Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Black-And-White Gallery



Susan said...

I just had to find out about that first photo. It is from the film "Don't" made in 1925.
What an excellent title. "Don't."
It is that simple.

fatherjim said...

What a nice eclectic group of pics! Well done! Thanks for sharing!


Dr. Ken said...

Susan -- The film might be called "Don't", but I look at that photo and think, "Do!" Not to mention, "Shall and Will!"

Anonymous said...

Anything on the who and where in pic#2?


Jimc said...

Like anonymous I loved the second one as well. The location seems to be what bothers me as from all intents it does look like it is some fairly high class place yet the background suggests a loft elevator or a security fence of some kind. But it is a favorite I think I found it in Deviant Art the first time I saw it many years ago.I love DON'T as it does seem like a great movie( but I have also heard it was just a publicity still). I really enjoyed all these black and white does look like one is some vampire movie,but I don't recognize it. Quite a way to end it with Betty Page. I appreciate all your great finds and comments. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day.

Dr. Ken said...

A.J. -- No idea.

Jim -- That's the sad truth about a lot of movie publicity stills--the spanking they depict isn't always present in the movie. It just proves that Hollywood was well aware of the appeal of the Spanking dynamic. Want to sell a few more tickets? Put a picture of Star A spanking Star B in your window display, even if there's no spanking in the movie!