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Honza And The Princess

 I imagine most, if not all, of you are familiar with this story by now.  Any story involving a spanking doesn't remain a secret for long among us, after all.

I'll try to give you the really, really short version.  :-)

Honza is a young lad sent out to make his way in the world.  On his travels, he hears about a Princess who apparently has lost the power of speech!  The King is offering a handsome reward to anyone who can cure her.  Anyone failing, however is to be beheaded.  Honza decides to try, anyway.

In stories, it's always a kiss that breaks the spell, right?  So once he's alone with the Princess in her chambers, he tries kissing her--and the Princess tells him off in uncertain terms!  It turns out she's faking her loss of speech in order to eliminate all of those nasty suitors.

Honza returns to the King with the Princess following and reports on his findings.  Once he's done telling his story, though, the Princess doesn't confess but continues to act like she cannot speak.  The King, of course, believes Honza has failed and orders him to be beheaded.  Honza asks the King if he may try one more thing, and the King grants his request.  So, calling the Princess to him, Honza does this--

The Princess, of course, cries out and loudly protests this treatment--to no avail, it turns out, for the King is so happy to hear her speaking again that he doesn't immediately tell young Honza to stop.   So the Princess winds up with a very sore bottom and a well-deserved spanking!

The King offers Honza a handsome reward, but Honza turns it all down and settles for a small chest of gold coins--not to mention the satisfaction of paddling a pretty Princess's posterior pink.

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The Agony Of Defeat

This is what happens when you don't win your part of the Swim Meet...

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Mama May Not Know Best....


....but Mama does know what a naughty girl needs!

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