Wednesday, August 31, 2011

By Way Of Illustration

I mentioned in my last post that I've come to have a better appreciation of drawings and illustrations, whether the subject is a spanking or just a spankable lady. So it should come as no surprise to you that for the last few days I've been browsing through the new blogs I recently added to the blog roll.

While going through the Spanking Art blog, I came across an illustration that seemed to ring a bell. A short dive into my trusty archives found the photo on which the drawing is obvously based. Here they are--

Would you be surprised if I said I prefer the drawing?

There's nothing wrong with the photo, mind you. It's a lovely example of a "spankable"--a photo of an attractive lady and her bottom. In this case, she's lowering her panties, and hopefully somewhere off-camera is a man rolling up his sleeves and positioning a solid straight-backed chair in the middle of the room. It's the kind of photo that any Top would look at and wish he could have the lady over his knee for the next 30 minutes. There's an archway with a sconce, shelves with various items and knickknacks on it, and a covered armchair that is mostly hidden behind the subject of the photo.

The illustration eliminates all of that.....except, of course, for the girl.

By removing the wall, the shelving, the chair--in fact, all the background--the drawing eliminates all the distractions and forces us to focus solely on the subject at hand, namely the form of the lady. Against a stark white background, it's a much more powerful image. It's strength comes from it's simplicity. We can use our imagination to place her anywhere, in any setting we desire. It does what a good drawing can do--it captures a moment, and it establishes a mood, sometimes better than a camera can.

Which comes off the best? For me, the drawing is the clear winner between the two. But go back, look at both pictures, and judge for yourself......

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thanks, And Linking Up

To begin with, I'd like to thank Chross for naming Monday's post, "Very Kinky Star Trek", as one of his Spankings Of The Week!!

Whenever he's kind enough to do that to one of my posts, I'm always tempted to go back to the post and edit it so that the first line acknowledges the honor. You know, something like, ****Selected by Chross as a "Spanking of the Week"****. So far I've managed to restrain myself, but it's tempting.

Someone else who has been kind enough to grace this blog with a few comments has been kiwigirliegirl. To return the kindness, I've added her blog, love honour and obey, to the blog roll. It's listed under "More blogs I enjoy"

She's not the only addition to the blog roll, however.

When I first discovered my interest in spanking, and was old enough to start finding material to feed that interest, I must confess that I gave short shrift to spanking illustrations. I wanted photographs, actual pictures of people participating in This Thing We Do. Even if the pictures were obviously posed, or bordered on the ridiculous, I felt it was better than a drawing. (And some of those photo sets were ridiculous--every picture had spanker and spankee in a different position, and in every picture the spanker was using some kind of different implement--a vase, a golf club, a snowshoe.....just total nonesense.) Still, it was an actual picture of actual people actually spanking. No drawing, I thought, could measure up.

Boy, was I wrong!

Maybe my early opinion had been formed on a few pictures by a poor artist. Maybe the illustrators got better as I got older. Or--more likely--my tastes simply changed as I got older and got more involved in the spanking scene, and also got the chance to actually discover the joys of taking a lady over my knee first hand. Whatever the reason, I began to look at illustrations with a new and more appreciative eye.

Discovering the wonderful work of the artist known as Endart certainly helped.

I still enjoy photos and photo sets if they're done well, but now I'm also a huge fan of drawings depicting the various aspects of spanking. Consequently, I've added a few new links to the blog roll under the heading of "Picture Blogs". I suspect I'll continue to search the blog rolls of other sites to come up with more additions.

For some wonderful pictures and drawings, the new links are:

Spanko4Life, Spanking Art, and the similarly named Spanking Art Photoblog.

Be sure to visit these sites, browse around and enjoy what they have to offer. Leave a comment and let them know you appreciate their efforts.

The weekend's just starting. Proceed at your leisure.....

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Keeping The Boss Happy--

--Although, now that I think about it, I can't help but wonder......which one is "The Boss"?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Very Kinky Star Trek

At the most recent Chicago Crimson Moon spanking party, I walked into the party room and the first thing I saw was a very lovely lady in an outfit I can only describe as corsetted black latex (which is probably a horrible description of what it actually was).

Someone near me said, "Quite the outfit, wouldn't you say?", and I replied, "Yes, indeed. Like very kinky Star Trek."

The lady was kind enough to laugh at that, and then offered up her own version of very kinky Star Trek in the form of the Star Trek: Voyager character Seven of Nine, played by Jeri Ryan. My reacation, of course, was "Don't get me started on Seven of Nine." I mean, I used to watch that show just for the scenes of Seven of Nine walking away from people in her form-fitting uniform.

(I just saw Jeri Ryan in an episode of Warehouse 13. No skin tight outfights, but the woman still looks darn sexy.)

The talk of Seven of Nine and Star Trek put me in mind of two Endart drawings that I really like, so I thought I'd post them both here. I'm sure it comes as no suprise that the first one is my favorite of the two.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Significant Date

August 16th was another one of those important dates in pop culture history.

It is the anniversary of Elvis Presley's death, back in 1977. And it's also the birthday of Madonna, who turned 53 years old. Hopefully, she found lots of people willing to dole out her birthday spanks.

To mark these events, I suggest taking the weekend to watch Blue Hawaii while playing Madonna's Hanky Panky in the background.....

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Word Of Warning

"I think something's trying to tell me not to bend over like this......especially with you holding that belt!"

Friday, August 12, 2011

A Favorite Photo Set Conclusion

Here are the last two pictures I have in the series, in color this time. Thanks for sticking around the last few days as I got it all posted. And thanks to Chross, who named this photo series as one of his "Spankings of the Week"! That didn't hurt a bit, now, did it? (Granted, the lady in the photos might have a slightly different opinion on that....)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Favorite Photo Set, pt. 3

Here are the last of the black and white photos from this set. I'll post the two color photos tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Favorite Photo Set pt. 2

Here are 5 more from the photo set. I'll have 5 more to post after this, plus two color photos.

I hope you're liking this series. I know I am!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Favorite Photo Set

When you have as many photos archived as I have--not a lot compared to others, perhaps, but still a great number--it's hard to point to a few and call them "favorites". They're all favorites, actually, or else I wouldn't have bothered to download them and keep them. Stiil, there are some photos or photo sets that I tend to like more than others.

One of those sets starts below. I doubt that it's a complete set--I almost never have complete sets--but there's still a good number of pictures. I'll try to post all I have of the set as the week goes on.

A beautiful blonde, a beautiful bare bottom being spanked--definitely the sort of photos that get to me.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Lucille Ball

Today would have been Lucille Ball's 100th birthday, Everyone take a tablespoon of Vitameatavegamin in her honor!

This year also marks the 60th anniversary of the classic TV show (and Domestic Discipline icon), I Love Lucy.

Here's a little fun fact for you: Even now, 60 years after it's debut, at any given minute of any given day, I Love Lucy is on the air somewhere around the world. That's quite a testimony to the timeless quality of this classic situation comedy.

The theme song for the show is also very well known after all these years--you could probably start humming it without having to search your memory for long. But did you know that there are lyrics to go along with the music? In an episode called, "Lucy's Last Birthday", Ricky, her husband, surprises her with a birthday party at the club. He tells her he has a special present for her, and asks if she'd like to hear it. Her response is a surprised, "Hear it?", and Ricky sings:

"I love Lucy and she loves me
We're as happy as two can be
Sometimes we quarrel but then
How we love making up again

Lucy kisses like no one can
She's my Mrs. and I'm her man
And life is heaven you see
'Cause I love Lucy
Yes I love Lucyand
Lucy loves me."

So happy anniversary to the show and happy birthday to Lucille Ball. I think that calls for something special, don't you, Ricky?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm Back! And, Spankable Celebrities # 10

After a 12-day self-imposed hiatus (also referred to as a "vacation"), which included attending the Chicago Crimson Moon Summer Spanktacular, I'm back. I think this is the longest amount of time I've ever gone between blog posts, but I decided if I was going to do a holiday getaway, then I would get away from everything, and that included blogging. So....did you miss me?

Did you even know I was gone?

I thought that I would begin by tying up a loose end. I started my Top Ten fantasy list of female celebrities I would love to spank back in January of this year. The only rules I had were that the celebrity had to be someone currently alive, and no reality stars. I started the list off with two names that have been on my list for a number of years. Rather than keep listing the same old people over and over again, I challenged myself at that point to start coming up with new names, ladies that had never been on my list before. You can go back through the archives to find numbers 1 through 9.. I won't try to list them here.

I had two names rattling around in my head for the 10th person on the list, but I couldn't really decide between them. And then, as often happens, a third choice occurred to me, and I knew right away she was going to be my selection.

She's a lovely actress with a real woman's body. When the producers of her TV show, Modern Family, told her to lose 10 pounds for the role, she told them "No." She likes her curves, she said, and I have to agree with her.

Spankable celebrity # 10 is Sofia Vergara. If you need convincing, just look at the photos posted below.

The first two are from about 10 years back, taken from a magazine photo shoot for Maxim UK. The last two are from a Diet Pepsi commercial that ran this past year. I have no idea why you would hide something that lovely under a gauzy blue scarf.

Thankfully, the blue scarf doesn't do a very good job of covering up! The last photo should make every spanker stand up and salute......