Friday, September 28, 2012

Ripped From The Headlines

The Emmy awards were held this past week.  Apparently I missed quite a show.  I'm not talking about the actual broadcast, though.......I'm talking about Sofia Vergara's wardrobe malfunction.

Sofia, one of the stars of the TV show, MODERN FAMILY, showed up for the event looking quite lovely in a mermaid-style dress that hugged every curve (and believe me, she has a lot of curves worth hugging).  Cut very low in the back, the skintight dress looked quite lovely on her.

There's one problem with skintight clothing, however--every now and then, something gives way.

At some point after arriving for the event, Sofia sent out a message on Twitter which read, "Wardrobe malfunction".  The damage is shown in the photo below.  Well, the damage and a bit of Sofia's bum and thong....

Thankfully, someone from wardrobe was on hand with a needle and thread and repaired the problem.

I think Sofia gets the nomination for "Bottom Of The Week" because of this.  (And lucky is the man who gets to spank that.....)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Heck With Milk.......

            Got Spanked?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

Yes, you read that right.  Today is my birthday.  I'm 61 years young.

(You know you're really getting old when you start using phrases like, "I'm (X) years young.")

Needless to say, I have no intention spending the day blogging.  So I'm taking the day off.

If you really want to help me celebrate, here's  what you can do--spank someone.

Or get spanked by someone.

Or both.  Your choice.

It does have to be consensual, though.  Don't just start whacking random strangers on the street.

Or, you could just leave a comment to this post and say, "Happy birthday".  Believe me, I'd appreciate and enjoy that just as much--almost as much as an actual slice of the cake in the picture above....

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!  I know I will!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dinosaurs On A Spaceship

The newest season of DOCTOR WHO has finally started, and along with the Doctor, Amy Pond and her husband Rory, the second episode called, "Dinosaurs On A Spaceship", brings us that rarest of events in the Whovian universe--a spanking threat!

The threat does not come from the Doctor.  That would be very unlike him.  And the person threatened is not Amy Pond, his current companion and the lovely red-head in the blue-and-white stripes that we see in this picture (although heaven knows she needs to be turned over a knee and spanked like there's no tomorrow).  No, it occurs between the two new members of the Doctor's "gang" that he assembles to explore a space ship that's heading for Earth--one that almost seems unoccupied except for several species of dinosaurs on board. The new members are an adventurer/big game hunter from the plains of Africa (circa 1902) named John Riddell (he's on the extreme left of the picture as you look at it) and none other than Queen Nefertiti of Egypt, played by the lovely Riann Steele.  She's the lady on the extreme right in the picture above.  Here's another shot of her.

As often happens on pretty much every episode of DOCTOR WHO, the group gets split up, and Amy, Riddell, and the Queen explore the ship and come across a computer control panel.  Amy begins pushing buttons, and finally manages to play a video record regarding the ship..  The ship is a vessel belonging to a reptilian race called the Silurians.  The Silurians were the original inhabitants of the planet Earth before Man came along.  They had gathered the dinosaurs and were heading out into space to start a new colony.  That's where I'll pick it up:

AMY:  We're on an Ark--a Silurian Ark.

RIDDELL:  Lizard people having dinosaurs onto a space ark?  Absolute tommyrot!

NEFERTITI:  Only an idiot denies the evidence of their own eyes!

RIDDELL:  Egyptian Queen or not, I shall put you across my knee and spank you!

AMY:  Oh, lord....

NEFERTITI:  Try--and I'll snap your neck in a heartbeat!

RIDDELL:  Huh. They certainly bred firecrackers in your time....

AMY:  Oh, nonono....please don't start flirting!  I will NOT have flirting companions!

No actual spanking, of course, takes place.  At the end of the episode, though, as the Doctor is returning everyone home, we see John Riddell back at his campsite in Africa--and Queen Nefertiti, headdress off, is coming out of his tent.  So, just possibly, she got that spanking after all.

We can always hope....

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Picture This

In my last post, I mentioned that I had gone through my archives and pulled out two drawings and five old Nu-West photos to post.  I put up the drawings the last time, and "thanks" to all who took the time to comment.  This time, I'll post those photos.

I must admit, I always hesitate to post old photos.  I always look at them and think, "Oh, these have been around forever, everybody's already seen these many times over, nobody is going to want to see them again."  Lately, though, whenever I find myself thinking this way, I always repeat those four little words that everybody is so sick of..............."Fifty Shades Of Grey".

Why bring that up?  Because regardless of what you may think about the books, the author, the writing, etc., the fact of the matter is that the books have introduced the subject of kink and spanking to the mainstream masses, and many of them are finding themselves intrigued.  I've heard countless stories of women who have read the books for their own enjoyment (and then read them a second and third time) and then have taken the bold step of sharing the books with their husbands/lovers/significant others.  The result?  Countless more stories of how it has rekindled their love lives.

And here's why I bring it up:  out of all the things that happen in those books, what is the one thing that everyone is going to try?  Spanking, of course!  Not everyone has a handy dungeon.  Not everyone has the necessary ropes and bondage gear and devices.  Everyone, however, does have a butt and a partner with a palm.  It's what they'll go for first, and it's what they'll spend time looking for on the Internet.  And the Internet has all these spanking blogs--many with pictures.  And no matter how old or well-known or "vintage" those pictures are, these people are getting the chance to see them for the very first time. 

I think of that fact, and suddenly I don't feel so bad about using old pictures in posts.

So here are the Nu-West photos.  The only significant thing about them is that the first two are from the very first photoset I ever bought from Nu-West, the last three are from the very last photoset I bought from Nu-West, and the hairbrush that is being used in the last three is the exact same kind of brush that I have in my toy bag--a brush I bought years ago from (who else?) Nu-West.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Drawing On The Archives

It's State Fair time here in Minnesota, so naturally that means that the weather will be as hot as possible.  Or maybe the heat is just a result of all that deep-fried food on a stick.

Either way, the temperature has been in the low to mid-90's, which--in my opinion--is just too hot to do any serious kind of blogging.  So I decided that I would just delve into the archives and post a picture or two.  I came up with a couple of drawings by the same artist, and 5 old NuWest pictures.  I could post one set today, and save the other set for a later date.  But which ones should I choose?

I decided to go with the drawings for two reasons:

One, I hope someone out there can tell me a little something about the artist.  Other than the signature and the year on the drawings, I know nothing.  (Wow....just had a Sgt. Schulz/Hogan's Heroes flashback, there....)

Two, I hope one of you kind people will translate the dialogue balloons for me.  It would be nice to finally know just what is really being said.

Here are the drawings....enjoy!