Saturday, January 28, 2017

Spankable Saturday


jimc said...

Really great spankables. I have to say the last one is among my all-time favorites as I like long-haired brunettes and she has the classic beauty that I enjoy. I also have to admit to being distracted by the one with the tattoos as it does seem to detract from her very spankable bottom. Thanks for sharing all these finds. Have a great day.

smuccatelli said...

Yes, nice collection of tasty bottoms. Is the second to the last one covered with tattoos or did someone go crazy on her with a magic marker?

Dr. Ken said...

Jim -- For me, the first one is my favorite. Also a long-haired brunette, but I like the "bottoms up" pose.

smuccatelli -- Yes, I think a magic marker was the culprit here. I had used another photo of her somewhere in the past, from the same photo shoot, and the "tattoos" weren't there. Someone either wrote on her with a Sharpie or wrote on the photograph with one.