Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Look Back on "The Twelve Days"

I hope you enjoyed my version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas", even though technically it was consistently one day late. As I noted earlier, the first day of Christmas should have been Dec. 25, and I didn't start until Dec. 26. In the long run, I figured it wouldn't matter too much.

My thanks to those who kept coming back to see what the new day would bring. If you just lurked, read, and left--I'm glad you came here. If you left a comment--even better! The comments really help make any post that much more fun, in my opinion.

If you never heard of some of the items or implements I mentioned--good, look 'em up. A good source to check (not to mention a great source to buy from) is The London Tanners-- You can also do a Google search, or go to Wikipedia. I hadn't intended "The Twelve Days" to be educational, but if you learned something new--all the better!

Now, some of you might be wondering, "Out of everything mentioned, how much does this guy actually have and use?" Okay, here's my moment of full disclosure--I have practically none of the things mentioned. I have a hand, of course, so the OTK handspanking on day one--that I can do. It may, in fact, be my favorite thing.

Butt plugs? Martinets? Fur-lined cuffs? Nope, don't own any of those.

A hairbrush I DO have, but it isn't from Mason Pearson.

Six of the best? Sorry, I don't own a cane. Truth to tell, I've never learned how to use one, and have never really been that interested in learning. I'm not a big fan of the cane.

Straps? Yes, I have a strap or two, mostly smaller versions that can be used OTK. Wooden spoons? Only to cook with. They're pretty lightweight, and I'm not sure they would pack much of a sting.

Floggers, Loopy Johnnys, ping-pong paddles--I've never used the first two, and the last one I've only used for ping-pong. I don't own any of them.

Finally, I do have corners available. Naughty girls, beware!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Ken:
I loved your 12 Days of Christmas. And as you know I was one of those people who learned about some new toys. The Cane seems like a very scarey "toy" to me. I am glad my husband has shown no interest in those as of yet. We did try a ping pong paddle once, but we won't do that again! And those corners, I still fantasize about them, who knows what will happen in the future?
Take Care,
Andrades Girl

Michael said...

Amanda and I really enjoyed your 'The Twelve Days' Dr. Ken. Great work. :)


Radha said...

Keeping it real and simple, Dr. Ken! I like Krishna's hand, but I also like an implement in his hand. Never been put in the corner though. Not sure we even have any open corners. I know that it's so not feng-shui to have cluttered corners, but i never thought about how it can hinder a spanking lifestyle.

CJ said...

Hey Doc!

I enjoyed your 12 days too! I am sure Season will enjoy the fact that you do not own all of those implements.

I have said this before, I hate corners!! Especially if I am in one.


Anonymous said...

I too have very much enjoyed reading your special twelve days of Christmas and if you had not confessed would have thought you proficient in them all.

A hand is simply lovely in my opinion. Oh, and a wooden spoon can pack a punch.


Dr. Ken said...

Andrades--I know some ladies who think the cane is just the best. Using one has never really appealed to me, though.
The ping-pong paddle--you might want to consider re-visiting it somewhere down the line. The spanker just has to remember that, because he's using an implement, it doesn't have to be swung with as much force as a hand swat. I think you could find a level where the paddle could be effective, but tolerable.
As for those corners--I definitely think you'll be making their acquaintance in the future! Give it time....

Michael--Thanks. I'm glad you and Amanda had fun reading it!

Radha--Tell Lord Krishna to send you over here. I can lend him all the corners he needs. LOL
The hand is just the greatest natural spanking implement ever. And if it's the hand of someone you love--like Lord Krishna--there's nothing better than that!
I associate Corner Time more with disciplinary play (it doesn't have to be, of course, but that's where my mind goes), and I'm not sure how much (if any) of that you participate in, so it would make sense that you've never been put in a corner. But who knows? Someday, somehow.... :-)

CJ--I imagine must naughty girls out there are happy to learn I don't own all those things.

Mina--Thank you. I thought I'd better clear that point up, just in case. I can use the hand, the strap, the hairbrush--and the wooden spoon and the ping-pong paddle, though I don't own any--but I'd need to purchase the rest and spend a lot of practice time with them.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ken - most of us GOOD girls also are happy you don't own all those implements. ;-)

Dr. Ken said...

Season--I'm unfamiliar with the existence of such a term. Tell me more about these "good girls" of which you speak....

Anonymous said...

Good girls are all around you, Dr. Ken! You just must have Top lenses in your glasses -- they do distort the vision terribly.

Anonymous said...

Doc, have you considered the Ice Paddle? Just make a paddle-shaped mold of clay or even Play-Do, fill it with water and set it outside tonight, and in the morning you'll have a nice hard stinging paddle that won't even retain fingerprints.

Hm? Okay. Watching too many CSI shows.

(Hi, Season! *G*)


Anonymous said...

Devlin O'Neill! Shoo! The local spanker does NOT need your ideas.

Although a spanking with ice could heat and cool at the same time and might feel kind of . . . No! NO! He does not need new fangled ideas!