Thursday, March 6, 2008


Hi, there! If this is your first time visiting Spanking Minnesota, make yourself at home, consider yourself welcome, , and I hope you find enough interesting things to read that you'll come back again and again.

Oh...and use a coaster. Where'd you grow up, in a barn? Honestly, I clean and I clean.....(sigh)

The blog is now about a month-and-a-half old. For those who have been here before--in case you haven't noticed, I've made some minor changes.

I've added a few more links to other blogs. I hope you'll take the time to check them out. The latest addition, Hermione's Heart, is a brand-spanking new blog, exactly one day old as of this writing. I've seen Hermione's comments on other blogs (including my own), and she's going to be worth reading. Take a trip over there, leave a comment and wish her well.

I've also added a link to the Chicago Crimson Moon web page. I've been a member of CM since it began in 1993, and frequently attend the spanking parties that they hold. In fact, they have one coming up at the end of March, and I plan to be there. I talk about Crimson Moon often enough here and elsewhere, so it's only fitting that I put a link for them here.

Lastly, for my own amusement, I've added a counter at the very bottom of the page. Blogging is sort of weird. You write this posts and put them out there, and if no one leaves a comment you have no idea if anyone is reading it. Looking back over previous posts, I could easily come to the conclusion that my blog is read by about 9 people. So, early on the morning of March 5, I added a counter to give me an idea of the traffic that comes through here. I thought about setting the counter to, say, 1,000 just so it wouldn't look strange to visitors ("He's been bloggin' since mid-January, and he's only had 6 visitors?! Lawdy mama, get me outta here!"), but decided against it and started at 0--or, to be more accurate, 00000000.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I signed on to write this post and discovered I'd had 242 hits in less than 24 hours. It's a very gratifying--and somewhat humbling--feeling.

So, that brings you up-to-date. And thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to grace this page with their presence.


Indy said...

Hi Dr. Ken,

I'm number 325, so I guess 100 or so of us have visited since you posted this entry, and no one has commented! So I thought I would. I don't always leave a comment, but I read all your entries and am enjoying the blog very much.


Anonymous said...

"And thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to grace this page with their presence."

Does this mean brats too, Dr. Ken?

I always like your blog entries and I come here when I can which lately has been everyday even though I don't post everyday! I did notice one change with your profile. It has a man spanking a female! LOL! Nice touch, Dr. Ken! I will try to read the other blogs if the library computer will let me. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Ken,

Count ticker goes up quick doesn't it? Congratulations! And here I thought I'd have a lower number than 376.

Coaster? What's a coaster? No, wait, don't tell me...Oh yeah! Now I remember. It's one of those things my wife always tells me to use.

Note to self, the book she is currently reading is NOT a coaster:P and coasters, are not frisbees;P Takes all my fun away, the woman does:( (not really). I guess I'll just have to warm her bottom up:)!!!!!!!

Not sure how closely you follow it (don't want to assume you're automatically a fan) but is the state HS hockey tourney over yet, and if so, who won it this year?

Hockey Goon

Greenwoman said...

Well, you can silently add my reading in each time you post, because I have a subscription on my Reader....I'm enjoying your blog very much.


Green Rootsdown

Michael said...

Very good decision with the counter Dr. Ken. Its already jumped since I logged on. Also like the blog and site additions. I visited Chicago Crimson Moon and I see your party is fast approaching on March 28/29. Very good. :)

Coasters? Wasn't that a doo wop/rock group from the fifties and sixties with such funny hits as 'Yakety Yak' and 'Charlie Brown'?

This relates to your Janet Jackson post from a few day ago. I read in the paper this morning that her album 'Discipline' sold 181,075 copies in its first week and topped the Billboard charts. Guess discipline is more popular and mainstream than we thought. ;)


Cheryl said...

Hey, Ken!

I really like the changes you made. Maybe when I figure out how to do it, I'll add a counter to my blog, too. Thanks for adding a link to my blog on yours. Much appreciate all the hits I can get (but you knew that! LOL)
Looking forward to the CM party and being over your wonderful lap again.

Dr. Ken said...

INDIANA--Thanks for the comment. It's deeply appreciated, and I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. I certainly don't expect you--or anyone, for that matter--to always leave a comment, but it's always nice when it happens.

PEST--Of course it means brats too! Without brats--or ladies who just flat out like to be spanked--where would I be? :-)
And I don't know how to break it to you, but that picture in the profile has always been there from day one.

HOCKEY GOON--LOL on your coaster comments!
The HS tournament is currently ongoing, I believe. I really don't pay any attention to HS or college sports, only the professional teams--Twins, Vikings, Wild, and Timeberwolves.


MICHAEL--Boy, I'm glad I didn't say, "There's food on the Platters"...

CHERYL--adding the counter was surprisingly easy, and I'm glad I did it. See you in three weeks!

Hermione said...

Thank you for mentioning my blog, Dr. Ken. I've had a few guests arrive from here.

The counter is cool, isn't it? I can't believe how fast it goes up.

Have you checked out the countries that visit, via Google Analytics? I was up to 29 different ones yesterday. That is so amazing!

I love your new format.

Hermione (925)