Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You'll Need A #2 Pencil

Hi, and welcome to today's Puzzle Page!

Today's puzzle is a picture quiz. First, take time to study the photo below. Then, when you feel ready, answer the question that follows. Ready? Begin!

Question: How many OSHA violations can you spot in this picture?


Mina said...

Laughs...oh dear I was really looking hard at that picture wondering what the question would be. I am assuming OSHA is the same as OS&H in Australia.

I think they might be okay if they put on steel toe boots and safety glasses. Not nearly as gorgeous but still.

Love the dirty hand prints so he can really see where his aim is landing.


Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

I don't know about OSHA, but I spot a hair violation. Ew. is this supposed to be a joke spanking photo, or is the hand print meant to be sexy?

Hermione said...

Aw, be kind to your non-American readers and tell us what OH whatsit stands for. Please?

the greasy handprint is pretty funny, though.


smith said...

Uhm...I used to work for OSHA...hahaha!


Dr. Ken said...

Mina--Yes, I believe it is the exact same thing as OS&H. Thumbs up on the safety glasses, but a spanker might think twice about trying to paddle the bottom of a girl wearing steel-toed boots....

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park--This photo brought to you courtesy of Renaldo's Wigs for Men.... :-)
and yes, with the hand-print, I'm guessing it was meant to be humorous...

Hermione--OSHA stands for Occupational Health & Safety Administration. It's a government watchdog group focusing on safety in the workplace.
Hopefully the model thought the handprint was funny!

Barbie--aaaaand....Barbie wins! LOL

grace said...

I don't know about the OSHA violations, but I do have a question.

Is the grease from working, or is the grease from his hair...LOL It looks to me like he's greasing up his hand by rubbing it in his hair.


smith said...

OOOOHHHHHH! What do I get?

Dr. Ken said...

Grace--now that you mention it....LOL! It's true--you can't tell if he's raising his hand to deliver another swat, or rubbing his hand on his hair for more grease!

SpankingBarbie--Um....what you deserve? :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Ken
I was just wondering how she got the hand print stains out...and how did he get them out of his hair? And lucky for her...not one stain on the lingerie! Great picture. You've got a very enjoyable blog. I am guessing he must have a cassette tape player somewhere on those shelves!
I am new to your blog (and blogging in general)and will be back and check out your new posts. Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving

Anonymous said...

OK so the image is obviously dated but I for one think its great.
I love the scenario. Stuck up girl refuses to pay mechanic for work done on her Mercedes..

come on people are you with me?

BTW Where did you find this pic?

Dr. Ken said...

A--How to get the grease stains out? Lava soap, of course! Nothing like the feel of pumice on a freshly-spanked bottom....

Anonymous--I took the picture off of my hard drive, so my guess is that I must have grabbed it off of a spanking picture newsgroup...

Anonymous said...

Intriguing pic--gotta love an old-fashioned (car mechanic?) who has no time to wash his greasy hands before he tans a sassy customer.

No clue what OSHA violations are at issue here? or were you being facetious..hm...---should he be wearing a helmet or something? exposed wiring? not a clue but cool pic :-)

Keep up the fine blogging sir!

p.s. Chelsea Pfeiffer back in the day shot a spank scene in an auto mechanic's garage, fyi :)

Dr. Ken said...

Dave--yes, the OSHA question was definitely tongue-in-cheek.
And I've always thought that Chelsea makes for a wonderful spankee--she has such a lovely bottom....She obviously makes a good spanker, as well--that's what she seeems to do the most of, lately--but I do like to see her on the receiving end.

Dr. Ken

Anonymous said...

If I remember rightly it was a photo story in Janus and it takes place in a house's garage and probably isn't covered by any need for regulations.

sixofthebest said...

Another beautiful naughty spankable lady wearing garter-belt and stocksings so provocative erotic for me. How I would enjoy spanking such a delightful bare bottom.

Anonymous said...

From what I remember of the story, she is getting the spanking for borrowing his car and getting back late so he can't pick up something he requires. This shot is about half way through the story.

Dr. Ken said...

Anonymous -- I never let the actual story get in the way of a post. :-)