Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Get it, Got It, Good

 Someone's gonna get it....

And someone got it.....

And--this time, anyway--someone doesn't seem to mind at all.

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She Really Did Ask For It

 There is a story behind this photo--

It was done for a TV show, a game show of sorts.  The contestant was fitted with an earpiece through which he or she could be given instructions from the game's panelists who were concealed in a different room.  The contestant was then sent out to meet a friend, wife, or girlfriend somewhere--coffeehouse, restaurant, whatever.  The off-screen panelists would give the contestant instructions on things to do--something unusual or outrageous--and the contestant could earn money by successfully doing as instructed.

Heidi Klum was one of the off-camera people in this particular episode.  She told the contestant through the earpiece that she was going to go out and talk to the restaurant manager, and instructed the contestant to come up and smack her on the ass!  And as you can see, he very willingly did so--much to the amazement of  his unsuspecting girlfriend!  To make it look authentic, Heidi did turn around and slap him.  Somehow I don't think the guy minded too much.

Anyone else think Heidi just might be a spanko?

Remember, this is the lady that posted a picture on social media of  her bare bottom with a wooden spoon next to it with the words, "The Naughty Spoon" written on it!

And of course, as a model, Heidi has a beautiful (and highly spankable) derriere....

So I think there just might be a bit of the spanko gene running through her DNA.  That's a guess on my part, of course.  I have no way of knowing.

What do you think?