Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Breaking The Ice

I recently sent in my admission fee for the Chicago Crimson Moon Summer Spanktacular. Yes, I will be there. Please feel free to come up and say "Hi" or "Hello" or "Please spank me" (the last only if you're a female).

I'm really looking forward to the party. I always do. Crimson Moon has been a great party venue, and I've met a lot of people and made a lot of friends.

A schedule of events for all nights was included, and as might be expected, one of the entries on the first night was for "ice-breaker" games. These are always a good idea, and most spanking parties around the country have them. They really help get the party started. If there are people there at their first spanking party, it helps get them involved so that they're not just sitting back and watching everyone else. The games are usually pretty simple. Cutting cards or rolling dice, for example. Other games might be a bit more elaborate.

There's one small thing that a lot of the parties get wrong, though.

Whoever is helping to get the ball rolling will announce the game and then inevitably finish by saying, "Winner spanks the loser." And that's fine--if everybody playing is a switch, that is. But what about those people who are strictly Tops, or strictly Bottoms? It totally leaves them out.

There is a very simple solution, of course, and thankfully a few party organizers have figured it out.

Have people play as a team--one Top, one Bottom.

Everyone gets a chance to play that way. If Team A wins the ice-breaker against Team B, the winning team's Top delivers the penalty spanking to the Bottom of Team B, and vice versa. If you get enough players, you should be able to pit teams of Female Tops/Male Bottoms against each other, Male Tops/Female Bottoms against each other, and people who switch can fill in where needed, playing against any team or another team of Switches. Everyone is involved, and no one has to feel left out.

And--since the idea of these games is to break the ice--you can always pair up a Top and a Bottom who don't know each other. Playing as a team helps break the ice as much as anything.

I hope all the people who throw parties will adopt this idea. Feel free to pass it along.


Change of subject--I continue to slowly work on the blog roll, trying to bring it up to date. I most recently dropped a couple of sites. I also added a couple. Lea's Corner and The Confessions Of A Spanked Princess are now included on the blog roll. I hope you pay them a visit and enjoy them. Be sure to leave a comment and, if you get the chance, tell them that Dr. Ken sent you over.

SpankedHortic II and The Pink Report have moved to new homes on WordPress recently. I have the links to those sites updated, so you should have no trouble finding them.

And speaking of the wonderful Pink, be sure to go to the Blossom and Thorn blog to read the great interview Season and Michael did with her. They do great interviews over there. If you go back in the archives a bit, you can read the great interview they did with Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts fame. It's just one of many excellent posts you'll find there.



Thanks for updating the link. There were just too many hassles with Google Blogger.


Dr. Ken said...

Prefectdt -- Glad to do it, and wish I'd corrected it sooner.

Anonymous said...

What? One can't simply talk about the weather and hide in the background at such a hands on :-)
event? I'm game. Amy

Lea said...

Sounds like Crimson Moon will be a lot of fun. Thanks for adding my link!

Dr. Ken said...

Amy -- well, you could do that, but hiding in the background isn't very much fun at a party like this. :-)

Lea -- You're welcome. I'm always happy to add a link to a good blog. Crimson Moon is a great deal of fun. I've always felt that their parties are some of the best!