Thursday, July 30, 2009

Went To And Going To

I went to a Spanking Party a couple of weeks ago--and for a change, I didn't have to pay admission, buy an airline ticket, book a hotel room or pay for cab fare. That's because the party was right here in Minnesota!

Ever since I started this blog--and for many years before that--i bemoaned the fact that Minnesota seemed to a barren wasteland when it came to spankos. I knew they were out there, but I was having no luck whatsoever in finding them. I always thought Minnesota needed a Spanking Community scene--I also know the time and difficulty that it takes to put something like that together, and I knew organizing something like that was beyond me. Thankfully, a few short weeks ago, I met someone who felt the same way. Thankfully, they were willing to do something about it!

Now, in case you're wondering, "How come I didn't hear of this event?", the reason is simple--it was a private house party, and the people who got invited were people that the host knew. There were, in their words, "spankos from out of town, spankos from in town, and a few spanko-leaning bdsm folk." (Because of the fact that it was a private party, I'm obviously not going to mention any names or locations or go into any great detail.)

The host set up a set of house rules, which should be rule number one for anybody hosting a party. The people were all warm and friendly (by the end of the night, some were "warmer" than others.) The "spanko-leaning bdsm folk" were, at first, a little cautious in regard to what would and would not be acceptable at a Spanking Party. In fact, I think everybody was a little hesitant at first. Once the ice was broken, though....! I spent the majority of the night just getting to know people and (hopefully) letting them get to know me, but I did get to double up with another gentleman on one lovely lady. It wasn't a typical spanking for me, but a lot of fun, nonetheless!

It was a night of good people, good food, good accordian music (yes, you read that right--you can't make that stuff up!), and I'm hopeful that it signalled the start of an ongoing spanking community here in Minnesota. We've needed one for some time!

(The ladies pictured here weren't at the party--but they should have been!)

That's one spanking party to go. Chicago Crimson Moon is hosting their summer spanking event this coming weekend, and I hope to get down there. I have a lot of good friends in that group, and it will be nice to see them again....and to spank several of them, if all goes according to plan! It promises to be a fun event. I've no idea how many people will be there, but there's a pajama party on Friday night, and a vendor's fair Saturday afternoon. Audrey Knight was planning on attending, although that may have changed because of circumstances beyond her control. Spanking model Sarah Gregory is going to be there, too. I look forward to meeting her. I've enjoyed the work she's done for Punished Brats and other sites.

All told, my spanking world is perhaps starting to pick up! The dry spell may be over.....fingers crossed!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cleanliness Is Next To.....

"Uh....Monique? I think that is quite clean enough, thank you...."

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fan Art Part 2

This fan art Archie comics love-fest concludes with two more spanking pictures. Since Archie, Betty, Veronica et al are students at Riverdale High, the focus this time is on the faculty of the school.

First up is Miss Grundy, the stereotypical spinsterish schoolmarm who seems to teach every subject in the school's curriculem, although more often than not she's depicted as the English teacher. She looks old enough to have been in a country school house teaching readin', writin', and 'rithmetic, but instead of the lessons being sung to the tune of a hickory stick, it appears Miss Grundy prefers a good oak paddle:

Betty is once again the spankee, as seems to be the case more often than not. The characterizations here are excellent--there may be a few extra pounds added to Betty, but of course that just means there's more to spank. Miss Grundy is usually depicted as a very good and nice teacher, but the kids have undoubtedly bedevilled her a time or two over the years. Consider this moment to be Grundy's revenge. We can only hope that Veronica is waiting nervoulsy out in the hall, listening to Betty getting whacked and knowing that her turn is coming soon.

The last thing most students want to hear is, "Report to the Principal's office", so it's probably appropriate that we end this collection of fan art in that very place with Riverdale High's principal, Mr. Weatherbee:

This is a fun drawing, though maybe not fun for Betty and Veronica. Both girls are being tended to, which seems fair (although who's the one shown being whacked? Betty!). There's a nice attention to detail here--Betty's sneakers as opposed to the rich Veronica's stylish footwear, for example. Having a wide-eyed and undoubtedly appreciative Archie and Jughead looking on just adds to the richness of the drawing. The characterizations here are maybe the best and truest to form of all the drawings I've used in this and past posts. It looks like it could very easily have been drawn by one of the artists who works on Archie comics!

This is probably a good place to leave the subject for now, with Waldo Weatherbee's wood whacking away at the cute and bare (and red!) bottoms of those two comics icons, Betty and Veronica. Is this all the fan art involving these girls? Probably there are others out there--you just have to look for them. And with the upcoming storyline of Archie proposing and getting married, I think it's very likely that even as I type this, someone is laying out a drawing of Archie with his future bride over his knee, emphasizing the marriage vows of "love, honor....and OBEY!"

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fan Art

Let's hear it for the fans.

No, I'm not talking about the motorized, revolving-blade wind machines--although, considering Minnesota has already had several 90+ degree days, those gadgets do probably deserve a round of applause!

No, I'm referring to people who are fans, who get out and support their favorite sports team, or religiously watch their favorite TV show, or buy everything from their favorite author and go to book signings, etc. Where would J. K. Rowling and the latest Harry Potter movie adaptation be without a faithful fan following? (On a side note--Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince looks like it's going to be setting all kinds of box office records before it's done!)

Unfortunately, being a fan doesn't necessarily help scratch that spanko itch. I may enjoy watching, oh, Buffy the Vampire Slayer on TV--and I do, as past posts have indicated--but, outside of one reference over the course of the TV series, spanking is not well represented in the Buffyverse.

That's where the fans come in.

Thankfully, there are many spankos among the hordes of "Buffy" fans, and many of them are very talented. So, while the TV series may be a spanking wasteland, fan fiction abounds and, with some diligent searching, one can track down and discover story lines where Angel spanks Buffy, or Spike spanks Buffy, or Buffy spanks Willow, or Buffy spanks Dawn, or Tara spanks Willow, or Xander spanks Cordelia, or Giles spanks Buffy, Faith, and Kendra, or any number of other permutations.

Of course, this isn't limited to "Buffy"--name your favorite TV show, and there are probably spanking stories out there written by other fans.

There are also many talented artists among those faithful followers, so it's entirely possible that there are some wonderful fan art spanking scenes, as well.

Which, in a very round-about way, brings us back to a subject I've examined in recent posts--namely, those ageless teens, Archie, Betty and Veronica of Archie Comics.

I posted a couple of spanking pictures that took place in the comic over the years, but clearly that limited number just wasn't enough for fans of the book. I've gathered up a few of their renditions for your viewing pleasure.

The title of the above drawing is "Spanking Betty"--which is odd, since blonde-haired Betty seems to be noticeably absent, and the spanking is being delivered to Veronica's upturned bottom. That's fine with me--Veronica is a spoiled rich girl who needs all the spanking she can get! For reasons best known to the artist (used up all his yellow color on the chair and couldn't get out to the art supply store?), pony-tailed Betty is sporting an orange dye-job (and a few other enhancements, and the "spanking" in "Spanking Betty" is obviously meant as an adjective, and not a verb. That's fine with me, too--she looks anxious to use that riding crop, and I think it's safe to say she owes Veronica a few whacks.

The next drawing harkens back to one of the actual spanking scenes in the comic book:

We know that Veronica's dad, Mr. Lodge, isn't above applying the parental palm where it'll do the most good, and the stacks of bills certainly do a good job of establishing what this scene is all about. It's a very good rendition of Veronica's Dad, too. If I have one quibble with the drawing, it would have to be with the....well.....boobage. There's really no reason for it. I've been spanking ladies of all shapes and sizes for over 20 years now, and I believe I can safely say that not once did I ever smack their bottom and have their bra fly off. It detracts from an otherwise very good spanking drawing. You almost get the feeling that the whole purpose of the drawing, in fact, is to expose Veronica's upper frontals, and the spanking is secondary--which is too bad.

The following artwork is maybe the best of these three:

The character depictions are excellent. While nothing in the drawing says explicitly that this is Betty and Veronica, they're easily recognizable. Veronica seems to be channelling Bettie Page, and Betty is shown to her best advantage and in a position that male readers have wanted to see her in for years.

I have two more pieces of Archie artwork to share, but I'm going to save those for the next post, so consider this to be a big "To Be Continued" sign hanging here.....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On The Guthrie Stage

J. B. Priestly's play, "When We Are Married", opened last Friday at the Tyrone Guthrie Theatre here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Set in 1908, it focuses on three married couples who were all wed on the same day by the same priest some time back, and they have gathered again years later to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversaries. To their shock, however, they learn that the man who married them may not have been qualified to do so--meaning they may not be married and have been living in sin all this time. The play centers around how each of the couples react to the news.

The local paper, the StarTribune, published a photo from the play in the paper last Friday. Here's a link to the photo:

According to the caption printed in the paper, the photo depicts Lottie Grady (played by actress Sally Wingert) taking "exception to a spanking" by Joseph Helliwell (played by Dennis Creaghan). The photo focuses on her reaction, so we'll have to take their word for it. No spanking is actually being shown in the photo.

The media tend to bandy the word "spanking" around very loosely. It can refer to anything from a pat on the butt to one whack to what we might actually call a spanking. So, I'm not getting too excited about the caption until I know exactly what sort of a "spanking" they're talking about.

Let's see.....when's the last time I went to a play at the Guthrie?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hot Flash

You may have seen the pictures, but did you see Emma Watson this past week on "The David Letterman Show'?

Emma, who plays Hermione in the Harry Potter movies, was on Dave's show doing publicity for the film, which opens soon. The London premiere, however, has already happened. Apparently the weather was not very cooperative, being rainy and windy. Make that very windy! Emma was wearing a lovely long, flowing dress, the wind caught it, and....well....see for yourself:

Dave had one of the photos on his show, and asked her about it, and Emma very cutely replied, "This is a wardrobe malfunction which happens." She then added, with charm and humor, "At least I was wearing underwear."

Britney, Lindsay, Paris--that was the sound of Emma Watson laying the smack down on your shapely behinds!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

More Photo Fun

"I don't know, he said to stay in this exact position while he went to 'get something'. You don't think he's still mad about that little practical joke I pulled on him yesterday, do you??"

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th Of July

"When you said there were going to be fireworks--I didn't think you meant THIS!!!!"

However you choose to celebrate--best wishes to everyone in the United States for a safe and wonderful 4th of July celebration!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, McGruff!

July 1st marks the 29th birthday of McGruff, the Crime Dog. He debuted back in 1980 and has been taking a "bite out of crime" ever since.

Celebrate by helping McGruff. Spank someone naughty today! :-)

Archie's Girls

Once again, one of my posts--"Betty and Veronica"--has been selected by Chross as one of his Spankings Of The Week. This is the third time one of my posts has been so honored, and it's still quite a thrill. So, thank you, Chross!

Also, the two drawings in that post are going to be added to Chross' archive, probably under "Spanking in Mainstream Comics".

One of the people who commented on that post mentioned a near-spanking sequence in one of the Archie books. It's one I wasn't familiar with, but then, I haven't been much of a regular reader when it comes to Archie and the gang. Since not everyone looks at the "comments" sections of blogs, I thought I'd repost it here for your enjoyment.

Here's the comment from "Anonymous":

"There is a great spanking sequence in another Archie comic. The plot is basically that Veronica has been told to be on her best behavior as a very conservative client of Mr. Lodge's is in town. In fact, Veronica has been told she'll "enter into partnership with a ping pong paddle" if anything happens to disrupt the business deal.

"Anyhow stuff happens and Veronica ends up in the newspaper in an embarrassing photo. She knows what's coming, and when Mr. Lodge hits the roof next day, she meekly tells him that she's already bought the ping pong paddle, hoping he'll go easier on her.

"At the last moment, Ronnie is saved from a sound spanking by a phone call from the client in question who is not as conservative as originally thought."

Thanks, Anonymous! It's nice to know that, rich as he is, Veronica's father still believes in those good old traditional family values.

To close, I'd like to draw your attention to the following:

This artistic rendition of Betty bending for a taste of the paddle was found in an auction on E-Bay. What makes it special is that it was drawn by one of the artists who actually worked on the Archie Comics. Clearly, he knows what the public wants!

By the way, have you ever noticed that when one girl tells another, "You've been a bad girl", it's almost always the one doing the talking who really deserves the spanking?