Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy Blogiversary To.......

Hey, everybody!  Guess who's celebrating her 3-year Blogiversary this week?

For the past 3 years, Veronica has been sharing the wonderful pictures and photosets of the spankings she's been getting from her husband....and, on occasion, the spankings she's been able to give when the roles have been switched.  While she's very careful about revealing her face (as you can tell from the title header above), her spankings have always been shown in glorious color (pink and red, mostly) as well as some photographic work in black and white.  And in all instances, she's chronicled these events with a great deal of style, grace, and humor.

So please go visit her blog--OldFashionGirl Spanking--and wish her a happy 3 years of blogging and best wishes for many more years to come.  You can find a link to her blog in the blog roll.  Once there, you might have to scroll down a few posts to find her Blogiversary message, but please take the time to do so, and enjoy the other posts on the way.

And, as I always say, when  you get there, please leave a comment.  All bloggers love comments.  It doesn't have to be an elaborate message.  Just saying "hi, happy blogiversary" would suffice.

Or you could even say, "Dr. Ken told me to come here and wish you a happy blogiversary."  Believe me, I won't mind.....  :-)


Anonymous said...

You just brought tears to my eyes but in a good way. Thank you! xoxo

Dr. Ken said...

OldFashionGirl--you mean bringing tears to your eyes the other way ISN'T a good way, too? :-)

You're very welcome. And please, keep up the wonderful work!

Hugs and spanks,
Dr. Ken

Dave Wolfe said...

And thanks for the reminder, Doc-- I just went over to Veronica's!

Dr. Ken said...

Dave Wolfe--I'm sure she appreciated it!