Friday, October 22, 2010

Love Our Lurkers V

It's that time of year again for all the spanking blogs out there--it's the fifth year of LOVE OUR LURKERS day!

(Okay, actually Thursday, Oct. 21st was "Love our lurkers" day, but it somehow got away from me. I've always helped celebrate it in the past, though, so I'm doing it again this year--even if it's a day late!)

Why a day for the lurkers? Because they are the lifeblood of any blog. It's those people who come here, look around, and then come back again and again that make every blogger want to keep posting. Sure, we appreciate those who leave comments, but we also know that--for whatever reason--not everyone wants to do so. But we know you are out there--heck, my stat counter shows that there have been nearly 600,000 visitors since I started this blog. It's that kind of support--even if it's silent support--that is so deeply appreciated.

So this is the day for the silent majority--and, oddly enough, we celebrate it by asking you to make this the one day that you break that silence. All of you lurkers out there, this is your day to leave a comment--even if it's just to say, "Hi". I'm certainly not going to tell you what to say--but I do want to hear from you. Make yourselves known just this one time.

Okay--everyone gather for a big lurker group hug.........

Hugs and spanks,
Dr. Ken


Unknown said...

Love this space. Your posts are always provocative and interesting. Thanks, Dr. Ken!


Michael said...

I agree with Pink, Dr. Ken, about your blog. Happy LOL Day +1. :)

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Keep up the good work Dr. Ken!

Hermione said...

Hi Dr Ken,

Happy LOL day! I don't consider myself a lurker but your blog rocks!


Marijah said...


Cookie Crawford said...

Happy LOL Day ! Love your blog and have been reading for awhile now. I believe I have commented before as well.


Happy LOL day +1 Dr..


Anonymous said...

Well Ken, I might as well admit that you have turned me into a Lurker too!


Bonnie said...

Hi Dr. Ken,

Thank you for joining our LOL Day celebration!

In answer to your question, I decided this year to use word of mouth to spread the notice about LOL V. Managing, sending, and replying to 300+ e-mail notifications had become a huge burden. So we didn't do it.

I posted a notice on my blog more than a week in advance, put a banner at the top, and asked everyone to share the date. In retrospect, that wasn't enough. Several key blogs either didn't participate or arrived late.

So, once again I learned my lesson the hard way. Next year, we will go back to e-mail. It's messy and inefficient, and some bloggers don't like to be bothered. But my better way wasn't any better. Oh well.


Mr Hyde said...

Though I don't think I've commented before, this is certainly a great blog that I check out on a regular basis. Keep up the excellent work!

Radha said...

So, it's true that I have become a lurker this past year. I read but have not commented much in a while. I miss the interactions with you! And, every one else in the community.

Hugs and happy LOL day!

Dr. Ken said...

barely pink--thanks. I hope you keep dropping by now that you've signed up as a follower....

Michael--Happy LOL day to you and Season. I understand you got a lot of people to come by and comment on LOL day.

Karl--thanks, I'll try my best.

Hermione--You're not a lurker, you're a good blogging friend. I'm always glad when you drop by.

Marijah--See? That wasn't so bad...and "hi" right back!

Cookie--I know you're not exactly "new" to this blog--and I love it! Come back often!

Prefectdt--Hope your LOL day was happy, too!

Smcchic--I'd rather turn you over my knee--but I guess turning you into a lurker will have to do. :-)

Bonnie--thanks once again for kick-starting LOL V!
I think the problem this year is that some people (like, oh, ME) were used to getting that notification from you in the past,
and figured that's how it would be done again this year. And since I don't get to your blog (and many other blogs, as well) as often as I like, I missed the notice and no "word of mouth" reached me.
Now that you've done it this way this year, I'd say do the same thing next year and don't put that burden on yourself of e-mailing people. We'll get used to it being done this way, and it will save you a lot of trouble.

Mr. Hyde--Hmmm...Dr. Ken and Mr. Hyde? :-)
I don't think you've commented before either, but I'm certainly glad you chose to do so this year. Hope you keep coming back!

Radha--Hey, lovely lady, I miss you, too. But let's face--there's a good reason you're been preoccupied with other things this past year or so. :-)
The important thing is to stay in touch, and keep those lines of interaction open! So when you get the chance, feel free to comment or e-mail me. I definitely want to stay in touch.
And Lord Krishna, if she doesn't--spank her!

My thanks to all who came by, whether you left a message or not!