Saturday, December 5, 2009

The End Of The Art

It almost feels like losing a friend.

For many years I've been going to and been greeted with a smaller version of this picture--

Those visits are about to come to end. The artist known as Endart has announced that he'll be retiring at the end of this month. For roughly a decade he's been illustrating the female form--a lot of it in the OTK position. His drawings have displayed both the humor and the seriousness involved in this Thing That We Do, along with the wide range of emotions that go with it. was, to me, one of those sites worth paying for. Every month there were at least 12 new spanking illustrations, such as the ones you see here. In addition to that, we followed the spanking adventures of Pammalee Henderson, the misadventures of two naughty young ladies named Carrot and Bev, an illustrated assortment of F/M stories and some illustrated Random stories, each drawn in his own unique style.

I originally was going to do a post showing my favorite Endart drawings, but there were just too many to choose from. Naughty wives, misbehaving daughters, girlfriends with an attitude problem, .schoolgirls and secretaries that needed to be taken in hand--or rather, have a hand taken to their posteriors. Spanked maids and spanking machines--he drew them all, the spankable ladies and the too-many-to-count reasons they wound up in that all too familiar "bottoms up" position.

For example, sometimes just wearing a beret is enough--

In his goodbye message, he does seem to leave the door open a little bit for a possible return by asking, "Will this site ever open again in the future?" Well, as for that, you will simply have to stay tuned."

I sent Endart an e-mail last night, thanking him for all the drawings and all the enjoyment they've provided me over the years. He wrote back, thanking me and everyone else for their membership, and ended by saying, "It's been a lot of fun."

Indeed it has. So here's to you, Endart! Good luck with whatever the future brings!


Hermione said...

Oh, noes! That's too bad. His drawings are excellent.

Please do show us a few more of your favourites, while you still can.


Unknown said...

Sad day when this ends

Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--I agree, the drawings are excellent. I always thought he did some of the best spanking artwork out there.
There are literally too many "favorites" to post. However, they're saved on my hard drive, so I'll have access to them when I want them.

Red--thanks for the comment! I was a member of his site for a long time, and I always looked forward to his new drawings every month.

Anonymous said...

The best artist of the spanking world. He's right up there with Paula Meadows. I must say I'm rather bummed now. I use to look forward to his artwork.

Thanks for many good years of exceptional artwork.

Pygophilous1 AKA (Ryoga2000)

Dave said...

Yikes--I had not heard about Mr. Endart's retiring. Have been a long time fan of his humorous and sexy artistic skills, so I'm sad to see him retire----maybe he'll return someday.

sixofthebest said...

Many a naughty woman has been taken to the 'woodshed', for a delightful bare bottom spanking, by the man of the house.