Thursday, September 30, 2010

If You Know What's Good For You.....

"Unless you want to go back over my knee for a hairbrush spanking, young lady, you'll get your nose into that corner by the count of three!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"The Killer Inside Me"

By now I imagine everybody reading this has heard about the film (now available on DVD) called The Killer Inside Me, starring Casey Affleck, and more than likely you've seen the clip floating around of him spanking Jessica Alba.

Later on in the film, in a much shorter scene that is also available on the web, we see him spanking Kate Hudson.

(photo of Kate Hudson by Timothy White from the book, Hollywood Pinups)

You can probably still find these clips on YouTube or in the movie database on Chross's wonderful blog. One scene I haven't seen a clip of--although it might be out there-- or heard discussed much, though, is the movie's attempt to explain Casey Affleck's character: a quick pop psychology moment that partially explains why he is the way he is.

While going through an old bible, he comes across some old black and white pictures of his mother, played by Caitlin Turner. She's naked, it looks like her hands are bound in some of the photos, and her bottom is distinctly marked.

The photos obviously jog some memories loose for him. We go to a flashback of him as a young boy. His mother asks him if wants to box, and playfully throws a few jabs in the air. Like any child, he's only too happy to play, and comes at her with the usual excesses that go with youth. He "overpowers" her so that she is flat on her back, and he keeps hitting her. She looks at him and says, "Hit harder."

This is are first inkling that, far from being an abused wife, she actually enjoys this sort of thing, probably just as much as her husband does.

The next flashback shows her in her bra and panties, lying face down on her bed. Her bottom is half-exposed, and there are red marks visible. While the boy isn't shown in this and the upcoming sequences, it's obvious that he's in the room, and she's addressing her remarks to him. In this instance, she says, "You want to be a big boy? Look what your Daddy did. Do you want to do it too?

The next flash is of her standing, her bottom bared. She reaches back and gives herself a hard spank. We then immediately go to a shot of her lying back down on the bed, still bare-bottomed, and she gives herself another swat. Then she says, "It's okay. I like it when you hurt me."

One line of thought, of course, is that children who are raised in a household where such abuse takes place grow up to themselves be abusive adults, and this movie certainly seems to subscribe to that theory. Unfortunately, Casey Affleck's character isn't just a spanker--he's also a sociopathic serial killer, and the movie makes no attempt to show how that happened. As a Spanko, I worry that the uninformed will look at this and try to make a connection between the two, almost as if spanking leads to abuse leads to killer. That, of course, is nonsense, but the movie doesn't really try to show that there were other factors along the way that made Casey's character turn out the way he did. The scene with his mother is our only clue, and vanilla minds could very easily jumpt to a wrong conclusion.

I really wish a new film would come out that would depict a couple in a loving relationship, leading a normal life, and who also enjoy a bit of spanking to spice up their sex lives. So many of the characters we've seen recently--this movie, for instance, and the movie Secretary--are so damaged and flawed that you can only assume that the interest in spanking can't be anything normal. It's a shame.

One final note--in one of the DVD extras, Kate Hudson is talking about the making of The Killer Inside Me, and she said that this movie made her do many things that she ordinarily doesn't do. She looks off to the right, like she's trying to think of an example, then her eyes widen a bit, and she says, "Like, getting spanked!", and then she laughs. All I can say is that, lovely lady that she is, with a beautiful bottom like she has, and with that almost impish quality to her personality--I don't believe her for a second. :-)

Oh, sure, I could be wrong--but I'd rather believe that she enjoys a good spanking every now and then.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Two Of A Kind

Several posts back I cited a poll that some magazine had taken in regard to the female with the most watchable bottom. Shakira and Kim Kardashian tied for third in this poll, Beyonce came in second, and Jennifer Lopez came in first. I posted a picture of the winner, and she was dressed something like this--

it's not the same picture I used in my original post, but it obviously came from the same photo shoot.

Ever since I posted that picture, I had the feeling I'd seen something similar. And I finally figured it out when I stumbled across this photo Mary-Louise Parker adorning the Season 4 box set of WEEDS--

Apparently they both shop at the same little boutique in Hollywood, Frilly Pink Panties R Us.

Both ladies look very fetching in their outfits. Jennifer probably fills hers out a bit more--although that hardly comes as a surprise. Mary-Louise Parker has the edge as far as I'm concerned, however, since she got spanked in an episode of her show, and Jennifer has yet to go "bottoms up" in any of her movies. If she ever did, and the studio made sure to make it the focal point of the movie trailer, I think it's safe to say she'd have a box office smash on her hands! I'm not holding my breath waiting for it to happen, though.

In the meantime, while the ruffled panties are nice, as a Spanker I think I'd prefer to see both ladies more like this--

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And Now, A Word From Our Sponser

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back To School

....Or, "How I Spent My Summer Vacaation" :

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Moving On Up

I could almost call this post, "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed....."

A more accurate description of it, though, might be "Light Housekeeping". Or, more to the point, "Changes to the Blog Roll". A couple of excellent blogs have moved from their old digs to a new location, and I've added one new one to the list.

First up is Erica Scott. Always funny, thoughtful, wild and witty with a dollop of sarcasm, her blog is always a great read. I used to always enjoy reading it, but she had her blog on myspace, so I was never able to leave a comment. I'm happy to say that she's ditched myspace and moved herself over to (the same host that I use for this blog). Erica Scott: Life, Love and Spanking is a must read for all you spanko fans out there. I've updated the link to her blog, so you have no excuse for not reading.

Leaving Blogspot for the dot-com realm is Poppy St. Vincent and her well-written blog, Poppy's Submissions. Her posts always contain touches of thoughtful musings, style and class. And quite a bit of brat. (Don't even try to deny it, know it's true.) Again, I've updated the blog roll to reflect her new address. Just click on the link and it should take you there.

And finally, a new addition has been added to the "Picture Blogs" section. Art Of The Spank is an excellent blog for those who like spanking illustrations. While not claiming to be an artist, the creator of the pictures obviously knoes their way around a computer program and has produced a number of excellent spanking pictures. Click on the link and go see for yourself.

I'm posting a sample pic below from their site--hopefully they won't mind. This should give you an idea of what to expect.

Check out these fine blogs, and be sure to bookmark them if you haven't already done so!

(picture from the blog, Art of the Spank)