Friday, April 29, 2011

The Right Stuff

I was at a gathering of Spankos not too long ago. (Yes, Virginia, there occasionally is such a thing.)

There's something wonderfully freeing about being among a group of spanking enthusiasts. There's an automatic bond, since we all share a common interest in This Thing We Do. And for some people, just being able to say the word "spanking" out loud without having to worry about who hears you can be qujite a relief--not to mention a great deal of fun.

It's also a nice way to say "hi" to old friends, or some people you may have only had the chance to meet once or twice before, or meet somebody new. I had the opportunity to finally meet someone that I'd been exchanging e-mails with for a while. I'm happy to say that she was every bit as charming, cute and yes, as spankable as her messages seemed to indicate. I highly recommend gatherings like this to anyone who has some interest in spanking. Maybe it's a munch....maybe it's a party.....maybe it's something else. But if you're a spanko at heart, you need to get out and meet other spankos. You'll be glad you did.


I was standing in a small group. A very nice lady--a bottom-- next to me was verbally sparring with a gentleman who had just arrived, just in a joking manner. It was just good-natured fun. As he started to walk away, he made one final comment that I'm sorry to say I didn't hear, and the lady called out after him, saying, "I'll have you know I've worked hard to be this way!"

I put my hand gently on her shoulder and said, "In that case, you should probably be spanked hard, too."

Her response was a big smile as she excitedly clapped her hands together.

I don't know about you, but I'd call that, "having the right attitude"............

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Few Favorites

The other day I was going through my oldest picture archive, trying to run down some photos for a future post. As I went past a number of drawings and pictures, I found myself repeatedly saying, "I've always liked that one", or, "There's an old favorite".

It finally dawned on me that I should bundle them up and just make a post out of them. So here they are--some of my favorite old photos and at least one old drawing. Perhaps you'll spot an old familiar favorite, too.

I've been trying to see if there are similarities between these pictures (aside from the obvious ones, of course), wondering what there is about them that makes them stand out to me, makes them favorites. I confess I can't really figure it out.

Maybe that's just as well.

I think maybe it's like a joke or something that you find funny. If you start trying to break it down, trying to dissect it and discover just what it is about it that makes you laugh, by the time you're done, you don't find it funny anymore.

The same might be true about spanking pictures. Don't try to figure out why you like them--just enjoy them.

So --enjoy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thinking Big

Told to go "get a switch" for her spanking, Carolyn soon realized that she was, perhaps, being a tad overambitious........

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spankable Celebrities -- # 8

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know that I've been updating my list.

You all know the list I mean. It's the "If I could spank (or be spanked by) any celebrity, who would I pick?" list that's so popular on all the spanking message boards. Since it's difficult for me to pick just one, I always do a Top Ten list, and it felt like it was time for a 2011 version.

I started my "Who would I spank?" list with two ladies who have made my list before--and, to be perfectly honest, they both will probably continue to make the list for several years to come. After them, however, I made a conscious decision to try and bring some new names onto the list, ladies that I'd never picked before. It's actually been a bit difficult--and yet, fun at the same time. There's nothing like new blood (or new bottoms) to keep a man feeling young.

You can go back through the past months to find out who the first seven were, but as for the eighth--it's Katherine Heigl.

Katherine Heigl is probably best known for Emmy Award-winning performance on the TV show, Grey's Anatomy. Sadly, she's probably also best known for publicly blasting the show's writers regarding subsequent storylines. No real surprise, then, that she's now off the show and concentrating on her movie career. She's found steady work in many Romantic Comedies, such as Knocked Up, 27 Dresses, and The Ugly Truth. That last film saw her co-star, Gerard Butler, give her a whack on the bottom on two seperate occasions. Not exactly highlight reel material, but I enjoyed it.

I've made no secret of the fact that, when I'm playing with someone, I like to see reaction. The look on the face, the kick of the legs, the squirm of a body, the soft little intakes of breath or whimpers as the swats continue to land are all things that I enjoy. The worst person to play with is someone who just takes it all stoicly and doesn't move, doesn't say anything. I actually get bored.

And that's one reason why Katherine Heigl makes this list--her reactions. She has an amazinly expressive face. I've watched her in many scenes, and you can practically tell exactly what her character is thinking and feeling just by watching her face and the accompanying body movements. It's what all actors and actresses try to do, but not all are as successful. I can't help thinking she would be incredibly fun to watch in a mainstream spanking scene.

Maybe one of the Grey's Anatomy scribes could write one for her.

"I'm ready for my spanking, Mr. DeMille."

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Q And A


Next question?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Meanwhile, At "The Pink Report"......

In an April 5th post called "Direct Hit" on The Pink Report, this photo was used to illustrate the entry.

This has always been one of my favorite photos. Not because of the models. The guy is kind of--well--dorky-looking. No, I think I enjoyed it because of the setting. A public spanking in a movie theater? Probably nothing I would ever dare do in reality, but the thought of it certainly stirs the imagination.

When I saw this photo, my memory stirred a little bit, and I seemed to recall that there was at least one other photo of this scene--one I was sure I had in my archives somewhere. It also seemed to me that the two pictures were somewhat similar--the mysterious "other" photo didn't differ too much from the first one. I started combing through my files trying to run it down, and I eventually succeeded.

It turns out I was right on both counts. There was a second photo, and it wasn't too different from the first. The shot was a little closer to the subjects, in a little tighter. You couldn't see the floor at all. The man's hands were placed differently, and the woman's body was in a slightly different position. Here's the other photo and you can see for yourself:

I did make one change to the file. The original file of the second photo had, for some reason, been flipped around so that the spankee's head was to the right side of the photo, rather than facing to the left as in the first photo of this scene. I've always hated it when that happens in a photo set. Are we supposed to believe the spanker stopped and said, "Okay, now get up and go across my lap the other way so I can spank you with my other hand"? As a spanker with years of experience, I can assure you that doesn't happen. So I took the second photo and created a "mirror image" of it for the sake of consistency. The lady now faces the same way in both shots.

It's a minor detail, and maybe I'm the only one it bothered--but what the heck, it's my blog.



One final note: Speaking of blogs, I have added a new blog to the blogroll at the right. Raven Red is now on the list. Be sure to take a look at this fine blog, and remember to tell them, "Dr. Ken sent me."

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Photo Caption Fun

"Didn't he say he'd spank both of us if we had another pillow fight?"

"Yes, he did.......maybe if we make more noise.......?"