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How Did I Miss This?

I'm usually ("usually" being the key word) pretty good about being aware of spanking scenes in the mainstream media, movies or TV.  However, until I came across some photos while doing a web search, I was completely ignorant about a little scene in a movie from a couple of years back called "Peeples", which starred Craig Robinson and the lovely Kerry Washington.

Other people blogged about it, so I don't know how I managed to miss all of the conversation, but I did.  Thankfully, the movie was on cable within the last month, and I finally got to watch it.

Rough description--Kerry plays Grace Peeples, Craig plays her boyfriend.  She goes off to visit her family, and Craig decides to take a trip to where she is and surprise her--only to discover, once he's there, that Grace has never mentioned him to her family, and they have no idea of his existence.  Grace's father in particular is quite unwelcoming, although once Grace identifies him as a "friend", he does allow Craig to stay in the guesthouse.  Hilarity ensues.

After a few mishaps that strain their relationship, Grace decides they need to talk it out, so one night she waits for him to return to the guesthouse looking like this--

They talk and eventually make up, Grace on a couple of occasions mentioning that she's been a very naughty girl.  And now that they're back on the same page, Craig agrees that, yes, she has been a very bad girl.  And they both gleefully move on to this--

As others, I'm sure, have pointed out, there is no pretense about this--it's presented strictly as two people in love indulging in some kinky fun.  And it is depicted as fun--Grace's entire body reacts with joy at the first whack of the ruler across her bottom.

Like most movie spankings, the scene is short, and the camera doesn't dwell on it much.  We catch glimpses of it, but we certainly don't see as much as we'd want to.  Still, any depiction of spanking iin a movie is welcome--especially when it's presented as positively as this one.

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Alphabet Soup -- X

The Last of the X-Men (sounds like a title for an upcoming movie, doesn't it?)

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So, I Spanked Zoe Page....

This does require some explanation, which I'll get to in a second.  But first, if you don't know her, this is Zoe Page--

And, in my opinion, the pictures don't really do her justice.

Now, on to the story--

In October, the spanking group Chicago Crimson Moon held their yearly party.  And this one was special--it marked the 25-year anniversary of their existence.  (And, since Chicago is fairly close to Minnesota, I've attended nearly all of them.  It's a group I highly recommend.)  To help celebrate their anniversary, the people in charge asked Zoe to attend, and she accepted.

On the first day of the party, I went down to register and pick up my party materials--name tag, schedule of events, etc.  I got in line behind this lovely red-head--no idea who it was.  Standing in back of her, I did have the thought of, "Wow, I don't know her but I'm glad she made it to the party."    She did a quick look back over her right shoulder, probably just checking on the line, and flashed a big smile and mouthed, "Hi". 

When we got to the registration table, we both filled out the necessary forms, and as we waited for them to be processed, I turned to her and said, "I didn't get the chance before, but I just wanted to say "hi".  My name's Ken."  She said hello back, stuck out her hand and said that her name was Zoe.  We shook hands, exchanged the usual pleased-to-meet-yous, and went in to the party.  I didn't realize who she was until later.  She was sitting with one of the former owners of the group who called me over and formally introduced me.  We talked about the group for a bit, and then I went about my way.

On Saturday, the group held a Vendor's Fair.  One of the events was a charity fundraiser--make a donation and you got to spank one of the 5 female volunteeres--$1 per swat.  To encourage donations, Zoe was one of the volunteers.  She was dressed in a white top and some form-fitting blue/silver/white yoga pants.  No surprise, the first two people who donated money chose Zoe to be the recipient.

I hadn't really intended to participate, but the chance to choose Zoe kept running through my mind, and I finally got in line.  I had $20 in my hand, but as I stood there, I noticed that one of the other volunteers was a lady that I'd wanted to play with for a long time.  So when my turn came, and after much inner debate, I chose the other lady instead of Zoe.  She bent over a table and raised her skirt, and yes, I enjoyed the 20 swats I gave her quite a lot.

As I walked away, I passed Zoe, and I said, "I was going to pick you, but you'd already gone a few times, and not knowing how many more people are going to chose you.....".  I let the sentence tail off.

And Zoe, knowing the money was going to charity, smiled and said, "You can always go again."

I walked off, checked my wallet, and decided that, yes, indeed, I could afford to go again.  So I got out another $20 and got back in line.  I gave the man collecting the money the bill, told him I was picking Zoe, and added, "And don't let me get back in line again.  I can't afford it."  He just laughed.

So my turn had finally come.  Zoe bent over the table.  She kept the yoga pants on, but, as I said, they fit quite snugly and her bottom looked very tempting in them.  I gave her 20 swats, alternating from left to right.  Like the previous lady, I was conscious of the fact that she might wind up playing many, many more times, so I kept the spanks on the light side--enough for a little sting and to make her bottom bounce a bit, but far from full force.

When I finished, she stood up, all smiles, we hugged, and she said, "You have a very nice hand!"  I consider that to be one of the best compliments a spankee can give a spanker, by the way.

Uncouth wretch that I am, I replied, "And you have a very nice bottom, so it's a good match."  She laughed, we hugged again, and I went on my way.

So that's how I came to spank Zoe Page.  Maybe not the scene you were envisioning when you read the title of this post--sorry about that.  But it was a lot of fun with a lovely and very nice lady, and makes for a fond memory for me.

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