Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day 2008

Today's message to all my readers in the United States is a simple one--

Get out and VOTE!!!!

Your life--or, at least, the next four years worth--depends on it.......

If you don't take part in the process--you have no right to complain about whatever happens as a result!


CJ said...

Hey Doc,

I have my certificate to bitch for the next four years!



Cigi said...

Ken, I have mine too!

Sorry I missed ya at the party...you looked handsome in your costume...I wish I had gotten the chance to play with you while you were wearing it!


Dr. Ken said...

CJ--I have my grousing rights secured, as well.

Cigi--good for you. And nice picture, btw.
I wish we'd gotten the chance to play, period. The costume was a little on the warm side, so maybe it was just as well.
Next time, Cigi!