Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wedded Bliss

I'm posting this picture in honor of my friend and fellow blogger, Iris (Through Iris Eyes). If you've been reading her blog (and if you haven't--shame on you!) you've noticed that there haven't been many updates lately--but you also know why. She's been planning a wedding!

Well, the glorious date was yesterday, November 8th. My heartfelt congratulations to my good friend Iris and her now-husband M! I hope they managed to recreate the scene pictured below--I know they'll be indulging in variations of it for many, many happy years to come!

And Iris, I still want a photo of you in your wedding dress (not to post, just for myself). I'm sure you looked lovely. I could start tearing up at any moment.......

1 comment:

sixofthebest said...

Every bride should be given a painful spanking on her bare bottom by the groom on her wedding night. That makes for a happy marriage to be. Garter-belt and stockings that this blushing bride is wearing, makes this scene more erotic.