Thursday, November 20, 2008


On November 18, 1928, in some long-forgotten picture emporium, the lights went down, the curtain went up, a projector lens flickered to life--and Mickey Mouse first appeared in the animated short Steamboat Willie!

With my love of all things Disney, I couldn't possibly let that occasion slide by without comment.
So, Happy 80th birthday, Mickey!

Wow--80! I wonder how old that is in mouse years?


spankingbarbie said...

i have always loved Disney....I remember when VHS movies became wildly available and Peter Pan came out. My daughter didn't quite get the same obsession but it brought me back to a warm and fuzzy place. And let's not forget about my life long search for a copy of "Song of the South". Thanks for the reminder!


Hermione said...

How old in mouse years? The average lifespan of a mouse is 2 years. So, if 80 is the average lifespan of a person, then Mickey is 2 years old today.

But is Mickey has survived for 80 years, instead of the usual 2, then he has lived a human equivalent of 40 lifetimes, so he would be 3,200 years old today.

Does that make sense, or is my logic way off base?


Gwen said...

You REMEMBERED!! (I don't know about you Dr. Ken but I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that Mick is EIGHTY. Just doesn't seem right!)


Dr. Ken said...

SpankingBarbie--whenever I've taken a trip to DisneyLand or DisneyWorld, that's the exact feeling I get while I'm there....that warm and fuzzy, safe, everything's going to be all right feeling. It's hard to explain, but I never get that feeling of total peace anyplace else.
I should maybe start planning my next trip there....

Hermione--Okay, let me explain to you what a "rhetorical question" is......
Thanks for all the math!

Gwen--The nice thing about Mickey is that he's timeless, and therefore ageless. I'll repeat what I said over on Devlin O'Neill's weblog: Mickey is only as old as he makes us feel.

Mina said...

A happy birthday to Mickey. It's funny when I first read this post I found it interesting but then found myself thinking on it more. I realised that Mickey Mouse has been around and thereby in my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up watching the mousketeers and Fantasia is still a movie I would happily sit and watch.

Not bad at all for an 80 year old mouse.

Thanks Dr Ken.


Dr. Ken said...

Mina--you're welcome. I grew up watching the Mickey Mouse Club and The Wonderful World of Disney and all those great old animated films. A lot of them are still favorites, such as Fantasia.