Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chicago Crimson Moon Summer Spanktacular

Chicago Crimson Moon, one of the best spanking groups around, held their latest party the last weekend of July, and it was quite wonderful.

As i mentioned in a previous post, this party was a little different for me. For one thing, I knew going in that it just might be the only party I attended this year. Money--or the lack of it--has been plaguing me all year, and so I had to make a practical decision to keep the parties down to a minimum.

Another difference was that I didn't fly into O'Hare airport as I've done so many times in the past. I was fortunate enough to be offered a ride by a lovely Minnesota lady who was also attending the party, as I mentioned in a previous post. Not having to buy an airplane ticket was huge, and probably made the difference between attending the party or staying at home. So, once again, a big "thank you" to her for doing that. (And yes, I still have a lot of the music from the trip running through my head. It's good music, don't get me wrong--but it doesn't appear to be dropping out of memory anytime soon.)

We got there early enough that there was time to rest up a little before the actual party began. There was also an orientation held for the "newbies" in the group--those attending their first ever spanking party, or at the very least, their first Crimson Moon spanking party. Our fearless leaders take the time to go over the general rules of conduct with them, let them know what they can expect (or what not to expect, as the case may be). While that was going on inside the party space, a number of party veterans were congregating in the halls saying hello to old friends. Finally the doors were opened, a meal was served, and the party got underway.

This was a 3-day party. Usually the first day, Thursday, sees a very light turnout, the majority of people opting to wait until Friday or even Saturday to show up. Not this year! It was the most people we've ever had on a Thursday, which was great to see. (I never heard any official numbers, but I'd say there were about 60 spankos there on Thursday, with another 40 or so showing up over the next couple of days.)

There were some other nice innovations at the party that evening. First, for those who wanted to use them, there were little "ice breaker" devices at each of the tables. These took the form of pieces of paper cut into a hand shape, and if you flipped them over, the back carried instructions, such as, "Find someone wearing a schoolgirl uniform! 30 spanks by hand". You would then mingle, looking for someone who fit the description, introduce yourself if they were new to you, and then carry out the spanking instructions if they were agreeable to it. (People did have the right to say, "No, thank you", but even if they did, you still got to meet and talk to them.)

Another thing that I liked was the presence of a message board. Every person at the party had their name written on a small envelope, which in turn was taped to a large series of boards. Pens and paper were made available, and if you wanted to communicate with somebody, you could write them a note and leave it inside their envelope. For instance, I received a very nice note saying, "Looking forward to playing with you", and then signed with the lady's name. Sadly, I never got the chance to take her up on her note, but maybe next time.

Someone went to a lot of time and trouble to put all that together, and she definitely deserves a big hand! (That's "a big hand" as in "a round of applause", and not "a big hand" as in "applied where it will do her the most good". Although now that I think of it......)

The nights were filled with spanking, spanking, and more spanking. Saturday also saw the Vendors Fair, which featured a number of people selling implements, some looking interesting, some looking quite wicked, all of them of excellent quality. I didn't buy an implements this time, but I did make some other stops. Tasha Lee and Yoni from Bum Rap Productions were there, selling DVDs and Tasha's book, "Spanking 101: Hot Crossed Buns". I bought a DVD from Lily Starr, which featured highlights from many of her productions. I even watched her table for a few moments while she went to the front desk to get change--sadly, I wasn't able to seel anything for her.

I bought a copy of the book, "It's Supposed To Hurt! The Best of the Corporal Consultant" from Ms. Cassandra Park, who was nice enough to sign it for me. Sarah Gregory was there, being her usual delightful self, and I purchased a DVD from her, as well, featuing several vignettes with her and Stephanie Locke. And last, but certainly not least, I got a DVD from Kat St. James and Kyle Johnson called, "Girl Trouble", featuring F/F spankings. It was a blast getting to meet so many people who are so well known in the spanking community.

The most fun item I bought was from Kat and Kyle. It was a Spanking Lottery scratch-off ticket (I bought two, actually), and the prize was Kat St. James herself! Each ticket had six spaces. Beneath each space were spanking instructions--anywhere from 1 to 7 whacks with a paddle, for example, or a certain number of spanks by hand. You scratched off one space on each ticket, and whatever it said, you got to carry out with Kat. Top prize was a 2 minute spanking by hand.

I scratched off my tickets, and while the first only yielded "1-paddle", the second ticket revealed "1 minute hand spanking". I got to select a paddle from several they had on their vendors table, Kat found on open space, pulled her skirt up and lowered her panties, and I gave her a paddle whack. I figured she would probably be selling a lot of these tickets, so I kept the swat fairly light, which she noticed and said, "That wasn't so bad." I just smiled and said, "Well, yeah, I'm not trying to kill you." (I'm long past the point where I need to be the hardest spanker on the block.) She then got over my knee, started a little stop watch, and I delivered the hand spanking. She has a great little bottom, and it was a lot of fun. Again, I wasn't trying to knock her into the next county--I even used part of my minute to do some soothing bottom rubbing. (What can I say? I'm a considerate guy.....) All in all, the lottery ticket was a very clever idea, and I wouldn't be surprised to see other vendors do something similar at future events.

Saturday finally ended, the party was over, and--just like every party--there were people I wanted to play with but somehow never got around to them. For that matter, there were some people (such as the "Doublemint Twins") that I never even got to introduce myself to! But that happens at every party, and gives me a good excuse to come back for the next one.

"The next one", for me, might wind up being Crimson Moon's July party of 2011. I'll have to see how things go. If things work out, the stars align, and the creek don't rise, I might be back sooner than I think.

Until then, kudos to Crimson Moon for another excellent event! If you've never attended a spanking party, but think you would be interested, give a Crimson Moon party a try. I'm biased, I must admit, but I think they're one of the best groups around!


Celine said...

Wow, sweet! I'm really glad you posted this, I was just wondering the other day what these events were like. I'm glad the attendance was so excellent on Thursday, as well. The message board is a great idea, as were Kat's lotto tickets. Holy cow, that really is brilliant, and I can see how it would be quite popular ;), but if I were her, I'd be kind of frightened, too. Some people could decide to really wallop her! At least there were swat/time limits, that's probably smart. I love that you said "I'm long past the point where I need to be the hardest spanker on the block." That's so refreshing, so mature, so confidently sexy. :) Celine

Dr. Ken said...

Celine--For another look at the party, go to Cheryl's "Positively Spanking" blog. She tells of her experiences over the course of the 3-day event.

Kat, I'm pretty sure, could take care of herself if she felt someone was starting to get "carried away". Plus, her partner Kyle was right there, along with other CM folk who would have jumped in if she'd been in any genuine distress. And as you mentioned, having the limits in place help prevent anything like that from happening.

"refreshing, so mature, so confidently sexy"--yep, that's me, all right. LOL