Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New Record!

All I can say is that the spanking community sure must like a party!

A big "Thank You" to everyone who came by for my 1-year blogiversary. Whether you lurked or whether you were one of the special people who left a comment, your presence was appreciated.

Thanks, too, to anyone who helped spread the word--most notably, Gwen over at Devlin O'Neill's Weblog. It was her urging people to stop by and wish me a happy aniversary that brought in a record number of people to my blog. Ok, granted, she had an ulterior motive at the time (which we don't need to go into here)......

Thanks to my normal number of visitors plus Gwen plus anyone else who helped spread the word, the post celebrating my first year as a blogger drew in 1,318 hits--the first time I've drawn over 1,000 visitors in one day to my blog. I still look at that number and smile to myself!
So again, thanks to everyone who dropped by and shared the day with me.

Also, in case you didn't notice, I replaced the old drawing I had with my profile and put up a different one in honor of the blog going into it's second year. It seemed only fitting. The two drawings are somewhat similar, actually, so if the change escaped your notice--well, I can't say I blame you. Here's one last look at the old picture--


Hermione said...

Congratulations, dear doctor, on your one year anniversary. And what a way to celebrate--with a new spanking. Er, spanking picture I mean.


Radha said...

Congrats, Dr. Ken!! Your blog is always filled with positive and fun content - I'm sure that this adds to the amazing number of hits you get!!

In awe,

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Ken:
Congratulations on such a sucessful anniversary party. It's always fun to come here. And congrats on the new picture. The spankee in the new picture looks more accepting of her spanking!
Take care

Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--nothing like a brand spanking new picture, I agree. Well--doling out an ACTUAL spanking would be better, true....but for a blog celebration, why not a profile picture facelift?

Radha--Thank you! I don't know why people come here, I'm just glad that they do! If they find it a positive and fun place to be, that's great. We need more places like that, I think...
And you, dear lady, are very positive and fun yourself. Perhaps this adds to the amazing number of "hits" Lord Krishna applies to your bottom? :-)

Andrades Girl--She does look like she's been there before, doesn't she?

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say how much I appreciate how well dressed the men in your spanking pictures are.
It helps us girls, you know, to take a little "development" from a man who knows how to dress.
Maybe you could spread the word?


Anonymous said...

Well done Dr Ken, over 1000 hits in one day is awesome and you can see how loved you are. A perfect way to celebrate.

Keep up the great work.


CJ said...

Party did someone say Party???

Glad you had a record posting day Doc!!


Dr. Ken said...

Poppy--I think I'd be the last person to try and "spread the word". While the gents in the drawings are, indeed, well-dressed, I'm pretty much strictly a pants and t-shirt kind of guy. I hope I didn't ruin anyone's image! :-)

Mina--thanks, Mina, and I agree--going over 1,000 visitors in one day is freakin' awesome! It's still a day brightener for me when I think about it. I'm gratified and very, very grateful.

CJ--just in time! A Good Spanking for everybody!