Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Devlin O'Neill's 3rd Blogiversary

One of the best blogs out there is celebrating it's 3-year anniversary, and since I often go there and leave comments I wanted to be sure to send them my best wishes. Devlin O'Neill's Weblog is celebrating three glorious years, and the blog's popularity is well-deserved.

If you've spent time over there reading, you know ti's much more than a blog. It's really more of a forum. The posts tend to be more like the start of a thread, and the comments that people leave in reaction to the post tend to take on a life of their own. Sometimes it leads to an intelligent discussion. Other times, it turns into a Bratfest. No matter which way it turns, it's always fun to read--and even more fun to join in and participate.

The post on Weblog regarding the 3-year celebration is a perfect example of what makes the blog so good. The post is actually written by Season, a regular contributor to the site. Posts are very often "highjacked" so that Dev doesn't have to write every single word that gets posted. He has plenty of help from wonderful authors such as Season, Michael, Poppy (of the blog, Poppy's Submissions) and others. In this case, Season chronicles the development of Devlin's blog, and notes some of the first appearances of many of the main contributors (and yes, I'm proud to say that the name "Dr. Ken" appears in there somewhere. I haven't contributed any posts, but I've certainly left a comment from time to time, adding to the fun and the chaos).

Once the post is up, the comments begin flying. If you read a lot of blogs, you know that the number of comments can fluctuate a great deal. I get anywhere from 0 to a dozen comments on some of my posts. Pixie, of Spanking Pixie fame, regularly gets 30 to 50 or more comments on what she writes. Devlin's blog, on the other hand--well, the post regarding the anniversary currently has over 200 responses. It's that willingness to jump in that sets Dev's blog apart, whether the discussion is serious or just silly fun.

While you will find many of the same people commenting time after time, new contributors are always welcome. If you have something you'd like to say about any of the posts you find there, don't be shy--jump on in. It's a very welcoming atmosphere at the ol' Weblog, and you just might find yourself with some new friends.

So, happy anniversary, Devlin et al! May the next year be just as exciting and interesting and filled with fun!


Season said...

Thank you, Dr. Ken, for the wonderful post! It is always a delight when you pop over for a visit. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks, Doc, for the much more than kind words, as well as for your support over the years. As you said, it sometimes gets seriously silly over there, but seldom is it dull as long as any of the Gang of Usual Suspects (yourself included) are around.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Dr. Ken. We do have fun and love having you over to play.

Michael said...

Thank you so much for such a wonderful post about us, Dr. Ken. You are a very big part of Devlin O'Neill's Weblog because you were an early supporter when most times it was just me, Dev and Gwen whistling in the wind. And you are so right when you describe it as a bratfest when the girls get going. Thank you so much, dear friend. :)

Dr. Ken said...

Season--you're very welcome. Thanks for the marvelous chronology that you posted for the anniversary celebration and for including my first appearance as a highlight.

Dev--ain't nothing wrong with silly, and the Usual Gang (especially the Usual Brats) does a great job of keeping things lively. Thankfully you're usually on hand to manage the mischief.

Poppy--that's good to know. I must pop over more often.

Michael--no problem. Your good work on the blog, along with everyone else's, deserves all the kind words and high praise it can get.
Hmmmm....."Friends Of Devlin O'Neill".....could be a blog spin-off in the works....