Wednesday, June 8, 2011

All In The Family

The family that spanks together is a close-knit unit, indeed. Below, we see three generations of women--Sister, Mother, and even Grandma--joining forces to help a girl celebrate her "special day".

How do I join this family? Although I suspect I'd wind up paraphrasing that old aspirin commercial--"Mother, please! I'd rather spank her myself!!"


Lea said...

Do I see a flip flop in Grandma's hand? Never wear flip flops near a top! That is a lesson I've learned.

Dr. Ken said...

Lea -- I know at least one lady that would agree with you. :-)

And I can think of a couple more who would say, "Never wear a belt around a top who is going to spank you." It slides out of the loops so easily when the pants are around your knees.....

Nice to see you here!