Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Whether you choose to celebrate in a traditional--or unconventional--fashion, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of my readers in America!


ronnie said...

Happy Thanksgiving from across the pond.

Hope you have a wonderful day Dr. Ken.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Love it.

Happy Spanksgiving!



Hermione said...

It's nice to see the Indians getting equal treatment for once. Lucky Pilgrims!

Happy Thanksgiving, Dr. Ken.


sixofthebest said...

Happy Thanksgiving Day Dr. Ken. Whatever tradition we celebrate this wonderous day, Let, it end, and I do mean 'bare end, by all of us having a 'spanking good time'.

Dr. Ken said...

ronnie--it was a wonderful day, thank you. A lovely dinner topped off with a (very small) slice of pumpkin pie AND a slice of pecan pie. I could barely move the rest of the day! LOL

HEDONE--glad you liked it! HOpe you had a nice "Spanksgiving" (or Spanksgetting) as well!

Hermione--well, it is the land of equal opportunity!