Monday, March 10, 2008

Lucy Liu Responds to "Musical Interlude" Post

In the lyrics of my previous post, "Musical Interlude: Sing Along With Dr. Ken", the chorus stated that "We all just wanna spank TV stars" and one of the stars mentioned was the "Cashmere Mafia's Lucy Liu." Apparently that line didn't sit too well with her. Here is Ms. Liu's response:

Frankly, with that attitude (and the way those jeans are fitting), I'd like to see to it that she didn't sit too well for a bit.....

(Okay, just kidding. I did not hear from Lucy Liu, who I daresay has better things to do than read this humble blog. The photo is actually from the October 2001 British Edition of Esquire magazine, photographer unknown.....The only truth to this post is that her butt does look good in those jeans!)


Cigi said...

Ken, I heard Lucy Lui was very into spanking so it would seem likely she would have the opposite reaction. lol
And, if she knew what a wonderful spanker you were, she would be like the rest of us ladies and get over your knee the first chance she gets! :-)

It's never too early to start buttering up the Tops before a party. lol


Anonymous said...

Dr. Ken,

I am sure that would be her response to a threat of getting spanked for being a naughty girl! LOL! She does fit those jeans VERY nicely! Heck, I want to spank that nice tight jean clad bottom! LOL!

Cigi-Wonder what the Tops would butter your butt with at the party! LOL!

Dr. Ken said...

CIGI-Yes, I remember reading an US interview many years back where she mentioned spanking briefly. I don't remember too much about what she said, though...I'd have to look it up.
If she was into spanking, though, the one-fingered salute would be a perfect response--because you know what a spanker's reaction to it would be!

PEST--I use the PAM spray-on, myself.... :-)

PaulH666 said...

What she needs for shooting us the finger is a dose of code liver oil and a butt plug to hold it in and make her uncomfortable. Perhaps then she'd act a little more ladylike. ...

Dr. Ken said...

PAUL--I'll pass on the cod liver oil and butt plugs. I think a good spanking on that cute little bottom would be sufficient!

Dr. Ken