Thursday, September 21, 2023

Thursday's GIF



Anonymous said...

This girl's big round butt is just made for spanking! Nice to see her legs kicking as she grits her teeth and takes it. And a very nice view of her butt crack through her sheer panties too!

Midwest Reader said...

For my part I am very impressed by the spanker: no nonsense with very strong hands. Ouch!

Jimc said...

I always enjoy the Gifs that you find. You can see the bounce of the bottom and I really enjoy not only the spankee,but also the spanker.great find. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your dah.

Dr. Ken said...

Umbrella -- I like the kicking legs--not wildly kicking, but moving enough to let the spanker know they're getting through to the spankee.

Midwest Reader -- Looks like she knows what she's doing--or at the very least is enthusiastic about it!

Jim -- Thanks! I'm always on the look out for them! And I don't mind if they've been around for awhile--I always figure they're new to somebody!