Friday, February 25, 2011

One Attitude Adjustment, Coming Up!

"All right, Mr. Bossy-pants, I got dressed the way you wanted me to and I'm standing the way you wanted me to........

".......Now what?!?"

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Subtracting And Adding

As I promised in an earlier post, I have started the process of going through the blog roll to see what blogs are being kept up-to-date, and which blogs aren't. Somewhat to my surprise, of the first ten blogs I looked at, I wound up deleting 7 of them for one reason or another.

People start blogs for a variety of reasons. They're new to spanking and want to chronicle their thoughts and experiences. They're old hands at spanking and want to share their wisdom and advice. They've started a new spanking or DD relationship and want to document it each step of the way. Or maybe they just feel they have something to say on the subject.

People stop writing their blogs for many reasons, as well. That spanking or DD relationship goes sour. They realize they don't have as much to say on the subject as they thought--and what they do have to say has already been written in hundreds of other blogs. They discover that blogging takes up too much of their time, and they just don't have the minutes or hours to devote to it anymore. They worry that, although writing under a false name, someone has figured out who they really are.

Consequently, I wind up with a blog roll of very promising blogs where the last entry is from 2009. At this rate, by the time I'm done the blog roll will consist of Pixie's blog, Devlin and Poppy's blog, Chross, Sarah Gregory, and a link to Pizza Hut.

Thankfully, while I'm dumping old blogs, new ones pop up every day. Sometimes they're not even new--they're just blogs I hadn't seen before. And if I read them and like them, then the blog roll should fill up again quite nicely.

So let me take a minute to introduce the newest addition to my blog roll, No Domme Blonde, and intelligent and funny blog from a very intelligent, funny and lovely lady. If you're familiar with it, you'll welcome it's addition to the blog roll. If you've never seen it before, click on the link and check it out. I think it'll become a favorite of yours. Please leave a comment and let the author know how much you appreciate what she's doing--and, as always, tell her that Dr. Ken sent you.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Girls Who Wear Glasses

There's an old poem that's been around for a long time. It goes something like, "Men seldom make passes / At girls who wear glasses."

Quite frankly, I don't believe that for one minute, but for brief, pithy poetry it ranks right up there with "Candy is dandy / But liquor's quicker".

I think it's time to do away with that old rhyme and replace it with something closer to the truth. It's not a poem, true, but I think the new saying should be, "Girls who wear glasses....

........are so very, very spankable!"

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Spank Valentine's Day....

I hope that everybody out there had a terrific St. Valentine's Day. Or should that be, "Spank Valentine's Day"? Or maybe....both? The more I think about it, the more I'd have to claim that as my preference--a happy, spanky St. Valentine's Day for all.

This is sort of a "catch-all" post, a chance to touch on a few topics. The best news, of course, is that--as pointed out by a couple of people--I've been Chrossed.

If you're a regular reader of Chross's excellent blog (and if you're not--you should start), you know that he usually does a post once a week with a list of what he calls, "Spankings Of The Week". These are the best posts from a wide variety of blogs--either a post he saw while he was browsing, or a post that someone drew to his attention. If it's good enough, he includes it in his "Spankings of the Week." This past week, my post--"Spankable Celebrities -- # 7"--got picked for the list. As some people told me, "You got Chrossed".

What does it really mean for a blogger? Well, for one thing, it's a thrill to have something you've done recognized as being one of the best of the best. What it really does is drive traffic to your blog, many of whom might be seeing it for the first time. As a blogger, I hope that they come here, read, like what they see, and will continue to return as regular readers.

How effective is being Chrossed? Consider that the first 4 or 5 days of last week showed that I was getting anywhere from 500 to 800 visitors to the blog each day. On the day the Chross post came out, traffic nearly doubled! And on Saturday, the number of vistors to the blog nearly tripled from a so-called "normal" day. That's what it means to a blog author when he gets "Chrossed".

Hopefully those visitors who came to check things out also took the time to go back in the archives and find out who Spankable Celebrities 1 through 6 were--and will check back to find out the identity of numbers 8, 9 and 10. And--fingers Chrossed, er, crossed--they'll check out some of the other blog posts and become a regular reader. Time will tell.

So, once again--Happy Valentine's Day!!

And thanks, Chross!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No Patience

"No, no! I said you're going to get a spanking when we get home!"

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spankable Celebrities -- # 7

It's time once again to add another name to my Top 10 Spankable Celebrities fantasy wishlist. (Bet you thought I'd forgotten about it, didn't you?)

When I started this list, I said there would be dead movie stars, and no so-called "reality" stars. However, I said nothing about singers.

And no, number 7 isn't Lady Gaga--although, considering the revealing nature of much of what she wears onstage, that's not a bad guess.

But no, Spankable Celebrity number 7 is the lovely and talented performer Katy Perry.

It should only take two pictures to convince you that Katy Perry belongs on this "Spankable" list. The first photo below is obviously shot on the set of the filming of her video for the song, "California Girls". And in the second photo, Katy unintentionally moons the audience when she slips onstage after a cake fight. If these pictures don't make your spanko motor start racing--check your pulse!

An on-stage cake fight? Someone should be spanked for that--and Katy is obviously displaying the right assets!

The words "Katy Perry" and "spanking" are, as has been reported elsewhere, clearly not strangers to each other. When Katy got married in India to Russell Brand, her friend Rihanna couldn't attend because of work commitments. When asked if she was upset about this, Katy first said she wasn't, then jokingly added that she bent Rihanna over and smacked her ass--and then forgave her and told her, "I love you, bitch!"

At least, I think she was joking. But maybe not. Check out the two photos below, first with Katy and Ke$ha, and then Katy and Eva Longoria.

At this point, you might be thinking, "Well, the first two pictures were great, but the rest of it makes it seem like Katy is more of a Top." However, consider the last photo--

Maybe Katy's a Switch?

In the long run, it doesn't matter. This is just a Fantasy Top Ten list, after all, and I think Katy has definitely earned her spot on it.

I don't necessarily wish that they all could be "California Girls", but I certainly wish they all could be as fun-loving and spank-happy as Katy Perry!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spanko's Day

"The crowd quietly waited for her to step outside, knowing that if she saw her shadow, it meant six more weeks of Spanking......."

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowmageddon 2011

Seriously--is it Spring yet???

As I write this, literally one-third of the country is being pummelled by a hellacious storm. The system is said to stretch from Colorado to Rhode Island. It has the potential to affect roughly 100 million Americans. Chicago--practically my second home--is expected to get two feet of snow before this is all over.

It would be easy--not to mention tempting--to stay inside, lock your doors and windows, crawl under a blanket, hunker down and not poke your nose outside until the storm has past and the St. Bernards manage to locate you and alert the rescue squads. But, gosh darn it, that just isn't the American way!

So, here's a photo to provide you with a little motivation.

Motivation for what, you ask?

If you can get up, dig out, go out and catch can give her a spanking!

Grab your snow shovels, America......

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Working On The Blog Roll

Okay, it's time for a multiple choice question.

Take a look at the pictures below. What do the ladies in each of the photos have in common?

A: They're all severely underdressed.

B: They're all overdue for a good spanking.

C: Honestly , Officer, I've never seen them before in my life.

D: All of the above.

The correct answer is D: All of the above, although personally I was secretly hoping for B. And oddly enough, the only reason I was pulling for B is because it really exemplifies the theme that's going to be running through this post--things that are overdue.

Specifically, the blog roll.

During the course of 2011, I really plan to go through the list of blogs I have and clean it up--fix links if I can, delete blogs that haven't updated in a long time, and--of course--add new finds when I can. I started to do this at one point a year ago--possibly longer--and somehow my good intentions fell by the wayside. I'm not setting myself any deadline for doing this--I may still be at it by the time we celebrate 2012. But it WILL get done.

Now, having said that, I'm happy to announce three additions to the blog roll. And the first one is certainly long overdue.

I have a little section of "Favorite Places" on the toolbar that runs across the top of my computer screen. I refer to that when I want to go visit other blogs or web sites. I seldom actually go to my blog and select from the blog list there. What has happened more than once in the past, however, is that by using the "favorites" section to get around, I forget to add some excellent sites to the blog roll here on Spanking Minnesota. Several times I've fooled myself into believing that something was already on the roll when it really wasn't. And that's what happened with this first blog.

So--it's not a new blog, but it's certainly a good one, and it's place on the blog roll is long overdue. So as of today, I've added Spanked Hortic to the list.

The second blog is The Pink Report. How does that fit in with the theme? Well, let's just say that the lovely author of the blog is probably "overdue" in more ways than one. :-) But it's another wonderful blog that deserves your attention, and I'm happy to provide a link for it here.
The last blog doesn't really fit the theme, but I'm happy to add it, anyway. Ever since the wonderful artist Endart retired, I've wondered who would come along and fill those spanking illustration shoes. I really think the answer might be Dave Wolfe, the wonderful artist of "Wolfietoons" and whose work can also be seen at Discipline and Desire. (In fact, I should add them to the roll, too.) Dave's depictions of This Thing We Do are well crafted and done with a sense of humor, both of which remind me of the best of Endart's work.

So, there are the three newest members of my blog roll. If you're not familiar with them, please visit their blogs and check them out. And if you're already a fan of their writing, now you can get there from here.