Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Favorite Pic....For The Moment

Not too long ago, Dave of The Cherry Red Report posted what he called his "Favorite Picture", and invited many of us other bloggers to do the same. I responded with my favorite drawing by Endart. You can find my post on this by looking at the older posts.

Many bloggers responded, and I had a good time checking out their selections. In some cases, I took the opportunity to check out other posts on those blogs, as well. I always enjoy seeing what others are doing with their blogs. To put it mildly, there's some good stuff out there. That's why I maintain--and often add to--my blog roll.

Sadly, I don't remember which blog I was looking at, but I came across a picture I was immediately taken with. I'm pretty sure it wasn't their "favorite pic" selection, but was part of an older post.

The picture looks like it was originally from Punished Brats--at least, that's my best guess. The photo got cropped somewhere along the way, and I'm guessing it was cropped to eliminate the identifying watermark or logo. I hate when that happens.

In spite of that, I'd have to say that it's my favorite pic--if not of all time, then at least for the moment. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

The girl is Charlie Skye at "Punished Brats".

web-ed said...

Yes, it's David Pierson and Charlie Skye over at Punished Brats. I think the name of the film was Last Girl in Class.

Anonymous said...

That is indeed Charlie Skye over the lap of David Pierson at Punished Brats.

Dr. Ken said...

anonymous, web-ed, and anonymous--thanks for helping identify the picture and the participants. I thought it had that "Punished Brats" look to it. I really dislike it when someone crops off the company logo from a photo.