Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blog Roll Update

I'm glad to see that they've finally updated those Coppertone ads. I knew they should have gotten rid of the dog years ago.....

I found this photo on the latest addition to the Blog Roll, James Stephenson's Spanking Blog. While not a new blog--it goes back to January of 2007--it was new to me, and I found it the way I find a number of blogs--he linked to me first! (Thank you, kind sir.....)

I've mentioned my Stats pages a few times. It's where I check out what keywords bring people to my pages, as well as being able to see what countries my readers live in. Another feature of the Stats is "Came From", which lists the name of the blog people where reading when they clicked on the link that brought them to me. I noticed a new name on that list a few days ago, and that's how I discovered James Stephenson's Spanking Blog.

James Stephenson is an educator from the UK, and--if I remember correctly from his profile--this is his third blog. His interest in spanking ranges from--in his words-- " theoretical research, practical experimentation, story writing, and the odd huffed girlfriend rubbing a tingling posterior." His blog is his take on all things spanko, and his "rambling thoughts" make for some very entertaining and informative reading. He also finds some very nice photos to use as illustrations.
I'm thrilled that he enjoyed Spanking Minnesota enough to put a link to it on his page, and I'm only too happy to return the favor. Be sure to go check out James Stephenson's Spanking Blog, and--as always--be sure to leave him a comment or two telling him how much you enjoyed what you read. Such comments are always appreciated.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What Are You Looking At?

"Hi. I'm Dr. Ken, and I like to stare at women's butts."

Everyone: "Hi, Ken!"

Yes, it's true. I'm a bottom-watcher. You know the old line, "I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave"? That sums me up nicely. And in spite of the way the intro to this post sounds, I'm not really looking for a 12-step program to help me. I don't consider my appreciation of the feminine nether regions to be a problem, and I'm certainly not looking for a cure. It is, in fact, one of the great pleasures of my life. Getting the chance to spank some of those bottoms is another.

There's just something about a girl's bottom that draws my attention. So round, so firm, so fully packed--no, wait, that's a Lucky Strike commercial. On the other hand, it does apply to certain extent. A nicely rounded bottom on a lady is a joy to behold whether it's covered by pants or a skirt, watching it undulate as she walks with a rhythm and a gentle sway from side to side. Of course I stare! How can I not? It's entrancing. Mesmerizing. Downright hypnotic.

There are, I must confess, some that don't get my attention. Just like the seasons of the year, I don't like the extremes--I much prefer Spring and Fall over Summer and Winter. The same with backsides. Spare me from the women who are either close to anorexic or morbidly obese. I've seen far too many really skinny women, for example, that have me thinking, "The girl has no butt whatsoever!" I can't even begin to imagine spanking something like that, or rubbing it, letting the fingers play over the surface. You can't cup a bottom that isn't there. Not only would my "cup" not runneth over, but it would feel half-empty.

The same goes for the opposite extreme. A lady with a bottom as big as Rhode Island isn't going to get any stares from me, either. I'd be afraid to spank a bottom like that. It'd be like Br'er Rabbit and the Tar Baby. I'd smack it, my arm would sink in to the elbow, and I'd never get it back.

No, give me a woman somewhere in-between. Someone with a little meat on their bones, someone with some junk in the trunk, something that will put a little wiggle in their walk. There's nothing like a pleasantly bouncy bottom to put a smile on my face and make me think good thoughts all day long. The phrase, "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down" springs to mind.....

There are, thankfully, several ladies who fit that category nicely where I work. One is an animal lover that I've known for many, many years. I think she's very attractive--she would respond to that by saying, "You are such a liar!" But I know her well enough that I can be a little familiar with her, and during the course of a conversation it's not unusual for me to give her rear end a little pat or two. And a wonderful rear end it is, too--fits my hand very nicely.

There are also two Korean ladies that I work with. One I see daily, the other one only occasionally comes over and works where I do. Both are very friendly, always with a ready smile, lovely to look at--and I do, every chance I get. Discreetly. If they knew how often I looked at their bottoms, they'd both probably blush furiously. And if they knew that I sometimes think about spanking those bottoms--well, they'd probably slap me silly and call Human Resources to file a complaint. So I confine myself to the occasional stolen glance here, the outright stare there.

The lady I work with on a daily basis is usually wearing black pants that fit her bottom quite nicely. She's on her feet a lot, which gives me ample opportunity to sneak a look in her direction when we cross paths. She looks an awful lot like the actress Yunjin Kim (Sun, on the TV series, LOST), except with short hair--which is as good a reason as any to run a couple of photos of Yunjin Kim:
The other lady I mentioned is a little shorter, but also a little fuller, bodywise. Her derriere is exquisite, and the pants she wears are usually quite snug, which puts the emphasis on her assets. She looks good, and I think she knows it. The least I can do is show my appreciation and admire her from afar.

All too soon the work day is done and I'm back in my apartment, staring at nothing but four walls and a computer screen. Pictures on a screen are fine, but they're hardly an adequate substitute. Give me the real thing to look at every time!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"Reality" TV

Wednesday, July 16, marks the debut of Season 5 of Project Runway on Bravo.

I must confess that, for the most part, I don't care for Reality shows--especially the ones set up as supposed "competitions". (The exceptions, for me, are Project Runway and Top Chef.) Seriously, if someone is making up challenges for the contestants--how "real" is that? Just giving a bunch of people a chore and then turning the camera on doesn't necessarily make for compelling TV. And if to make it compelling you have to edit things in a certain order, and manipulate people behind the scenes, and make backstage decisions that might run contrary to what actually happened in the competition--where's the "reality"? Why not challenge your own creativity and make a normal TV show, whether it's a sitcom or an hour-long drama?

The truth, I feel, is that so many so-called reality shows are totally scripted. The real challenge is making us believe that they aren't. Now, I don't mean that all the dialogue and everything that happens is written down. But I do think that certain scenarios are written up or invented, the contestants or families or whoever the main focus of the show is on are told what the show is going to be about and what events will take place--and then everybody is turned loose to see what happens. Any "reality" is kept to a minimum.

I'm also always worried about the little disclaimer at the end of some of these competition-style shows that inform us that the producers or whoever had input into the decision-making process of who stays and who goes. Again, that seems to remove the "reality" from it. If someone made the worst dress, or cooked the worst meal, or whatever--they should be the ones to go. It shouldn't be some guy from the network saying, "Yes, he sucked at the challenge, but he reaches the demographic that we're aiming for, and he's such a jerk that he adds some much needed drama to the show, so get rid of someone else."

I don't know if that's what actually happens, but I sure do wonder, sometimes......

I think my favorite show--a form of reality show--is on the Food Network: Ace of Cakes. Watching Chef Duff and the employees of Charm City Cakes make these incredible (and edible) creations is just amazing to me. That, to me, is real talent. Programs that show off imagination and creativity have more appeal to me than, "Who can eat the most pig testicles?"

It's that creative process and watching the ideas come to life that allow me to cut Project Runway a little slack. And, of course, there's another reason:

Two words: Heidi Klum.

Now that kind of reality I don't mind in the least..... :-)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Cinema Swats

So--what was the defining moment for you?

When did you realize that there was something about spanking that held a certain appeal to you? What finally brought it to your attention? What made you sit up and say, "Hel-lo, there's something about this.....?"

For a lot of us--myself included--it was a spanking scene in a movie, either in the theater or broadcast on TV, or a scene in a television show. The mainstream media sent the image into our brain, and all the synapses (not to mention hormones) started firing.

It's not easy to find those scenes these days. Even with all the cable channels available, you can scan the TV guides a long time before finding a station running running a movie with one of your favorite spanking scenes in it. And finding one of the old TV shows? Nearly impossible.

Over the years there have been a few attempts to gather all those mainstream scenes together. Some of the compilations have been excellent. Others, while well-meaning, have been of questionable quality. My favorite by far has been a series called Cinema Swats.

Cinema Swats was put together by a gentleman named Dan Rivera many years ago. He took great pains to gather spanking scenes from movies and from TV--not just from America but from other countries as well. I've been told he insisted on quality. He sometimes did not include scenes because the only copy he had of it was not up to his standards.

All told, he put together a compilation of 6 VHS tapes filled with some familiar scenes and many that the average viewer would probably be seeing for the first time. Each tape contained 40 or more scenes from a variety of sources. Dan sold them for a while and then, for reasons best known only to him, he stopped.

Enter William Sova.

Bill is a spanking fan and a movie buff. I'd go so far as to say that if there's something about a spanking scene that Bill doesn't know, it's probably not worth knowing. Bill wrote a very nice article in one of the old Shadow Lane Stand Corrected magazines about spanking in mainstream movies. And he has now taken over selling those Cinema Swats compilations.

I have added a new category to the right side of the blog page--Commercial Sites--and I've listed the Cinema Swats link there. The website has a list of all the scenes on all 6 compilations, along with ordering information. You can get them in VHS or on DVD. (I have all 6 tapes, but I think I definitely want to get all of the DVDs as well. Two down, 4 more to buy.)

If you have a soft spot in your heart for these old scenes, or are anxious to discover some new ones, I would suggest you check out the Cinema Swats website and consider ordering a DVD or two....or three....It's well worth it!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Brief Message....

The girls from FDAU U. have gathered here on the steps of the (unofficial) school cafeteria to say they hope you had a very pleasant 4th of July weekend.


At least, I think that's what they're doing.....

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth Of July!!

Happy Independence Day to everyone!!

May you all celebrate happily in your own little center of the universe. I hope you manage to make some "fireworks" of your own.....

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sentimental Gentle Wind....

At Random: Hello to those visitors from Tokyo in Japan. Thanks for stopping by to read my blog!

I'm a big fan of the comics--comic strips in the morning paper as well as comic books. I spend a small fortune every month on various titles from Marvel and DC as well as some independent publishers.

Last week I got a kick out of a strip in the Star Tribune called "Crankshaft". A man is helping his mother clean out her house prior to her selling it. He comes across one box and asks her, "What's in here?" She tells him it's all stuff with sentimental value. He pulls something out of the box, holds it up and asks, "What's sentimental about a spatula?" His mother looks wistful and replies, "I used to spank you with that!"

Kind of gets you right here, doesn't it?

Or maybe someplace lower.......

It got me thinking about the few spanking implements that I have. There really aren't many. I prefer to spank using the palm of my hand. It's my favorite method of doling out a spanking. I have some leather paddles, a few wodden ones, a clothesbrush/hairbrush that definitely makes an impression, and a few leather straps. I can't say I feel sentimental about most of them. If the wood breaks--you toss it and buy a new one. If the leather becomes unusable for some reason--toss it out and buy a new one. I can always find something of good quality from The London Tanner or at a vendors fair at one of the parties I attend.

There is one that I'm somewhat attached to, though.

I have a good friend in the spanking scene named Alexia. She lives on the East Coast and is a smart, fun and incredibly bratty lady. I haven't seen her in years, but I still consider her a good friend--it also means she's long overdue for a good spanking from me, but that's another story.

The very first lady I ever spanked introduced me to Alexia, and we became friends. Alexia, in turn, introduced me to a terrific couple she met that lived in Pennsylvania. The husband, Paul, was actually vanilla, but Kristianna (his wife, who was just as big a brat as Alexia--if that's possible) introduced him to the idea of spanking her, and he took to it like a duck takes to water. We made arrangements to all get together in Pennsylvania one weekend.

They picked me up at the airport, we stopped somewhere to eat and then went back to their house. Once there, I got a surprise from Paul. He had made a strap for me to use. It was two pieces of red leather that he had hot-glued together. The whole thing was about a foot long, and he had rounded off one end so that there were no sharp edges. Naturally, I couldn't wait to break it in. And Alexia just happened to be sitting right next to me........

You can easily picture what came next. Before she knew it, Alexia was over my lap, pants down with the strap being applied with vigor to her tush. I distinctly remember telling Paul, "This works great!"

Alexia, I believe, had her own opinion as to that....

I still have that strap. The leather is a bit softer and more supple now, and delivers more of a sting than a good solid whack, but the glue still holds it together and there are some very fond memories attached to it.

So call me sentimental....

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Taming of Lily Chase

It's a brand new month, so it's only fair to mention that I've added a new link to a fairly new blog on this page. I learned about it from Dave at The Cherry Red Report. It's called "The Taming of Lily Chase".

Lily Chase is a 20-year-old student in Los Angeles, and a girl in need of discipline. She started her blog back in April. It's a rather nice mix of writing and pictures as she explores this aspect of her life.

As always, I urge you to check it out for yourself. And if you do click on the link to the right to give it a look, please be sure to leave her a comment or two telling her how much you enjoy the blog. New blogs and bloggers need the encouragement and the feedback--otherwise, they tend to get the feeling that nobody is reading what they're posting, So give her a shout-out, and tell her Dr. Ken sent you.