Thursday, November 10, 2011

We Love Our Lurkers

Whenever I post a link to a new blog, I always tell people to go and take a look at it, and to leave a comment. Bloggers love comments. It not only lets us know how we're doing, it lets us know that, yes, someone is actually out there looking at the stuff we put up. Very few of us blog just for our health (well....mental health, maybe). We like the give and take, to a certain extent. We like to share our thoughts, our feelings, our pictures, and our love for This Thing We Do. Leaving a comment is a way for you to share something backOf course, not everyone comments. The vast majority of our visitors are lurkers. They come in, read, look around, and leave as quietly as possible. We know they've been here--the stat counter tells us so. And even if they didn't leave a comment, we're grateful that they came around.

So, once a year we like to celebrate that silent majority. We call it, "Love Our Lurkers" day. It's our way of letting you know how much you're all appreciated--and believe me, that appreciation is deep and heartfelt.

We ask only one thing in return. This one time, instead of lurking, we really would like you to leave a little comment. It doesn't have to be much. You don't have to write a novel, or even a paragraph. A simple "hi" would even suffice. It's up to you. But for this one day, let your voice be heard, and then you can go back to lurking for another year.

I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you! Let me know you're out there! Let's hear it for the lurkers!


ronnie said...

I'm afraid I lurk more than I comment Dr. Ken but I'm here now to say hello and happy LOL Day.


Hermione said...

Hi Dr. Ken,

I'm not really a lurker but stopped by to say hello. Thanks for being a part of LOL 6.


Larken said...

Hello, and Happy LOL Day, Dr. Ken!

I don't always just lurk and leave. Sometimes I lurk and laugh and leave. But I always love to visit. :-) Have a lovely day, Dr. Ken.

Raven Red said...

Happy LOL day...lately I have not left a lot of comments, which means I have now officially delurked!



Greenwoman said...

Hello Dr. Ken! It's been a long while since I last commented, so I think I qualify as a lurker these days. Yep. I'm still out here reading. Just wanted to say Happy LOL Day and I love your blog!

Mikki said...

Hi... I only recently found your blog.. very nice! Happy LOL Day!

Chross said...

Happy LoL Day, Dr. Ken!


Dr. Ken said...

Ronnie--thank you. Feel free to delurk anytime you want. You're always welcome here.

Hermione--Non-lurkers are welcome, too. Thanks for the note!

Larken--Laughing Lurking Larken? Now there's a lovely mental image! Always happy to see you, Larken!

Raven Red--happy official
Delurking to you! Have I explained about the initiation?

Greemwoman--Wow, talk about a voice from the past! I'm glad to know you're still out and still drop by! Thanks for the comment!

MIkki--New readers are always welco9me, Mikki! Glad you found me!

Chross--"Cheers" right back at ya, Chross!

sixofthebest said...

Happy Lurker's Day Dr. Ken. I love that spanking drawing.

Dave Wolfe said...

Happy LOLD, Doc!

I don't get to lurk around as much as before, but I always enjoy your amusing and astute observations and entertaining entries! Many thanks!!


Have a great LOL day.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog, happy spanks! xoxo

Season said...

Happy LOL Day Dr. Ken!

Pink said...

I'm more in the lurking category than the commenting one. But I come often and always enjoy your take on things.

Happy LOL Day, Dr. Ken!


A.S.S. said...

Happy LOL Day! We don't comment near as much as we should, but we're long time fans of your blog.

~Todd and Suzy

Lea said...

Love your blog, happy LOL day!

Dr. Ken said...

sixofthebest--every time I came across the picture in my archives, I said to myself, "This would be a good picture for LOL day." Glad I was finally able to make that come true!

Dave--I know what you mean. I never seem to have enough time to browse the blogs I want to. Still, I always enjoy it when I do. Thanks for the kind words, and drop by whenever you can!

Prefectdt--thanks! I hope your LOL day was a huge success.

OldFashionGirl--I love your blog, too! You always have such great pictures!

Season--Happy LOL day to you and Michael!

Pink--I think I can say the same thing about the times I visit your blog. I may not always remember to say it, but I really enjoy what you're doing!

Todd and Suzy--That's very nice to hear. I'm a long-time fan of A.S.S., too.

Lea--many thanks! It's always nice to see you around here.