Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm Ready For My Tattoo, Mr. DeMille

I was listening to my favorite radio program--the Lori and Julia show on what I like to refer to as "Radio Spanko". I've long suspected Lori of having spanko tendencies, while Julia has always seemed a bit more conserative. I may have to change that opinion.

On the first day of the week, one segment of their program is called, "Sex Monday". It's devoted to various polls, studies, or any other bits of news or information related to the favorite topic of men and women everywhere. One of the subjects Lori started talking about was the latest trend in tattoos.

Certainly, a woman getting a little tattoo on her tush is nothing new. Butterflies, flowers, and fairies have been adorning the female posterior for years. The latest "in" thing, Lori informed her cohost, was not discreet little drawings at all, but words--putting something to read on the nether regions.

At which point, Julia interrupted and asked, "Like what? 'Spank me'?"

Ah, I do love listening to the drive-time divas.......

"Okay, I'm ready to begin....but are you sure you want the tattoo to read, 'How's my driving?'"


Hermione said...

I love reading about Radio Spanko! Keep them coming!


Larken said...

Sex Monday?! Wow, NPR doesn't have anything like that show! I think I need SIRIUS Spanko Radio. :) And I think I want a teeny tiny, three quarters of an inch high crimson handprint tattoo on my, um, lower hip area, with the word OUCH written on the palm. OK, maybe not a real tattoo (that would be a serious ouch!) Now a real handprint is another story… ;)