Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I've been going through some old floppy disks (Technology being what it is, I'm almost tempted to say, "Hey, anybody out there remember floppy disks?") when I came upon this cartoon. It's a little reminder to me that good things can be found if you take the time to look for them. Anyway, I thought I'd share it with you:

Sorry about the quality--it's not particularly sharp and clear--but that's the way it was posted, so that's the way I saved it. If your eyesight is like mine and you can't read it, the caption says, "Excuse me, but you did say I needed a good fan belt, didn't you?"

And this picture, which looks like an old Nu-West photo, reminds me that I'm going to be in Chicago this weekend for a Crimson Moon party. That means no updates for a few days--but then, I don't exactly update every day anyway. If any of you out there are also going to be at the party, come on up and say, "Hi." I won't bite (I'll spank, but I won't bite....)

I'm outta here!


Greenwoman said...

These are great old photos. I really enjoyed you sharing them and I'm very much enjoying your blog. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ken, have fun at the Crimson Moon party this weekend and lets us know if you decide to spank Cigi and her twin at the same time! That would be an interesting blog topic! Hehehehehe!

Thank you for clarifying the saying on the first photo since my eyesight is bad and I am sure it is worse than yours! LOL! I do like the photos though and they were cute.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ken,
Great pictures! The saying on the first photo is classic!
Floppy disks, huh? Remember Commodore 64s, MS DOS, and the internet before graphics? I'm so glad we've advanced beyond those days.

Hope you have a great time in Chicago.

Hockey Goon

Michael said...

Have a great time in Chicago, Doc! Say hello to the twins for me. ;)


Hermione said...

Floppy disks, like 5 1/4 inch ones?
Nope, never heard of them :-)

We used to back up our hard drives to tape. Ever done that?


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

"Hey, anybody out there remember floppy disks?"

Yeah, I remember even as far back as when the floppy disks really were floppy, not encased in hard plastic shells.

Nice selection of pics, Dr. Ken. Ed Lee's early work is quite something for authenticity. And I haven't seen that drawing anywhere before.

Anonymous said...

I can recall waiting like 1/2 hour for the bottom picture to download from some long-forgotten internet bulletin board. We are all very spoiled now, of course.

Dr. Ken said...

GREENWOMAN--thank you. BTW, I've added a link to your blog on the main page. Hope you don't mind!

PEST--thanks, I did have a good time (if you ignore the illness part) and I'm glad you liked the photos.

HOCKEY GOON--I have to admit that, yes, I do remember all of those things. Pretty soon we'll be saying, "Hey, anybody here remember VCRs?"

MICHAEL--thanks. And I said, "Hi", to the twins in my own unique way. :-)

HERMIONE--I remember the tapes, but I never had to use them. The first media I had experience with were the 5 1/4" floppies. First games I bought were from Sierra, a murder mystery and "Soft-Porn Adventure", which eventually turned into Episode one of the Leisure Suit Larry series...

KARL--that was my reaction, too. I don't remember seeing that drawing anywhere--at least not recently--so thought it would be fun to put it back out there.

ANONYMOUS--I have a 10 year old computer running an outdated operating system and a 56k dial-up modem. I STILL have to wait a half-hour or longer when I try to download stuff like video clips. One of these days I'll buy a new computer with high-speed internet...

sixofthebest said...

Five of the best spankable woman, from 'Six of the best', that's signing off. Thank you Dr. Ken for a most pleasant, spankable blog in Minnesota. Here's hoping the YANKEES, will win his year.