Sunday, November 29, 2009

One Month Ago....

One month ago, I went to the Crimson Moon Halloween party, in spite of the airline's best attempts to see that I didn't arrive. (It's a month later, and I'm still upset about the cancellations and delays. Compared to what others have gone through--there are some horror stories out there!--getting in 4 hours later than I should have isn't the worst thing that could have happened. it did mean that instead of getting there in the afternoon, unpacking and getting settled, I didn't get there until after the party had already started. I hate missing out on party time! Still, as one wise soul kept trying to tell me, "At least you got here."

On my way to my room, I ran into one lovely lady in the hallway who was kind enough to listen to my grumpy and frustrated grumblings about my trip. I finished up by saying, "It's a good thing I'm here, 'cause I'm definitely in the mood spank someone at this point." She immediately volunteered. (I do love the Spanko ladies of Crimson Moon!)

I wanted to get drop off my bag, change clothes, and then drop by the hospitality suite to say hello to everyone there first, so she told me where I could find her later, and off I went.

It didn't take me long to make the rounds of the party room. This was a bit smaller gathering than other CM Halloween parties that I've been to, and some of my favorite people, such as my fellow bloggers, Cigi of Cigi's World and CherylKay of Positively Spanking, were not able to attend. I said my hellos, told my airline horror story a few times (another lovely lady, upon hearing that I was in the mood to spank someone, replied, "I'll think about it!" Very sweet and wonderful of her, but I did have to tell her that another lady had beaten her to it and was waiting on me to return.)

Back upstairs I went and quickly located my first spankee of the party. We went to my room, she went over my knee, and the spanking party--for me, anyway--officially got started. It was a wonderful session--her comment was, "If I could, I'd purr". What a wonderful and lovely lady to play with!

Back downstairs I spied a woman sneaking candy (she knows she shouldn't), and she got spanked by me right there in the hospitality suite. The night concluded with another lady who I somehow had missed playing with a few parties in a row. We made up for lost time--in fact, I think I played with her 3 different times over the weekend, each one a fabulous spanking experience.

One of the nice things about the party? The return of spanking model Sarah Gregory, who was attending her second Crimson Moon party! It's no secret to anyone that I'm a fan--somewhere in the archives is a post called, "I Love Sarah Gregory". For her take on the party, go to her blog, Spanking Sarah Gregory. She also has some wonderful pictures of the party and the outfits she was wearing.

Saturday came all too quickly. I had made arrangements to have lunch that day with one of my favorite people and her boyfriend. There wound be being 6 of us going, and we went to a buffet at an Indian restaurant. This was my first time eating Indian food, so I followed the lead of those in the group who were more experienced with the cuisine. We were told that all of the choices were mildly spiced, and that proved to be the case. It was a great first experience--the garam marsala and the tandoori chicken were my favorites. And while the spices did have a bit of a "burn", it was more of a light tingle on the tongue and throat and quite pleasant.

After lunch, two of the people went off to rest, and the remaining 4 went to my room to hang out and talk. Two of us tried playing, but for some reason she just couldn't get into it, so that wrapped up very quickly. It's too bad, because--as I mentioned--she's one of my favorite people to play with. But, there things happen.

The only bad thing about the afternoon was that I missed a mini-vendors fair. Sarah had brought some things to sell, and I missed it. (I also hadn't anticipated a vendors fair of any kind at this party, so had brought a minimum of money with me.) I saw Sarah at the dinner that night and she had noticed my absence. Sweetheart that she is, she offered to take me upstairs so I could see what she had for sale, but I had to honestly tell her I just didn't have the money. Next time she comes to Crimson Moon, though, I'll be better prepared! I enjoy her videos, and she has a 2010 calendar for sale that I really want!

For my Halloween costume, I took a tip from the TV show that consistantly ranks as #1 with the viewers. I wore this hat--

and combined it with this shirt--

added a pair of blue latex gloves and slung a camera around my neck, and I went to the party as an NCIS Investigative Field Agent. The camera had no batteries, no film, and no lens. I didn't say I was GOOD field agent! (Plus, some of those attending spanking parties are notoriously camera-shy, and I wanted to make sure they could tell there was no chance of my taking any snapshots.)

When I first walked into the party room, Mike, one of the leaders of the CM group say the latex gloves and said, "Okay, I have to admit, you're scaring me a little bit right now." I pointed out the NCIS logos and told him I was wearing them so as not to contaminate the crime scene.

Later on, I was posing for a few pictures when Sarah came over dressed as Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz" and flipped her skirt up at me revealing a lovely red pair of panties (and, of course, her lovely bottom, as well.) In keeping with my costume, I just smiled and said, "I'll dust you for prints later." That got a laugh from everyone.

I started my evening spanking my absolute favorite CM lady, and was lucky enough to end the night by giving her a second spanking before she went off to bed. I think it left both of us in a good mood.

Sunday dawned all too soon. I checked out, went to the airport, and returned home. It was a wonderful party--once I got there--and I can't wait for the next one!

BTW, here's a shot of Sarah's 2010 calendar--you can order it by going to "Spanking Sarah Gregory". The link to her blog is on the right in the blog roll.


Dave said...

My favest line is the woman who you said to you:

"If I could, I'd purr."


Radha said...

What a great costume idea! Sounds like a great party!

Dr. Ken said...

Dave--probably my favorite line of the weekend, as well. And it's always nice to hear something like that.

Radha--it was a simple costume idea, and the best thing about it--ball cap and t-shirt--is that it was comfortable, too! Halloween costumes can sometimes look great but not be the greatest to wear--or to play in!
Both the cap and t-shirt were bought from Cafe Press (, btw....

Cheryl said...


I was really disappointed to miss the CM party as well. Of course, you know you have a raincheck for the next one, as always. Thanks for the write up (UGH! makes me glad I live close enough to drive! LOL)


Hermione said...

Dave beat me to it; that's my fave too. But I also like "I'll dust you for prints later."

Glad you had a super time, Dr. K.