I'm lucky

If not, he'll use some Implement From Hell

Well, I bet my butt will wind up red and glowing

I'll kick and squirm while I'm over his knee

There even might be a few tears a-flowing

And all I really did was act naturally

Sometimes I'll tie his shoelaces together

Or swap salt for the sugar in his tea

You know that life with me is never boring

And all I really did was act naturally

Well I'll be in trouble when he gets into town

And be firmly upturned over his knees

It won't be long 'til my panties are pulled down

And my bum feels like it's stung by bees

Well I think I'll go and hide out in the movies

Or go shopping--but eventually

I know I'm gonna have to face the music

And all I really did was act naturally

And all I really did was Act Naturally

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Roll Call

After checking the stats, in my last post I gave a big Hi and Thanks to the 28 countries that had visited my blog that day. Checking the stats over the next few days, I noticed there were some other visitors from other countries that hadn't been included in the original post. Not wanting to leave anyone out, I added their names in an update on the original post.

There are still new names appearing in my statistical analysis, and I don't want to leave them out, either. So from now on, as I spot a new country showing up in the stats, I 'm going to list them here, and update this post as often as necessary.

I won't repeat the original list of 28 countries--you can check the previous post for that--but here's a huge "Hello and Thank You" from this Minnesotan to all those people who have dropped by my blog from the following countries (this includes those that I updated in the previous post):

United Arab Emirates
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
Hong Kong
Puerto Rico
Costa Rica
Faroe Islands
CS--Serbia and Montenegro
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Republic of Moldova
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Trinidad and Tobago
Sri Lanka

Monday, April 21, 2008

A Little Housekeeping

Spanking Pixie, The Cherry Red Report, and The House of Richard Windsor have all moved recently. I have updated my links to their blogs so you should be able to get to them from here with no problem. If any other blogs that I read move as well, I'll certainly try to keep the links up-to-date.

While checking the analysis of my stats, I noticed that once again I had visitors from 28 different countries coming here and checking out my blog. Most of them were from the United States--I think that's just to be expected. And yes, that strange country "Unknown" was included, too. But I love the fact that people from all over the world come here and check out my blog. So, I'm going to send a big "Hello and Thank you" to those people from:

United Kingdom
Republic of Korea
Russian Federation
New Zealand
Czech Republic
United States
and, of course, "Unknown"

Also a big "Hello and Thank You" to those people in Norway, Argentina, and Japan who drop by. They weren't part of the 28 countries on that particular day, but I know that I do get visitors from these countries, as well, and I wouldn't want to leave them out.

Added on April 21: A "Hello and Thank You" to those readers from Australia and Greece, as well!

I have another Musical Interlude coming up shortly, so keep coming back!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Blind Date

If I do say so myself, I have a pretty good sense of humor. I love to laugh, and I enjoy making other people laugh. If you've read anything on this blog that has given you a chuckle, I feel like I've done my part. It's always gratifying to bring a smile to someone's face.

When it comes to going to a movie, or renting a movie, I'll always take a comedy over a drama--even a bad comedy over a really good critically acclaimed drama. When I watch TV, I'll go for a half-hour sitcom every time. If I do watch an hour-long drama, you can bet it's one that doesn't take itself too seriously (at least, not all the time) and has a good streak of humor running through it.

The same applies to the blogs I like to read. I prefer something with a lighter tone, one that isn't afraid to have fun. The "Keyword Chaos" posts that Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts writes are a perfect example. The keyword is what people type into their search engines that brings them to the blog. Some of these are funny in their own right, but Bonnie's responses to them always get me going. I still say I'm going to do my own version of that one of these posts. Stay tuned!

Equally funny is the "Correspondence Hall of Shame" that Erica Scott puts on her blog. Rather than keywords, these are sentences that have been sent to her via IM or e-mail. Erica has a very sharp sense of humor, and her responses to some of these just crack me up! I need to put a link up for her blog (note to self).

I tell you all this in an effort to explain how I came to occasionally watch a TV show called, "Blind Date", hosted by Roger Lodge.

Ordinarily I would steer clear of this type of show. Heck, I tend to steer clear of anything that smacks of "reality TV". There are some exceptions, of course, but for the most part, I have no use for that kind of programming.

Like the name implies, "Blind Date" sets two people up with each other and then the camera follows them around on their date. Some of these turn out to be total disasters, some turn out okay but nothing special. In a few instances, the people actually make plans to see each other again for a second date. Some of the things that happen on the date can be funny, and the show constantly makes use of pop-up comments that can be quite humorous. And every now and then--there's a little spanking.

I was clicking the remote one night, flipping through channels when I first came across this show. I then clicked right on by it, but found myself coming back to it. There were some amusing moments, and I sort of filed it away for future reference. I kept stumbling across it over the next few weeks, and one time just happened to tune in when the dating couple were playing Ping-Pong. The stakes? Winner spanks the loser.

Needless to say, I stopped flipping the channels at that point.

There was a similar moment in another episode with the two people playing pool. The lady who lost the game got one or two pretty firm whacks, from the look of things. None of the spankings I've seen have been very long, obviously--a few smacks at the most, and a lot of one-whackers here and there.

The one episode that stands out, though, was one that featured a cute black girl. She had her hair pulled back in a bun, I think, she wore round wire-rim glasses, and had a soft, high-pitched almost little-girl voice. As she and her date are driving to their first destination, they start telling a little bit about themselves, and when it's her turn, one of the first things she says is, "I like to be spanked."

Now, if I had been her date, I would have replied, "Well, then you'd better behave yourself on our date, or we both know what will happen, don't we, young lady?" Of course, telling her that pretty much guarantees that she wouldn't behave herself, and....well....things would have gotten interesting.

Unfortunately, it was clear that her date really didn't have a clue as to how to respond to her statement. I think he said something brilliant, such as, "Really?" Things went downhill from there. She never did get spanked, which was too bad--it could have wound up being their highest rated episode ever!

It's been years since I saw that episode, but I still remember it. And then one day, going through the photos on my hard drive, I came across this picture--and I'll be darned if it doesn't look an awful lot like the girl from Blind Date. The hair, the glasses, the looks in general. I can't help but wonder--could it be the same girl?

And even if it isn't--can I spank her anyway?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Good News, Bad News

The Good News is that the blogisphere has two new additions. The Artist Formerly Known As Pest (actually, now that I think of it, she's STILL known as Pest) has started Pest's World. Pest has been commenting on my blog practically since I started. Now I get the chance to return the favor! (And no, that isn't a "threat"....) And Dariachick (who also has been known to comment here), along with Sir Trent, are writing Swats and Thoughts. Both of these blogs should be excellent additions to anyone's reading list. I have links to both of them, and I urge everyone to check them out, and to leave a comment welcoming and encouraging them.

The Bad News? It's not "bad", really--more annoying than anything, in fact. I'm referring to a specific ad on TV and radio--those spots for Free Credit Report dot com. Are there two more annoying songs anywhere? Catchy, yes, I'll give them that, and they're not so bad that I can't get them out of my head. It's not like I'm humming them all day long (thank god!). But it's sneaky and insidious they way they crawl into your mind and stay there. A few days ago I was sitting at the computer and got up to get a nice cold beverage out of the refrigerator. As I walked to the kitchen, out of nowhere I suddenly started singing, "F-R-E-E that spells Free/ Credit Report dot com baby...." The song hadn't been going through my head, I hadn't heard it recently--I just spontaneously started singing it (and most people would tell you that I shouldn't try to sing anything, much less an ad!). Out of all of the great songs I've heard in my lifetime--that's the one that jumps out of my mouth??

That's just not right. There's some trickery involved here.

And if that's not bad enough....The other ad jingle that they use has the line in the chorus, "Shoulda gone to Free Credit Report dot com/ I could have seen this coming at me like an atom bomb". When I hear that, I always want to yell, "And done WHAT, pray tell?!? 'Cause I gotta tell ya--if you can SEE the atom bomb, it's probably pretty much too late to do anything about it...."

I mean....arghhhh!!! No wonder I keep the remote handy! It's a conspiracy, I tells ya.....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

10,000 And Counting

Sometime this past Wednesday, if I'm figuring this correctly, my stat counter recorded the 10,000th visit to this blog. Yeah, baby--break out the champers and let the good times roll!

I remember when I first decided to add the stat counter. I did it out of sheer curiousity. The blog had been in existence for about a month and a half, and because most people--and I include myself in this--go to a blog, read it and then leave without a comment, I had no idea if anyone was reading what I wrote. I was thrilled when I saw the first day results--almost 250 people! It was nice to know I wasn't operating in a vacuum. And now, slightly more than a month later, I feel a similiar thrill knowing the blog visitor count is at 10,000 and climbing.

Thanks to the statistical analysis available with the stat counter, I know that the majority of people who drop by here come from the United States, but I do get visitors from all over. Most days it's not unusual to see hits from over 20 different countries around the world. I think the best single day I had saw visitors from 27 countries--28 if you count, "Unknown". (That must be those "Parts Unknown" that so many professional wrestlers herald from.....) Thank you one and all for looking in!

I can also, in a very general way, see what city people are connecting from. For a blog called Spanking Minnesota there really aren't that many visitors from the land of 10,000 lakes. (Hey, I just realized--I got one hit per lake! I wonder if that's somehow significant?) Anyway, to all those people who visit my blog from Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth, Inver Grove Heights, Chanhassen, Cottage Grove, Rochester and Blaine--thanks! Keep on dropping in!

If people use a link to get to me, I can also check the stats and see where they came from. With only a few exceptions, the majority of people who visit every day come from the blog Spanking my thanks to Amber "Pixie" Wells for linking me up. The exceptions to this have been the times when someone else mentioned Spanking Minnesota on their site. When The Spank Statement, for example, mentioned me in a post, for a few days the majority of my visitors came from there. But eventually it always goes back to normal with Pixie leading the way. My thanks also to Dave at The Cherry Red Report. He was the first person to add a link to me.

Another feature available to me is Keyword Analysis--the things that people type into a search engine that brings them to my site. I'm going to save that for a later post, though. If you read Bonnie's blog, My Bottom Smarts, you're familiar with a feature of hers that she calls "Keyword Chaos" where she responds to the keywords people have typed. It's very funny, and always provides me with a good laugh. I've seen Iris do something similiar on her blog, and Devlin O'Neill tried it, as well. Naturally, I want to take a crack at it--but that's for another post.

For now, just let me give all of you--the readers--a round of applause for dropping in and making my day--as well as for making my stat counter happy!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Party's Over, pt. 2

(Just a note: As I'm sure you noticed, I'm very deliberately not mentioning the names of the ladies I played with at the party. Granted, if I were to say, "I spanked Salma and then spanked Penelope", the vast majority of you would say, "Who?" The first name or the initial would mean nothing to you. However, there are those who would know to whom I am referring, and I feel that who I play with at Crimson Moon or elsewhere is between me and the spankee and nobody else. Not using names does make for some clunky sentences, but I prefer to err on the side of discretion. The only exceptions I make are Cigi and Cheryl, because they've already written up a party report on their blogs and both were kind enough to mention me.)

Saturday arrived all too quickly. I never sleep well in strange hotels and in a bed that's not my own. Consequently, I was still in a bit of a "waking up daze" when I went down to the lobby for the free breakfast buffet. I sat with a few people, not really saying much. I just wanted to eat and try to become slightly more alert! Normally I don't drink coffee, but I had a couple of cups that morning in hopes that it would cut through the fog. I also thought the warm liquid might help quiet my cough (the cold--or whatever this is--had actually started two days before the party). It took a couple of hours, but I started to feel like my normal self.

There is usually nothing scheduled during the day. Sometimes, there may be a vendor's fair, or something else going on, but for the most part, you're left to your own devices. Play, socialize, take a nap--it's all up to you. I spent most of my time just hanging out. I talked to whoever was around, and then I'd go to my room for a while and read or relax. I always bring a couple of books with me. I read in the airport, on the plane, and during quiet moments of the day. I also have a book of Sudoku puzzles for a change of pace. (And here you thought a party was all spanking, all the time!)

I was down in the lobby checking my e-mail on one of the hotel's computers when Favorite Lady #2 (FL#2) showed up. I knew she wasn't going to attend the party, but she had said she was going to drop by to see a few people, myself included. I was happy to see her, as always. We talked for a little bit about this and that. In retrospect, I think the majority of my contribution to the conversation was the word, "Good". It started with her telling me she had been spanked the day before.

"Good", I told her.

"But I got spanked hard," she said.


"Yeah, but he spanked really hard!"


At this point, I think she realized she wasn't going to get much in the way of sympathy.

Naturally, what I really wanted to do was bend her over, smack her backside, and say, "You mean you got spanked like THIS?" But, of course, I didn't. Not in the middle of the hotel lobby with vanilla hotel guests around. Not if you want the hotel to welcome your group back for future events. Discretion is the better part of....well.....something.

She then had to go meet some other people, so we hugged and off she went, and I went back to my e-mail. A quick check of the hospitality suite showed no else about, so I went up to my room for a bit.

I ran into her again in the lobby later in the afternoon, and learned that a number of people were going to a nearby restaurant for dinner, and she asked me if I wanted to join them. Of course, I said, "Sure.". Favorite Lady #2 then called upstairs to Favorite Lady #1 and extended the same invitation, which was also accepted. So about ten of us trooped off to a nearby restaurant. It was good food and good company. I really enjoyed just getting the chance to sit and talk with the two people I enjoy playing with the most. Because I live in Minnesota, it's something that doesn't happen nearly often enough, so it always feels special to me when we get the chance. Good food and good conversation with two terrific ladies--who could ask for more?

We eventually made our way back to the hotel, and I said my goodbyes to Favorite Lady #2. There was still about an hour to go before the start of the party that evening, so I went to my room to kill some time and do some reading. You know, reading after eating a filling meal is pretty relaxing. Yep, pretty darn relaxing. Almost sleep inducing. Coma-like, even.

Or, to put it another way.......sleepy time bye-bye.

Let's face it--I didn't just kill time, I ran it through the woodchipper!

At some point, I suddenly came to, looked at my watch, and realized the party had started about 50 minutes ago! I freshened up quickly, changed into my party clothes, slapped on my name tag, and headed downstairs.

I entered the room just as the fun and games were getting under way. Most of the tables were full, but there was one table near the front that was empty save for a few implements--a thin paddle, a medium weight paddle, a thicker paddle, and a hairbrush.. I pulled up a chair and sat down there.

The evening commenced with some ice-breaker games. The first was a spirited round of musical chairs. 6 spankees--Cheryl and Cigi among them--and 5 chairs. Whoever was eliminated each round had to pick one of the implements on the table--one of the paddles or the hairbrush--and pick someone to give them a predetermined number of swats with that implement. I must say, for adults playing what is essentially a children's party game, I saw an impressive number of body blocks being thrown as people scrambled for the chairs once the music stopped!

As the game went on, each person eliminated came over to the table, picked their implement and their spanker, and then leaned on or bent over the table to take their swats. By arriving as late as I had, I actually wound up with the best seat in the house! Watching all the facial expressions, seeing how each person prepared themselves for what was to come, how they focused, how they controlled their breathing--I know most people would choose to stare at their butts, but watching their faces was a treat.

When Cheryl was eliminated, she choose to get 5 whacks with the hairbrush, and she picked me to deliver them. I felt honored--not so honored that I took it easy on her, but honored nonetheless. I gave her 5 fairly decent pops with the brush, we hugged and sat down and the game continued. Cigi turned out to be the musical chairs champ, and for her prize, she got--swatted with ALL the implements. I think Cigi is still trying to figure out how that constituted "winning".

There was another game in which male bottoms were put through a gauntlet, then a game where a blindfolded top administered a few spanks to three volunteers from the audience and had to guess who the spankees were. The final game was a dice game. One die had all sorts of implements listed--hand, paddle, strap, etc. The second die had numbers from 5 to 30. Anyone who wanted to could roll the dice. Whatever implement they rolled--that's what they got spanked with. Whatever number they rolled--that's the number of swats they received. The rules were actually not enforced to the letter on this one, and people were allowed to substitute one implement for another, or go for lower number. So, for example, if they had an unlucky roll, nobody was going to have to take 30 with the cane. Both Cigi and Cheryl did wind up getting 15 strokes of the cane--but it was pretty much at their request. It took Cigi several attempts to earn hers. The die kept coming up "hairbrush" when she rolled it. I think she rolled "hairbrush" about 4 straight times! Our host, who was running the games, took the die and rolled it for her--and it came up, "hairbrush"! I'm not sure what she'd done to piss off the Spanking Gods, but they seemed determined to her a hairbrush spanking! Finally, I think she just rolled the die, ignored the roll, and just said, "Cane!" The twins do like the cane. They'll be the first to tell you that.

The games over, it was back to mingling, talking, and spanking. The new lady that I had talked to on Friday asked me if I wanted to play, and of course, I did. (See? It pays to socialize!) We went to my room. I had put the toys away earlier in the day, and just spanked by hand the rest of the night--which is fine by me! The new lady was a lot of fun to play with, and I hope she comes back to future parties and we get the chance to do it again. I gave her a variety of light to medium spanks, and finished up with one hard swat--which became 2, then 3, then 4 on her request!

Back downstairs we went. As you can tell, a lot of the party is spent in travel time--to the room, back to the hospitality suite, back to the room, back to the suite.....You can play in the hospitality suite, and a lot of people do, but that trip up to someone's room can really help build up a sense of anticipation.

If you read Devlin O'Neill's Weblog, you know that I frequently comment on the various posts. So do Cigi and Cheryl, the Brat Twins. I think Devlin was happy to learn the Cigi and I knew each other, happier still when he found out I knew Cheryl as well, and happiest of all when he found out they were twins and that we were all going to be at the Crimson Moon party in a few weeks. From the first day of the party, the three of us kept saying, "We have to make sure that we get together and play this weekend. Devlin is counting on us!" So shortly after I had returned to the hospitality suite, Cigi asked if I wanted to play, I said "yes", we got up to go and Cheryl came with us. No, I didn't spank them both at the same time (although I think Cheryl had suggested that on Devlin's blog), but they did get spanked one right after the other.

Cheryl went first. Remember, both had gotten 15 strokes of the cane not too long before this, so I definitely was taking it easy on them. Some light swats, and then some gentle bottom rubbing...and repeat. Cheryl's bottom still showed traces of the cane, but faintly. She was recovering nicely, so I felt okay about giving her a few "stingers"--but not many. Cigi went next, and the cane marks on her bottom were still pretty pronounced--not horribly so, but she wasn't recovering as fast as her sister, so I kept the spanks light and the rubbing to a maximum. All the while this was going on, of course, we were carrying on a three-way conversation about--oh--just about everything. The twins are fun to talk to, fun to play with, and I always enjoy seeing them at the parties--even if we don't always manage to get together and play.

And it was back to the hospitality room after that. Shortly after walking in, I caught one young lady with some candy--which she is not supposed to have. I turned her over my knee right there in the hospitality room and smacked her bottom until she learned her lesson--which, in all honesty, lasted until the next Top came into the room and she could again get "caught".

The party was starting to wind down by this point. Plenty of people were leaving the suite, and very few were coming back. The numbers dwindled down to a mere handful of people. FL #1 was there, and asked me if I would give her a final spanking before she turned in. This has almost become a ritual with us--the last spanking on the last day of the party. It's the perfect way to wind things up, and I can't think of anyone I'd rather share those last moments with.

We went up to my room. In an e-mail a few days before the party, I had practically promised her a spanking with the hairbrush, but we both decided to leave that for some other time. I don't think I spank as hard as I used to, but I can still do pretty good just using my hand. So she got a pretty solid hand-spanking that was just the right capper to the evening.

I rubbed her bottom for a little bit, then pulled her panties up and helped her up off my lap. We hugged, like we normally do after playing. I went to give her a peck on the cheek--and she, not expecting it, chose that moment to turn her head. Instead of a little kiss on the cheek, we were suddenly nose-to-nose! We both realized the situation at the same time. I pulled back a little bit, and she continued to turn her head, presenting me with her right cheek. I gave her a little kiss, we hugged again, and laughed about the near-miss. Not that I would have anything against kissing this girl--in fact, I think I can safely say it would be downright pleasant--but in spite of how much we enjoy playing together and sharing each other's company, I don't know that she would feel the same way about it. As always, it's best to try and be respectful and be a gentleman.

I walked her to her hotel room--she was only about 5 doors down--and we said goodnight. I was up early the next morning, packed, and went down to the lobby. I said goodbye to the few party-goers that were down there for breakfast, then I checked out, caught a cab, and headed for the airport.

And that was the party.

It was, as always, a lot of fun, and a lot of good memories. If you were paying attention, though, you know that there a few people I missed! You remember the Purple Angel, the lady I didn't get to play with at the previous party in October? Now it's two parties where we missed connections. And the lady that I'd been trying to play with for about a year? Still waiting.

But I'll be going back to Chicago for their party in July......

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Party's Over, pt. 1

My bout of cold/bronchitis/double pneumonia continues, ignoring all my best attempts to get rid of it. Rest and medication don't seem to be doing a damn bit of good, and every time I think it's getting better, I wake up the next day and it's just as bad, if not worse. I even took a couple of sick days from work. I enjoyed the extra rest, but the illness wasn't impressed by my efforts to look after myself. So I'm still coughing and hacking through the day and night.

However, I said I'd tell you a little about the recent Crimson Moon party. Having recently fortified myself with a sandwich, some Alka-Seltzer Plus, and a generous helping of Bailey's Irish Cream (Brandy? We don't need no stinkin' brandy!) , I'll fill you in on the omens, the thing I almost never do, the games, the hits, the misses, the twins, the almost kiss--everything!

I got to the airport in plenty of time on Friday and made my way toward my boarding gate. On the way I passed a display for Bose speakers on the concourse. What song was playing over the speakers as I went by? None other than Nickelback's RockStar, which, you may remember, was the song I parodied back in March in my "Musical Interlude" post. I took this to be a good omen, and mentally song a few of my lyrics to the tune as I walked by.

On the flight, we ran into some turbulence. This, I concluded, was a bad omen, and I quietly checked out my proximity to the exit aisles. We landed safely, of course--and as we all know, any landing you walk away from is a good landing, and therefore a good omen. The final score: Good - 2, Bad - 1.

The cab ride to the hotel was swift and uneventful. Walking into the hotel, I immediately saw some familiar faces, including a good pal of mine with his arm in a sling! Some people don't let anything get in the way of their spanking fun (and I have no doubt he managed to get some swats in even if he wasn't able to use his normal spanking hand). I exchanged some greetings, and then went upstairs to my room. I unpacked and freshened up a bit, and then went downstairs for the start of the party.

One of the hotel's conference rooms had been rented for our use. We can keep ourselves somewhat private that way, and not worry about disturbing the other vanilla guests of the hotel. It's good to have a place to hang out--that way we aren't talking about spanking while sitting around the lobby! I said "hello" to several people, including the twins, Cigi and Cheryl. Yes, they really are twins and yes, they're both spankos. (They both blog, as well, and you can find the links on the right side of the page--Cigi's World is, of course, written by Cigi, and Cheryl writes Positively Spanking.) I also ran into the Purple Angel. Her blog is Spankful Delight, and you can now find a link to her, as well. I had first met her back at the October party. We had both expressed an interest in playing, but we never managed to get together. That happens a lot at these parties, sadly. We said hello, and hoped that we would manage to play this time.

I sat at a table with some people I know, and we passed the time in conversation. Yes, people really do talk at these parties. It's not all smacks and smiles. A few people drifted away from the table to play. Eventually it would up being just one lady and myself, and we decided to go to my room for some spanking fun. I'd only played with her once before, but she'd been to many parties, and we both knew some of the same people. I sat on the bed, she positioned herself over my knee, and the spanking commenced.

Earlier while unpacking, I had put the few implements I brought with my on a table by the bed. There was a leather paddle, a ruler strap that I'd gotten from the London Tanner, and a hairbrush (actually more of a clothesbrush). I always bring a few toys with me, and I almost never use them. I prefer to spank just by hand, and usually that is sufficient. This time, while being spanked, she noticed the toys, picked up the leather paddle and said, "This looks interesting."

If you'll all get out your Spankee's Handbook and turn to page 21, you'll see that picking up an implement and saying, "This looks interesting" actually means, "Spank me with this!" So, even though I almost never do it--I used the leather paddle on her.

Followed by the ruler strap.

When I reached for the brush, she apparently changed her mind about any of the toys looking "interesting". I complied with her wishes, but I did flip the brush over and just gently rub her bottom with the bristles. Being a clothesbrush, the bristles are actually quite soft. She said, "That feels good", and after another moment or two, she said that it felt "really good". The spanking concluded shortly after that, and we both went back downstairs to the party room.

More conversation, more people watching. I ran into a new lady, and we talked for a little bit. It seemed like most of the crowd was gathered around one of the tables, so I suggested we grab some chairs and join them for an interesting conversation regarding spanking videos. I noticed another new couple sitting there--he rather tall, she a lovely lady in a black dress. At some point during the conversation, they got up and left the room, and I never saw them again that weekend. I'm not sure what happened to them. They didn't look like they were "scared off". Perhaps they simply had someplace else they needed to be, or had simply wanted to drop in and observe what a party was all about. Possibly they simply decided that a spanking party wasn't their cup of tea. I do hope they come back in the future. I never even got a chance to say, "hello". Sometimes that happens.

By this time, one of my all-time favorite ladies to play with had shown up. I actually have two such ladies in the Crimson Moon group. One was not going to attend the party, but planned to drop by and visit with a few people the next day--and the other, of course, was now here. We greeted each other, sat and talked with the group for a while, and then she expressed an interest in playing and naturally, I said, "yes". I always say "yes" to her. Anytime she wants to play, I'm available. It's that simple.

We started to leave, and I was stopped by another lady who said she hoped we could play sometime during the weekend. This lady and I have been trying to play for about a year, I think, and we somehow never manage to connect. I told her I hoped we could manage it, too, and then left with the Favorite Lady.

We went back upstairs to my room. We hadn't seen each other since the October party, so we sat and talked and got caught up. Eventually we got around to playing. It was going to be her first spanking of the weekend, so she wanted a good warm-up spanking, for sure, and then maybe a little harder spanking to finish. And that's what we did.

By the time we got back downstairs, it was pushing midnight, and there were maybe 5 people left in the conference room. We talked a bit longer, and eventually all decided to call it a night. I walked Favorite Lady #1 to her room, said goodnight, and then went back to my room and tried to get some rest for the next day of the party....which I'll write about tomorrow.....

Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring Cleaning, pt. 2

There's something a little off about this drawing.....

Or maybe I should say, "off-center". Why in the world would the artist cram a perfectly good spanking drawing into the right-hand corner of the picture? Why not in the center, acting as the main focal point? It almost appears as if the artist starting out to just make a drawing of the room, and at the last minute thought, "Hmmm, it needs something to liven it up a bit, and I've got some space down here......"
Of course, in all fairness to the artist (whoever he--or she--might be) it could be that whoever made a scan of the picture cropped some details from the right-hand side--the artist's name, perhaps--thus creating this off-balanced look.
Whatever the reason may be--enjoy!
I'm still under the weather, but will have my post of last weekend's Crimson Moon party up soon!