Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Here's wishing you a similar night of ghostly delight in your own haunted mansion......

Friday, October 29, 2010

Right Place, Right Time

Sometimes it seems like I'm a magnet for anything spanking related. It's almost as if the universe conspires to put "spanking" in my way. Consider this day last weeK:

I was setting up to record a television program later that night. When I turned on the TV, I happened to catch a few minutes of the new CBS show, The Talk. I get there just as they're going to a commercial. Leah Remini and Sharon Osbourne get up out of their chairs and give each other a big hug. As they're hugging, Leah drops her right hand down and gives Sharon's bottom 3 or 4 friendly smacks. Sharon doesn't seem to mind.

Later that day, I'm at work. I'm listening to one of my favorite stations here in Minnesota, MyTalk 107.1 FM--the station I've referred to in other posts as Radio Spanko. I've given it that nickname because one of the talk show hosts--Lori of "The Lori and Julia Show" (also referred to as "Lo-J"--has on many occasions made a spanking reference. I don't know if she's a full-fledged Olympic Free-style spanko herself or if she just likes to wade in the pool every now and then, but she does seem to know a thing or two about the subject.

The topic, it seems, is the baseball playoffs, which seems a very odd choice for their show until I realize that the real topic is, "The 3 hottest players in the playoffs". Lori and Julia both have their own lists, and they seem to agree on most of the players picked, but Julia disagreed with one of Lori's choices. I have no idea what player they were talking about, but Julia seemed put off by his red hair and beard.

Lori stuck to her guns, though, saying, "That's his 'hillbilly hotness'." She then added, "He'll buy you a six=pack and give you a spanking."

Julia must have been pre-occupied because the comment almost slipped past her. Something clicked in, though, as she asked, "What did you say? 'He'll buy you a six=pack and spank your bottom'?"

Lori repeated, "He'll buy you a six-pack and give you a spanking." Then she laughed.

You could almost hear Julia rolling her eyes as she said, ""

Late at night, I'm back home and flipping through the TV channels. I settled on the end of an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians entitled, "Kris 'The Cougar' Jenner". I have no idea what happened in the episode, but at the end, they're having a family game night. Kourtney makes some kind of a commotion about something, and Khloe pulls her face down on the sofa and starts spanking her bottom with some comment about "10,000 smacks". Kim joins in using one of the pieces of the game to help smack Kourtney.

And then, on a commercial break, there is an ad for a new TV show called Rock Star Wives. Sure enough, one of the rock stars has his wife over his shoulder and he's lightly smacking her bottom.

For a lot of people, the odd smacks here and there fly under their radar and they give them no special attention. As a life-long Spanko, I'm probably somewhat hyper-aware of such incidents, making it sometime seem like there's a spanking reference everywhere I go and everywhere I look. Call me lucky, I guess.....and I hope that luck doesn't change any time soon!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The View From The Other End

This young lady is starting to wonder just what she's gotten herself into....

This young lady is starting to regret what she did....

This young lady can't actually form a coherent thought right now....

This young lady has definitely learned her lesson....

And this young lady needs to be spanked much longer and much harder!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Love Our Lurkers V

It's that time of year again for all the spanking blogs out there--it's the fifth year of LOVE OUR LURKERS day!

(Okay, actually Thursday, Oct. 21st was "Love our lurkers" day, but it somehow got away from me. I've always helped celebrate it in the past, though, so I'm doing it again this year--even if it's a day late!)

Why a day for the lurkers? Because they are the lifeblood of any blog. It's those people who come here, look around, and then come back again and again that make every blogger want to keep posting. Sure, we appreciate those who leave comments, but we also know that--for whatever reason--not everyone wants to do so. But we know you are out there--heck, my stat counter shows that there have been nearly 600,000 visitors since I started this blog. It's that kind of support--even if it's silent support--that is so deeply appreciated.

So this is the day for the silent majority--and, oddly enough, we celebrate it by asking you to make this the one day that you break that silence. All of you lurkers out there, this is your day to leave a comment--even if it's just to say, "Hi". I'm certainly not going to tell you what to say--but I do want to hear from you. Make yourselves known just this one time.

Okay--everyone gather for a big lurker group hug.........

Hugs and spanks,
Dr. Ken

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Not too many posts back, I was singing the praises of Devlin O'Neill's Weblog, one of the best spanking blogs out there.

While the majority of the posts are written by Devlin, there are plenty of other authors who "highjack" the blog for a post of their own, people like Poppy, Michael, and Season, to name but a few. It's this collaborative effort that gives the blog it's unique voice.

A day ago I got an e-mail with some exciting news. Rather than summarize it for you, I'm just going to cut-and-past the entire thing right here. Here we go:


We (Michael and Season of Devlin O'Neill's Web Log) have started a new blog and we invite you over to take a look. The name is Blossom and Thorn and the link is

With Dev's blessing, we have archived all of our old posts on the new blog. Along with our old posts we hope to continue to add new posts of commentary, real-life, fiction, parodies, and humor. We hope you enjoy visiting us!

Season and Michael"

This is very good news for the blogosphere, IMHO. Their well-written posts should be informative and enlightening, as well as being a lot of fun to read. I'm adding the link to my blog roll, so you have no excuse for not going there for a look.

My best wishes for the success of Blossom and Thorn!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Panty Spanking

A spanking usually has many variables. There's the reason behind the spanking, for example--is it strictly for fun, is it "mock discipline", or perhaps real discipline as part of a Domestic Discipline agreement. Then there's the number of swats to be given, which can vary a great deal from one spanking to the next. Also, will it be a hand spanking only, or will there be implements involved--if the latter, then which implements.

There is one constant when I deliver a spanking, however, and that is--the progression. It will almost always without exception start off over the lady's clothing, smacking the seat of her dress or skirt or the well-rounded bottom of her jeans, slacks, or sweat pants. After a few dozen spanks in this manner, the skirt will come up or the pants will come down, and I'll busy myself with the lengthy task of warming up the seat of her panties. Once that's accomplished, the panties will be pulled down, and her bare bottom will be well tended to as the spanking reaches it's conclusion.

If you're a big fan of the second part of the progression--spanking over panties--then do I have a site for you to check out.

Richard Windsor, The Hardest Working Man In Spank Biz, has started a lovely new site called
Panty Spanking. As the name implies, it's full of photos dedicated to that portion of a spanking when the first layer of clothing has been put aside, and the spanker's hand, hairbrush, paddle, etc. is being applied as if her underwear had a big target drawn on the back. Below are a couple of photos from a recent post to give you an idea........

(photos courtesy of Richard Windsor's site, Panty Spanking)

A link to this site has been added to the blog roll under the heading, "Picture Blogs". Be sure to go there and check it out, and be certain not ot miss the very first post Richard put up to start things off--a collection of 100 (!) spanking photos that have been taken over the years, all of naughty young ladies wishing they'd worn their chainmail undies.

Remember to leave a comment saying how much you like his site. And don't forget to tell him that Dr. Ken sent you. :-)

Friday, October 8, 2010

To Paraphrase Kid Rock......

In all honesty, the last thing I would ever expect to do would be to quote--or, more accurately, paraphrase--Kid Rock.

But after looking at the following photos, I must admit I find myself saying........

"I wanna be a cowboy, baby........

........Spank all night and sleep all day......"

Saturday, October 2, 2010


It was September 30, 1960 that we got to meet The Flintstones for the very first time. That's right, this Stone-Age version of The Honeymooners, with Fred Flintstone substituted for Jackie Gleason and Barney Rubble filling the Art Carney role, celebrates it's 50th anniversary!

For an animated show that relied heavily on cartoony slapstick, I nonetheless can only recall one instance where spanking played a part in an episode. This occurred when the wives, Wilma and Betty, disguised themselves as men (i.e., put on big fake moustaches) in order to sneak into the Water Buffalo Lodge where Fred and Barney were members to see just what they did at their meetings. Unfortunately for the ladies, they get caught up in an initiation ceremony, and both ladies wind up getting swats from a paddle as part of their induction.

Thankfully, what a TV series neglects, more often than not fan fiction and fan art jump in to fill the void. Here are some renditions of the spankings that never took place, but should have--and Happy 50th Anniversary to The Flintstones!