Friday, August 13, 2010

This Butt's For You

Somebody--I never did learn who, but I think it's a safe bet to say it was some mens magazine like Maxim or FHM--recently took a poll on a subject near and dear to every spankos heart--namely, bottoms. Butts. Derrieres. Sit-upons. (I could go on, but I'd like to finish this post today.....)

This very thorough (I assume) and very scientific (I have no doubt) poll asked those participating to name the best female celebrity bottoms, the sort of bottoms that you can't help but stare at and watch, the round, gently swaying, hypnotically bouncing, "jello on springs" type of backside that is very watchable and, therefore, by this blog's standards, very spankable.

(Don't let that last sentence fool you. This blog's standards are actually quite low. I'm under no illusions, here. And really, isn't every bottom "spankable"?)

The responses were, for the most part, very predictable. In fact, if I gave you 5 guesses to come up with the names of the top 3 ladies, I wager the majority of you would guess correctly. In fact, just for fun, don't read any further and jot down your guesses, then continue reading and see how you did. Here's one quick hint: there were no "blasts from the past" here. All of the ladies are alive and well. There was one surprise in that there was a tie for third place, and it was a name I probably would have overlooked. In retrospect, though, it's a good pick and makes perfect sense.

Go ahead. Make your guesses. I'll wait.


Okay, time's up.

Number One of the bottom watchers list--even after all these years--Jennifer Lopez.

Number 2--Beyonce Knowles.

Number 3--as I said, there was a tie. Here's the name that most people probably could have guessed--Kim Kardashian.

The lady who tied Kim at Number 3? If you've seen her perform or seen her videos, you'll probably smack yourself on the forehead and say, "Yeah, that's actually a very good pick." Her hips don't lie, and I'm guessing her bottom is well acquainted with the truth, too. Shakira ties for 3rd place.

Naturally, any "list" like this is pretty subjective. I can see why those polled named these ladies, but if I were making up my own list, it would probably be totally different. Leave a comment and tell me what YOUR top 3 selections would be.

Oh, and ladies--if any magazine runs a similar poll about male celebrities, I'll be sure to give you equal time in a future post!


Michael said...

Congrats on your wonderful post being Chrossed, Dr. Ken. While all the women are lovely, I think Kim may now take first place for most bootylicious.

sixofthebest said...

I would put my money on Jennifer Lopez, there's a bottom, I would love to spank. Upside would go her tight dress, down would come her silk panties, and a dozen strokes of the cane, would be perfect for her voluptous bare rear end.

Celine said...

All favorites of mine as well ;) That pic of Shakira, though...smokin! *grin* Celine

Dr. Ken said...

Michael--I don't know, Shakira is looking pretty good! And thanks for the "congrats"--it's always a thrill to be Chrossed!

sixofthebest--I was surprised to see her still ranked so high.

Celine--I wouldn't turn down the chance to spank any of them! :-) But I have to agree with you about Shakira.... :-)