Monday, August 16, 2010

Close, But Not Quite

I've seen a lot of spanking pictures over the years.

That's not bragging, it's just a fact. Between drawings in early comic books, to more "adult" drawings in magazines like Playboy, to the mags you could only buy in Adult bookstores--things like "The Spanker's Monthly", for example--and finally the flood of images available on the Internet, I've seen thousands upon thousands of spanking photos. Some of them have been amazingly good. Others have been horrendously bad--the sort of photo that you look at and say to yourself, "These people have never seen a spanking in their lives!"

Thankfully, there have been far more that I've enjoyed. And on some very rare occasions, I've looked at a photo and thought, "Y'know, she reminds me of someone......"

It really should come as no surprise. When you think of the number of models who pose every year, whether it's for spanking pics or just the standard nude photo, there's bound to be a case or two of a model who vaguely resembles somebody you know, or somebody famous.

I'm not talking about an exact match. This isn't somebody's clone or identical twin. Only that there's something--perhaps even only one feature--that brings another, better known person to mind.

Case in point: the photos below.

Whenever I see the first one, I look at the wide eyes of the spankee, the round cheeks of her face, and the fact that she appears to be smiling even while getting her bottom whacked, and even though it very obviously isn't her, I always see this picture and say, "Hey, it's Rachael Ray!"

Maybe it's the shape of the face or the eyes in the next one--it might even just be the hair--but when I see it, I'm always reminded of Flo from those Progressive commercials--

Again, it really doesn't look like her, but there's just something that pulls my mind in that direction.

Maybe you see it--maybe you don't. Maybe you have your own pictures that remind you of someone else. Even if it isn't really them, it still gives the photo a little extra kick when you look at it.

Now, let's find that Progressive paddle from the commercial and get that girl in the last photo "initiated"!


Ingen said...

I can't remember seeing any lookalikes in spanking fiction before, but found a very strange one tonight.

Take a look at this.

Spanked by Fidel Castro. That's a memory for life.

sixofthebest said...

Dr. Ken, I agree with you she does look like Rachel Ray. And yes, I would love to warm her bare bottom with a good caning. That to me would be a good roast to cook up, and it would taste just delicious.

Chross said...

Where is the picture from - a stage play?

Dr. Ken said...

Ingen--keep looking, it could happen to you!

sixofthebest--Rachael Ray seems to be one of those people you either like or don't like, with no middle ground. Except in her case, both sides would like to spank her!

Chross--not a stage play. I'm not exactly sure of the source, but I believe it's one of the British spanking magazines, like Janus, Kane, Phoenix, know, one of those. :=)

Michael said...

Great post, Dr. Ken, and congrats on being Chrossed. :)