Friday, February 27, 2009

Look For The Silver Lining....

"Well...uh....the good news is, I found my contact lens......"


Hermione said...

LOL Dr. Ken. That's a great punchline!

I'll bet he has 20/20 vision, naughty boy!


Michael said...

"Well...uh....the good news is, I found my contact lens......"

"...and the bad news is that now it's a HARD lens."

Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--He used to have 20/20 vision. By now he's probably going cross-eyed....
Glad you liked the punchline. I saw the picture and it just popped into my head. I've always said this blog is not just about spanking, but also about having fun...and also about photos of some very spankable bottoms, apparently. :-)

The bad news--for HER--is that now he's going to try and retrieve it!
Or maybe she might decide that's more good news.... :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Ken:
I bet he had a lovely time retrieving the lens! A great picture. Have a wonderful weekend.
Take care

Dr. Ken said...

Andrades Girl--we can only hope. :-)
You have a great weekend, too!

dixiedarling said...

Very amusing and interesting photo...of course as a hater of all things wedgie I feel for the poor girl as he makes it worse.

Anonymous said...

Laughs...very good Dr Ken an excellent caption for that photo.


Dr. Ken said...

Dixiedarling--I believe it was the band Blue Oyster Cult who wrote, "Don't Fear The Wedgie...."

Mina--thanks, Mina! Glad you got a laugh out of it!