Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And The Answer Is (and Happy Birthday!)....

There were some very good guesses as to the identity of the celebrity bottom, and I hope everyone who dropped by and didn't leave a comment at least made a guess privately. Without further ado, the owner of the celebrity bottom is shown right below......

Okay, so you can't tell from this photo, either--but darn, I really like this picture! And if your palm isn't itching, then you're not really a spanker!

In all seriousness, the celebrity bottom belongs to......and a big round of applause to Andrades Girl for guessing correctly--

Jennifer Aniston!!!

The reason I decided to play the guessing game with Jen as the answer is that February 11th is Jennifer Aniston's birthday! Believe it or not, Jen turns 40 today--a fact the tabloids haven't let her forget for about the last 6 months or so. Every time they've run a photo or a story on her, it's always been, "the soon-to-be 40-year old Jennifer Aniston". She's probably happy to get this birthday out of the way--sort of, "Give me the present, give me the damn cake, and everybody go home!"

Well, not everybody--somebody has to stay and give her a good birthday spanking. I'd be willing to volunteer.....

There's a radio ad for a show hosted by a husband and wife team that references the above magazine cover. The ad is a snippet from their program, and while I don't have it word for word, it goes something like this:

SHE: Have you seen Jennifer Aniston's nude GQ cover?

HE: The one with the tie?

SHE: Yes.

HE: I saw the tie.

SHE: (laughing) How long did you look at the tie?

HE: Six and a half hours.

I'm with him. Go ahead and stare. This is what 40 looks like--and Jennifer, on you it looks darn good!

So, happy 40th birthday to Jennifer Aniston! And Jen, if you're ever in Minnesota and want to collect that birthday spanking, just drop me an e-mail via this blog......


Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Ken:
I can't believe I guessed it right. I was actually going by the hair as a clue! She is gorgeous tho and great pictures!
Thanks for posting
Take care

Anonymous said...

Well done Andrades and Jen sure makes 40 look good.